View Full Version : Mercury retrograde aftereffects, Venus conjunct the sUn

15-01-2010, 03:50
Mercury is stuck in Capricorn and that means Government. Confusion over the last Mercury sun Conjunction at the dawn of 2010 has reasserted itself. Hovering near Pluto, mercury is tying down the core reasons for living a life in direct compliance with the standard authoritarian worldview.

A more direct and forcing of a world view is coming from a Capricorn Venus, conjunct to the sun a feminine viewpoint may arise in everyone (I think the Spanish-Iberian Goddesses is a good example for how vauge this might be), unfortinuatly the men may be more mood-prone than usual. (Speaking of which, the new moon could be the phase in mind as well for behaviour--happy new moon everyone.)

A Side note, a standing retrograde of Saturn in Libra harkens back to the early 1980's with a strong standing of artistic mindsets, this will take time to assert itself, but everything from the appearances of a box of store-brand cereal to the churches and government itself will be adorned with a harmonious glow. Difficult times of communication can be neutralized with universal images.

Professor X
16-01-2010, 04:05
I am a Triple Virgo. I am so glad that Mercury just went direct.