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20-04-2003, 14:59
I wasn't sure where to post this, so sorry if it is the wrong place! I just bought a green Burmese (Myanmar) jade foo dog pendant from E-bay. Foo dogs are not dogs they are stylized lion carvings. From what I understand in the Buddhist faith, the lion is considered to be a noble and divine animal, a protector of truth and against evil in all forms. I also read that "Fu" in Chinese means "luck" or "happiness" and that the Foo Dogs are lucky, happy lions that bring good fortune and scare away evil.

My questions are does anyone know anything about foo dogs and does anyone have any thoughts about the combination of the foo dog being carved out of jade? In other words how does the properties of jade relate to the ideas about the foo dog? Just curious.

20-04-2003, 15:06
(sorry, it's late, so excuse my brevity)

well, jade has long been considered a stone for good luck...so this would fit in w/the Foo Dog motif...i think i have an idea of what a Foo Dog is, and i know i've read somewhere that jade is useful for protection as well...not sure what kind of protection, but i'm pretty sure i read that...i'll look in some of my books and see...but i think it sounds like a fabulous piece!!

you're "lucky" to have won it! ;)

many blessings...


20-04-2003, 15:15
Thank-you Azuremariposa! I feel lucky to have won it. It is already made into a necklace on red cord with other jade (hopefully jadeite) beads. I should not have spent more money of course, but no point regretting that now. I will simply enjoy my little foo dog. Ruby 7

20-04-2003, 22:05
Foo dogs come in pairs - the male has a ball under his paw and the female a cub or baby foo. They can placed at doors to protect a house and bring good fortune, so I guess that a pendant would be a form of protection. Green jade is also linked with the 4th or heart chakra.


Sea Sprite
21-04-2003, 09:07
Hi Ruby7,

What you've bought is dual amulet/talisman; attracts good fortune and offers protection to the bearer. Ancient Lore has it that if the one wearing jade was in such danger where loss of life will occur such as an accident, the jade would be broken into 2 pieces and that would spare one's life.

01-05-2003, 12:17
Since I received my jade foodog my luck has been bad but good at the same time. In other words what appears to be bad luck and then turns out to be good luck. For example, the day after the foodog arrived, my hours were cut (completely unexpectedly, have had same job, same hours steadily for 4 years) at work form 40/week to 24/week. Upset as I was about the financial loss, I realized that I had gained some much needed time. My boyfriend ended our relationship (had been going downhill for a while), and hurt as I am I am also relieved to be free from something that has not felt good for a while. What's next I wonder. Maybe I should stop wearing my foodog!

01-05-2003, 12:37
Looks like they're Korean as well as Chinese. I found two good links for them here:



(Baby foo, I like how that sounds).

Draconian Angel
24-05-2003, 06:37
Jade is considered to be lucky, so it fits nicely with the character "Fu" or "Fok"(Cantonese) for luck or wealth. As tabbycat has mentioned, the lions come in pairs, guarding the entrance by turning their heads away from it, but keeping their eyes on the door.

Sounds like you're having a case of "blessings in disguise" since wearing your Lion... ^__^

Ruby Red Slippers
25-05-2003, 00:25
Thanks for sharing the initial results of your Foo Dog.......So much of life is the attitude we take to the illusion we call reality. Sounds to me like this protector is working just fine.
I have had foo dogs for years in my home, they are great.
Continued success with new friend!
Ruby Red Slippers