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13-02-2010, 20:03
I'm not ruled by Mercury. My Sun sign is in Pisces and my moon is in Sagittarius, which I'm hoping might explain the reason why I seem to feel irritated in my interactions with folks ruled by Mercury (Sun sign Virgo/Gemini).

It's actually pretty uncanny: I meet someone and right off, I have an irrational (they haven't had a chance to annoy me yet :P), negative feeling towards them (such as, "Goodness, I don't feel like I could gel with this person). This happens 100% of the time - no joke! - that the person ends up being either a Virgo or a Gemini. Repeatedly.

Why is that? Is it because those two signs square my Moon sign? Or because one or the other oppose either my Sun or Moon? The rest of my chart really isn't opposed or squaring these two signs, so the strong negative reaction/irritation I feel towards people whose Sun sign is ruled by this planet is...baffling.

Any thoughts?


13-02-2010, 20:45
Pisces, Sagittarius, Viro and Gemini are the 4 Mutable 'signs' - maybe you're sensing the shared 'mutability'? Not that Sun Signs are anything to go by in delinating a persons character, I know some very un-firey sun-Aries, and some very sensible sun-Pisces.

Bee :)

13-02-2010, 21:11
I tend not to place any real weight on a couple of placements but Jupiter rules both Pisces and Sagittarius and is in detriment in the opposite signs of Virgo and Gemini. If you like, Jupiter and Mercury don't get on.

That might well be ameliorated or even removed by other placements, but up to now it seems that you have not encountered someone with the necessary placments.

13-02-2010, 21:24
@Bernice - I see what you mean, but I don't have those issues with other Pisces or Sagittarius sun signs, so it can't be that.

@MinderWiz - Hmm, interesting about Jupiter and Mercury's relationship. Didn't know that. Btw, this is not a recent development, the reaction I seem to have the Mercury-ruled folks; it's been going on for YEARS, but it's only been more intense and enhanced over the past 2 years...and exceptionally so over the past 4-5 months.

And just in case it wasn't clear in my initial post...it's not like I find out these folks' birthdays and think, Oh I don't like them; it's that I dislike their energy/vibe on first interaction, feel bad because it makes no rational sense, and later find out...they're either a sun sign Virgo or Gemini. Never fails. So strange.


14-02-2010, 02:15
And what can you make of my vibe? LOL