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Le Fanu
13-02-2010, 08:51
I was curious about these (http://www.loscarabeo.com/ing-catalogo.aspx?p=3120) little crystal pouches available from LoS. I could find no information whatsoever about them. But the idea looked cool; 4 stones of your birthsign in a little pouch.

I ordered one - not having any idea what I would be getting - and unable to find out anything more about them. But it was cheap so I thought what the heck...

It arrived today and I think it is a lovely idea. Nothing groundbreaking but rather natty. I ordered Capricorn and received a camel-coloured suede-feel drawstring pouch with silky lining. One of those pouches with a rounded base so the 4 stones fit snugly. The stones I got - as Capricorn - were black tourmaline, white onyx, orange calcite and blue flourite. I'm usually so fussy about choosing my own stones but I liked all the forms of the ones which were included. Nothing weirdly-shaped, all nicely rounded. I'm quite impressed. Of course, it's nice to go into a crystal shop and chose your own but the whole package is very nice. It would make a nice present, I thought. It also comes with a little card which has an illustration from the LoS Astrological Oracle on one side and a list of all the stones on the other. There is also a LWB which discusses the qualities of your star sign and the qualities of the stones.

I'm thinking of ordering another one as a present. It is a very nice, compact little crystal set and has the quality we have come to expect from LoS.

Just thought I'd put it out there...

13-02-2010, 09:04
Oh, they are a lovely set! Good sized stones too. I had to click on Sidelines to see them from that link.

The idea has been around at some of the independent crystal shops, but no luxurious pouch or gorgeous art/photo cards. Very well done, Lo Scarabeo!

Le Fanu
13-02-2010, 09:31
I can't seem to link directly to the image in sidelines. If you click on the images it blows up the picture but you still can't see much. I know this has been done before, but I liked the quality of the pouch, and I thought the stones were well chosen...

14-02-2010, 07:33
What a wonderful idea for a birthday gift.
*runs off to check it out*