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Le Fanu
13-01-2010, 22:57
I've been looking at wands recently. No idea why. Just intrigued...

There seem to be various types; the stubby massage ones with a pointed end. I guess the rounded end is used for massaging/ reflexology.

Then there are the "manufactured" magic ones, with crystal points, silver/ pewter work and studded with stones. My local shop has one which I keep looking at, made of jade and imported from India. it is quite impressive to look at and not cheap.

My question is, what do you do with them? Are they merely altar ornaments? Decorative flourishes to a reading table? I guess not. There must be people here who have bought them. I'm intrigued as to what people here do with them. Who knows, I may be enabled...

I suspect too that there are some on-line sellers who have them at more competitive prices...

13-01-2010, 23:06
I have a few crystal wands, I use them for different things. I use them for acupressure and massage, and for ritual sometimes. I've used them occasionally for meditation also, they're a good 'object' to keep in your mind's eye as they are fairly simple, but the depth and features make them actually complex.

Le Fanu
14-01-2010, 09:49
Nice pics, Grigori.. Those look like the massage wands. I've always found it odd that stones/crystals in this shape are called wands, as they are so stubby and in my mind's eye, wands are long and thin! Beautiful collection...

14-01-2010, 10:11
Hello, Le Fanu. I have a couple of bought ones: one is made from a long, delicate willow branch, polished & garnished with rose quartz and girded with silver ... it has a citrine point, & a very gentle, feminine energy.
The other, 'masculine' one is from a thicker, long oak branch, wound around with copper and leather, and small crystals like malachite, jasper and onyx, with a clear quartz tip. Both are finger-tip-to-elbow-length.
I use both for casting Circles of Love & Strength around me (& sometimes candles, jewellry or pictures of friends & family) when I need to demonstrate & manifest my Intentions for Healing, Empowerment, etc. Also, I encircle myself with their energy sometimes when I'm feeling weak or forlorn, to focus my affirmations / self-talk / resolutions - a bit like hypnotic or NLP 'anchoring' of a thought, idea or feeling. Magic(k)al work.
{Mine live wrapped in purple / green silk velvet, & are regularly blessed with holy water from the ancient Glastonbury red & white springs - but I'm one for extravagant externalisions, since I need ritual to keep my spirituality grounded & not fly off into the stratosphere! I use the Druid tree-lore books to learn & use traditional associations & correspondences of the different woods & energies too.}

I've made several smaller wands, say a hand+wrist-length, with cherry wood & woodbine, adding various mini-crystals, silver or copper wire twine, and points to suit my mood & purpose. I love collecting suitable fallen branches on walks. You can peel off the bark & sand & varnish them, or leave them completely au naturel for a wilder feel. Bought wands look fabulous, but home-made, rough-&-ready ones have their own, personalised charm. Mine represent all 4 elements (I add feathers for Air, incense for Fire, tiny shells for Water, etc) & the animal, vegetable & mineral realms. My family pretend to scoff at my 'weirdness' - but sneakily use the ones I made for them, I've noticed!
Hope you enjoy experimenting & have fun choosing / buying / making some! :)

14-01-2010, 12:45
Hi, there. I have recently gotten into wands myself. I have a couple of them carved of quartz crystal and of amethyst. I also know a lady who makes exquisite wands (Garnet* in this forum) and from her I got the wand wrapped with quartz crystal flower-cut beads, I :love: this wand. The red wand next to it is a gift for a friend and is just hanging out on my altar til it's time to mail the package.

As for what I do with them; I've used them in some rituals. I also used to like to put the two crystal wands near my laptop when I was doing a podcast with my friend who is a medium; we interviewed lots of psychics and psychic mediums. Sometimes I "frame" the area to lay out my tarot with some wands. I think my choices of what I can do are limited only by my imagination!

Le Fanu
17-01-2010, 03:17
Well I went back to the shop today. one of the wands which I had handled (not jade) had haunted me all week. It was a bit of an extravagance, but I really, really wanted it and couldn't get it out of my head!

It is a green Zoisite wand (maybe 25-ish cm?), flecked with red, from India, quite thick and chunky but exquisitely polished, with tasteful (not tacky) silver-work, studded with stones down the side, a crystal ball (2cm diameter?) at the top of the hilt and a beautifully pointed crystal at the tip. It is so beautiful, I shall try and take photos of it sometime soon. It amazes me, the effect of holding this thing. As soon as I bought it I felt hugely empowered. Sounds silly, but walking down the street with it in my bag was such a strong sensation. I took it home and lay it out on my table, found a suitable pouch for it and made a box which I decorated with collages of antique manuscripts. I can't stop looking at it. It looks like a Renaissance treasure and has such an incredibly strong presence. Much stronger than I expected. Much stronger than any crystal I have...

Extraordinary thing...

17-01-2010, 03:59
Aha, so you went for the glamour! I'm dying to see it: + the pouch, the manuscripts etc...
Pictures, pictures, PICTURES, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Fanu
17-01-2010, 05:55
It may take a while. First I have to let other half get used to the idea. Tarot, yes, but wands???? I haven't shown it him yet...

There's a right time and a right place to do this! Plus I have to borrow his camera!

I'm spending this weekend away from home and it killed me to not bring it with me. I thought it was a bit much transporting a new pet wand! LOL. I really regret it now and just wish I had it here to look at...

17-01-2010, 11:50
I can't wait to see your wand! Wands can be used for so much. Massage, healing and pointing to specific areas to be healed, meditation, ritual, self-empowerment. When cleansing decks I used double pointed clear quartz crystals to cleanse them out and around. Same for areas that I read in or cleansing an altar or anything that needs energy thrown out and around! I use Merkabas in the same way. They are very powerful things, especially when one calls out to you in the way this one did and said GET ME! :)

Le Fanu
17-01-2010, 12:35
Isn't it odd the things which grab us? I had never given a second thought to wands and this zoisite wand just haunted my week! I shall try and get a pic up sometime soon.

Oh but it is so magical. I feel as though I can point it and do anything! Point it, etch out and delineate space. There were half a dozen others in the shop which just said nothing to me. Funny...

How many wands do you have HC?

17-01-2010, 13:32
Le Fanu, that wand sounds delish! I can hardly wait to see a picture. I'm guessing that the next time you take a trip you'll just go ahead and take it. :grin:

17-01-2010, 17:50
Wands are quite marvelous aren't they?

I have two. One I made myself out of willow, amethyst and copper etc that is very personal and special to me, which I use in ritual and spellwork to draw sacred space and focus my intention etc; and one of those stubby massage wands made of flourite which I use for healing, drawing off negative energy by pointing the tip away from myself (or object), and drawing in positive healing energies by pointing the tip inwards.
You can get quite precise with the area which needs healing as the point on those massage wands is usually quite focused and direct.
Of course different crystals have different healing and magical properties, some gentle, others vibrant and energetic.

You can find HEAPS of stuff on the net about the myriad uses of the varying kinds of wands.

Enjoy your new "friend".

Le Fanu
17-01-2010, 22:41
You can find HEAPS of stuff on the net about the myriad uses of the varying kinds of wands.
Any pointers would be appreciated.. I've been having a look but maybe someone knows a particularly good site to recommend...