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15-04-2003, 17:09
What is the best way to store crystals?
In my mind I picture a little wooden box with compartments- a fly fishing tackle box, to seperate and label each crystal type.
Does each crystal need to be seperated to maintain it's vibrational level?

15-04-2003, 22:46
*azure waves to another butterfly*

actually, i think you should keep them however you envision them...
myself? i have 'em all tossed together in a box, usually...
they get taken out when i need them, charged for a day and then used...
i don't think they all need to be separated, especially when you figure that their vibration goes out quite a ways, and even w/the box you describe, they will still be intermingling...(of course, taking into account that some crystals have a wider range than others...)

in either case, store them as you wish...some people like to decorate their rooms w/them, and i used to before i had small children that love to put things in their mouths...i will probably put them all out on display again once they're old enough to know better...but for now, they do fine in that box :D

i think this is like "how to store tarot cards?"...to each his/her own...:)

my two cents, take 'em for what they're worth...

many blessings to you!


17-04-2003, 13:59
My favorites I keep around my room so I can always be looking at them. The rest I keep in a series of tackle boxes with labels, just so I don't forget what they are -- especially with some of the stones that can really look like other stones (e.g. honey calcite and some citrine, rough emerald and green jade, etc.). But yeah, however you feel like storing them is fine. You might watch some of the more fragile stones so they don't jostle too much and crack or chip.

-- Kyrielle

18-04-2003, 01:51
I agree, whatever feels right to you.

I find, however, that crystals like to brethe. they are light distributors, so they love light. they love to talk to you and catch your eye with little rainbow messages. They also loooove to be held. they bond with us as we hold them, so the more you hold them, the more they are inclined to say something just for you!

Wisp Wings
13-05-2003, 05:12
I love this thread, think it is something that needs to be addressed. I can only acknowledge from what I've read regarding crystals, what that I believe would relate the same as far as tarot deck and the stones and from what my heart (intuition) is telling me. I have several spheres with stands that I display all over the house. I have a set of crystals for the charkas and a few other quarts. I will be working over the years adding to my collection. Once I have my collection large enough, what I have always envisioned to do is have a bed of quarts in a large metal flat tray, with the quarts bed covered laying my favorite crystals out on. The quarts will amplify the other crystals and I know will be beautiful too in showing them off. Until that day, I am planning to buy some white velvet and toss it (to display) having the crystals on top of the velvet. I think the light and richness of the velvet with help them to be protected from nicks and yet give a wonderful appearance for the eye. The rest I plan to keep in a wooden box as my tarot decks.

Brightest Blessings!
Wisp Wings

All Is One
15-05-2003, 09:43
Love the white velvet idea.

Time to go free some crystals...right this minute. A dusty box of compartments came with a batch of formations and tiny geodes I bought and I left them there. (hangs head in shame)

To the rescue...

01-06-2003, 21:41
I put my crystals on a clear glass plate. It is very nice with the shiny reflection with the crystals on it.

18-06-2003, 23:26
I've found a good way to store larger crystals is in a terrarium with 3-4 inches of sterile "play" sand in the bottom. Any big bowl with sand would work. I stand the crystals upright by sticking one end in the sand. My terrarium has a clear lid that also keeps the cats out, with the added benefit that I don't have to dust the stones. I set the terrarium by a sunny window so the crystals are cleared after every use just by sitting in the sun. My largest stone I keep on my home altar as the "work horse" on one of those velvet, husk-filled cushions from the new age shop.

I bought a lidded, wooden box at the craft store for my crystal ball. I lined it with cotton quilt-batting, sprinkled in mugwort, & covered it with fabric. Then I decorated the outside. I keep the ball wrapped in silk inside the padded box, & keep it out of the sunlight.

Smaller pieces & cabuchons I keep in a divided stationary box I'd found in the trash. I've lined the compartments with felt that I bought at the craft store & cut to fit. The box makes it easy to find pieces when I want to work with them.

I separate them by color but I don't feel they have to be segregated to hold their charge or energy field. They seem to like associating with eachother.

26-08-2003, 13:09
I have a large sea shell that I use as a gem bowl. I like to have it sitting out in the living room of my house, my stones like to be seen. I have a large clear quartz point that I have on a table with my plants, seems to like it there. Some stones like to be with me, I tend to carry them loose in my pockets, but would like to find a nice pouch for them.

Lots of wonderful ideas here! will have to remember some of them =)


All Is One
27-08-2003, 06:29
I recently got an antique Chinese box with drawers and trays papered with rice paper that has been hand-decorated. I am placing some of the more fragile crystals - like the clusters, in the nooks and crannies of the box, where I can be sure no one (or no cat...) will happen to knock them off a table, etc.

I have also used the large shells, usually big washed abalone shells, and added a silk scarf under - to cushion.

I like the sand idea and the others...

Shadow Wolf
01-09-2003, 02:48
This post also gave me idea about storing my crystals, I have a
ball jar, that is quite decorative and would keep my crystal out of the reach of my littlest "child" (My 9month old Shiba Inu puppy, Max) This dog eats things that are not even edible!!!!

Soooooo I can't realistics leave them out !!!

Thanks for posting this thread, it gave me a great idea for crystal storage!!!!!

04-09-2003, 16:43
I have a special altar room where I display all the crystals I am currently using in grids, etc. The rest of my crystals I keep either in boxes, soft bags, or just wrapped in fabric. I can never keep them put away for very long, though.. they're just too pretty to not look at every day! One thing I love to do, however, is to give the crystals I wrap up a nice "coccoon" of energy before I put them away. When I do that, the crystals seem to go into a hibernation of sorts, and when I take them out again they sparkle and shine. It's quite lovely.


04-09-2003, 22:56
I have always kept my stones and crystals in a wooden bowl that my father-in-law carved for me. They seem to like being in a natural container. Wood, glass, metal, cotton. When I carry stones with me I put them in a small cotton bag that I made.


21-09-2003, 23:46
I keep my crystals in a heart shaped crystal dish which was a gift on an antique table in my front entrance. I love to look at them or pick them up as I move through the house. I have a small crystal ball which I keep in a glass dish on my desk at work. I change the water in it every day with well water I bring from home. No chemicals here! I keep my crystal pendants in small black velvet bags which I carry with me in my purse. Some days the one I wear in the morning may not be the one I need half way through the day.

All Is One
22-09-2003, 01:02
I wondered if anyone else had this kind of phobia?

I own two crystal balls, one is fairly small, quartz crystal, with a fantastic rainbow ripple in it, the other is large smoky quartz full of brilliant occlusions.

The small round stands I use to keep them on are not that unstable, but I keep thinking that they are going to roll off the stands and fall off whatever table I put them on. Only when I am using them do I feel they are 'safe'

It could be that I worry because my cats like to jump up on flat surfaces, but maybe the energy of these two balls just feels mobile.

Maybe I'm just wacko.

22-12-2003, 09:02
I keep my crystals in a clear glass bowl, almost like a fish bowl, but it is perfectly spherical. My collection is growing and a few of the crystals are quite large (well, 4 to 5 inches long and 2-4 inches around, I really don't know what is large, considering some I've seen are 1-2 feet long.). I need to find another way to store them.
I have lost a few small ones so perhaps they will stay in the bowl and the big ones can sit out? I wish I could think of a pretty way to display them...(I too have cats) :eek:

22-12-2003, 09:48
I keep all of my pebble size crystals inside my singing bowl. When I want to cleanse them I just put one inside the bowl while I make the bowl sing. In fact, I've found that I can put 2 or 3 of the smaller crystals inside and play the bowl to good effect. I dont know if this helps cleanse them but I like to believe it does.

J :)

22-12-2003, 15:22
Hi all,
Here's a web site that sells collection boxes:
For small stones and crystals these are perfect!

23-12-2003, 06:16
Just to add my 2 cents, I keep my collection in several plastic boxes that are made for such a thing. Sort of like the boxes they make for storing baseball cards. These are divided into 24 even sections though. I like to group my stones by their elements. Keep lapis lazuli and sodalite next to each other in the water section. Malachite, chrysoprase, and emerald are grouped in the earth section.

Blessed be,

23-12-2003, 06:29
I keep some of my stones in a clear glass bowl on the shelf above my computer.I have other knik naks there also. I just keep adding to them all the time. They look nice if I have to say so myself! lol

23-12-2003, 06:58
I don't have many crystals, (one or two of each chakra colour) but I keep them in my singing bowl on the window sill in my bedroom, so that the sun and or moon can shine on them. It works fine for me, however, I know that some can chip so it may depend on how many you keep together.

Moonbow* :)