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10-01-2010, 13:32
I was wondering if there was something similar, or a way to see in two charts if those two were in past lives together? Aren't the north and south nodes about your past and future? If you have the same ones as another could this be an indication?

10-01-2010, 14:29
HI DevilishAngel,
I hope other people post too - this is an interesting question - when I do a reading I do look for degrees that are within 3-4 degrees for each of the planets, north/south nodes, if they are the exact degree I think that is more important.. more significant... I work with the sabian symbols and crystal astrology alot - so if a family of people have the same symbol (eg angels playing a harp) I see they can be a musical family - I draw from that in a past life this was an enjoyable connection... if the symbol has a challenging (eg a car wrecked by a train) well I draw from that possible chaos and tragedy has drawn them together in this life.. I often also look to the symbol for a glimpse of the past life 'place' and time - but thats more like reading an oracle I suppose than reading astrology!!
A belief in past lifes is required before looking astrologically for past lives too - so I expect some astrologers wont work in this area.
thanks for asking - Im going to formalise this more in my own mind I think!


11-01-2010, 01:35
Marina is correct in that some Astrologers won't touch this area because they don't believe in past lives. I'm one of a different group - I do believe in past lives (at least I'm strongly convinced) but I don't see how these can be vaidated through a birth chart /charts. The obvious problem being establishing the two (or more) lives in question.

Several years back I attended a weekend group established by the Scottish Society of Psychical Research, where the main speaker was Professor Archie Roy. He provided some compelling evidence of specific cases for second lives but was not able to produce accompanying birth charts - so I didn't get the chance to actually test for any Astrological signatures.