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Sea Sprite
15-04-2003, 11:49
I've seen some really pretty ruby zoisite for sale on ebay. Some ads say this stone is really magical. Can anyone shed some light on ruby zoisite?

15-04-2003, 22:39
It does say the combination of these two stones are quite magical.This combination can create altered states of consciousness and can serve as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities of the mind. all the psychic abilities can be stimulated and amplified by use of these consolidated energies. In addition,it provides for amplification of the entire energy field of the body.It has also been used by healers in the asian countries for both dianostic healing and communicating with the spirits. Zoisite and ruby increases the awareness of ones individuality while allowing one to maintain connected-ness with humanity and stimulates the crown charka toward spirituality.
There's alot more info listed in the book, it says it is also known as "anyolite".
After looking this stone up I'll have to check out ebay and see what this look like. It does seem like an amazing stone. Bright Blessings, Dakini

17-04-2003, 14:03
I have a sphere of this about one inch in diameter. As my two favorite colors in the world are green and violet, I love looking at this stone. I might even splurge on a larger sphere I've seen locally at a pretty decent price. Who knows?

-- Kyrielle