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I struggled where to start, and when i realised is it might be good to start right at the beginning and discuss what we know about sun signs, this will allow discussion.

We want to be able to answer basic questions, this is the first filter of the chart, the sun is meant to represent the essense of the person, the vitality, the core of the individual. it is the first filter we wear of many that we view the world through

We will start with what does the sun mean in natal charts, afterwards we will go through sun through the signs, and then the sun through the houses.

The Aim
At the end of this discussion, we will try and put the three elements together and see what we have learnt, for example we can look at Sun in Aries, in the 3rd house.There will be a summary at the end of each thread with additional lessons learnt.

The Sun
Rules- Leo
House rulership-5th House
Life , Heart , Will , Vitality , Father in a patriarchal society, Essence , Consciousness , Development , Identity, fun.

The one line i heard recently was 'The sun in your chart is where you should shine...'

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Aries the first sign of the zodiac,one of the phases associated with Aries is 'I AM',they are also seen as initiators, cardinal signs start things, here it start spring (in Northen Hemisphere).

Key words for Aries
(The Sun is in Aries from March 21 to April 19, depending on the year)
Aries is energetic, innovative, original, pioneering, assertive, quick-tempered, strong drive, leader, ambitious, extroverted, sometimes aggressive, competitive, enthusiastic, self-reliant, and self-assured.

Aries is ruled by the god of war, represented in Tarot by The Tower, and the Emperor.

We dont want to limit the discussions to keywords,we want to get under the skin a little bit:
-In the playground who is the Ram child?
-How would you recognise an Arian at a party?
-How would they react to conflict?
-How are they as lovers?
-How do they deal with emotions


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Okay i will go first, i have an Aries father and am weirdly attracted to the arian factor.
The classic line from my father which to me is Aries is " feelings are what women have" when i was trying to explain why his wife was upset after he said something.

They are quite charming, and can have a childlike cuteness.They are direct, and you have an argument and then you carry on hanging out, there is no sulking. As children if they are failing to make themselves understood they throw a proper tantrum, unless you have seen an aries baby throw a wobbly you havent seen anything!
One weird thing i found out recently through 2 Arians (4 planets in aries), on seperate occasions if the music is on, they will sing outloud where ever they are, tapping their knees in time with the music.They like spicy food
The are prone to headaches, and also injuries to their limbs due to their reckless love of anything fast and dangerous. They will often say yes, before they know what your suggesting, their enthusiasm is infectious.
As a lover they are likely to finish before you, however will be ready again in a short time, and then again until your warn out!

on the downside they are quick to temper, and are not scared of conflict, you also wouldnt want an aries an assistant....he will want your job.
I know some engineers who are aries, however they now project managers, on the whole not detail orientated people, they are big picture...and make it fast because they get bored quickly

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The one line i heard recently was 'The sun in your chart is where you should shine...'

I have found this to be very true. I'll withhold examples until we discuss the Sun in the Houses. :)

Aries Sun Celebrities:
Jeremy Clarkson (BBC's Top Gear)
David Tennant (Doctor Who)
Graham Norton (Graham Norton Show)
Emma Watson
Rosalind Wiseman
Lady Gaga

Some Aries Suns on AT:

If you have seen these people being themselves on talk shows, as hosts, read their work, or interacted with them, you'll see how their Aries Sun manifests.

For example, on Top gear, Jeremy Clarkson, in typical Aries fashion goes for cars with raw power. The Sag goes for speed, and the Capricorn goes for control. If you watch and listen to him, you will know (and everyone will know unanimously) that he's the leader. Some people say he's overconfident, and he certainly sounds that way when he speaks. He can be a little bit of a bully, but it's in the spirit of the show. In the episode with Aries David Tennant, you can see how they interact with similar energies. Both are charming, have an infectious sense of humor, direct, and warm.

Mom is also an Aries Sun. She doesn't really care what other people think and has a tendency to be long-winded. Don't tell her I said that. She is more introverted (6 planets in the bottom half) but still carries the typical Arien attitude. Mom talks loudly, and especially when she is cross. She won't mind having a loud argument in a public place. If you're harassing her, she will be able to really humor you. Her office stories are hilarious. Mom is naturally ambitious and doesn't understand people who don't want to achieve.

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Lilangel09- i studied Jeremys chart in class, and your right watching topgear you can see thats a perfect job for an Aries man, its about fast cars, its not about majority its his own opinion.

thanks for your contribution, look forward to seeing more

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Another way to look at the Sun is that it is the means by which light comes into your life. Without the Sun there would be no life, as only the Sun is a direct source of light (ignoring the fixed stars for the moment). The ancients believed that Astrology worked through reflected light, so the Sun becomes the most important 'planet' and all the other planets are reflectors.

However there are differences in how light arrives. If you were born at night, the Sun is below the horizon, light can only be shed through reflection so there is a difference in quality between night and day births.

The other difference in the quality of light comes through seasonal factors. In Winter the Sun culminates at a lower point in the sky compared to Summer. Now much of the Astrology covered in this thread was developed in the Northern Hemisphere, so the Sun is seen as stronger in the Sings from Aries through to Virgo. From Libra through to Pisces the Sun is weaker. Southern Hemisphere members should read the threads on what, if any, changes should be made in interpretation when Libra marks the onset of Spring and Aquarius signifies high Summer.

Spring signs (in the Northern Hemisphere) are often seen as Sanguine, Summer signs as Choleric, Autumn signs as Melancholic and Winter signs as Phlegmatic. Ancient and medieval Astrology saw the time of year you were born as a major influence on your character (but of course not the only one).

In Arabic Astrology the Sun was seen as being strongest in a chart when it was above the horizon (a day birth), and in a 'masculine' sigh (alternate signs starting with Aries, or Fire and Air signs). By definition the Sun is above the horizon in a day chart, but for all other planets this is not the case and they might be above or below the horizon in a day chart.

I was born shortly after midnight, so my chart is a night chart and the Sun was in the last 15 minutes (of arc) of Libra. So my Sun is not strong by sign (an Autumn birth) and lies in the third house. By contrast think of someone born with the Sun in Aries and half an hour before noon - such a person would have their Sun in the tenth, near to the MC.

The Sun (and Moon) can never be retrograde - every other planet and planetoid can be retrograde.

It's also worth remembering that in the traditional planetary system, the Sun is placed in the middle or centre, with on the one side Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (the slower planets) and on the other side Venus, Mercury and the Moon (the faster planets) - one might argue that this is a balanced 'universe' Light and life is the centre of all things (you might care to think how the form of a 'central' Sun differs from the Sun seen as the centre of the solar system with all the other planets in concentric circles around).

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Thanks Milfoil, i do think modern astrologers dont pay enough attention to the details about the sun as you have listed here, not even my teacher bothered to teach me this information, its facinating and makes you look at the sun in a different light.

i do have a theory that if you born at night your a night owl in general, and vice versa. I was born just after midnight, and i am a night owl, i love staying up , i am more productive in the evening/night.

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Thanks Milfoil,

Seems I've reincarnated LOL

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Seems I've reincarnated LOL

sorry i am being very blonde today....am in a cancer daydreaming spaced time today

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i do have a theory that if you born at night your a night owl in general, and vice versa. I was born just after midnight, and i am a night owl, i love staying up , i am more productive in the evening/night.
I have wondered if this was true and I think I may have heard that somewhere else before. I was born late at night and I am a night owl, some people even call me that lol I do feel more productive at night as well, more energized and feeling up to do things.

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For those interested Rob Hand (Planets in Transit) has written a short monograph on the interpretation of day and night charts, using Hellenistic methods called, appropriately, 'Night and Day', published by ARHAT.

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Thanks Minderwiz, i do wonder how the time your are born affects you, if it makes you more outgoing if your born during daylight etc

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I found this Article on the first house and thought i would add it here:
The First House: Begins with the Rising Sign, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is also called the Ascendant or Ascending Sign and is one of the most important points in the horoscope. The Ascendant has an affect on your appearance. In some cases, a person can look more like their Ascendant than their Sun-Sign.

The First House has to do with your "outer personality", the impression you make on people when they first see you. But it goes beyond that. It also shows how you begin anything, your first approach, your first action. For instance, someone with an Aries Ascendant (Aries Rising) will tend to charge right in, while a Taurus Rising person has to take their time and build up momentum. A Leo rising will get someone else to do it for them (probably some poor soul with Virgo Rising).

The placement of planets in the First House is also important. Any planet there, especially if it is in the same signs as the Rising Sign, will give you traits of the Sign that the planet rules. In other words, if you have Mars in the First House, you will tend to be active and aggressive like an Aries Sun-Sign. Saturn will make you cautious and careful at first approach, like a Capricorn Sun-Sign. If there is more than one planet in the First House, the planet that is closest to the cusp (beginning) of the house usually predominates. The only exception is if another planet in the house is stronger by sign. Click here for a complete list of Planets in the First House.


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so i the question is, what would you expect to experience/see when you meet an Aries sun and Asc?

What would they look like?
how would they greet you?
how would they react in a group?

any thoughts?