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17-02-2010, 07:12
I've been a bit dismayed by the stated interest in learning some astrological basics and the lack of actual follow-up by those who could most benefit from such a "toe-in-the-water" approach. Accordingly, I am proposing a new way to approach the learning process.

Is everyone familiar with the Muppet creation of Jim Henson, Miss Piggy? Her character is quite unique, isn't it?

I'm proposing that we start building a chart for Miss Piggy! We'll start by deciding which Sun Sign she should have, then what Moon Sign she should have, and what other planets might have and particular aspect or house position relative to the Sun and Moon positions.

At this point, I'm looking ONLY for an expression of interest in this exercise. I'll closely define and monitor each of the steps that will be followed, each will be in its own thread. For those who participate, this backwards approach to an astrological chart will teach you something. Since we are doing this backwards, there is no way your suggestion or opinion can be wrong! We are starting with a blank chart.

Who would like to do this? Dave

17-02-2010, 07:26
I would. You have already taught me a lot Dave. So I am game. :D

Do I post here or do we begin another thread?

I can really only think of what I would think her sun sign would be. Could be her rising....

17-02-2010, 08:33
i would love too participate, since reading this forum i realized how above my head you all are when it comes to astrology

i would love to learn, if you take truly novices


17-02-2010, 17:01
I'm up for it. Discussing the potential aspects and planets placements for Miss Piggy or would be an interesting and fun exercise.

17-02-2010, 20:23
I am, in.

17-02-2010, 21:58
yes i would be interested too, and maybe after that we can do a synastry chart and find out why kermit still stays with her...:-)

17-02-2010, 23:27
I. Am.

Not knowing what a Miss Piggy is!!! D:

17-02-2010, 23:55
I'd like to follow along, although not sure how much I'd participate. I felt completely out of my depth with most of the previously astrology stuff I was looking at!

18-02-2010, 00:06
I'm in, after a semi-lengthy period of self-study and a more basic knowledge of how stuff works!

This sounds like a fun practice group.

23-02-2010, 21:06
Sorry I should have posted here first

please my I join in too :)



18-03-2010, 13:19
I'm in! (Or should I say, "Moi?")

(In the Chinese calendar figuring her sign should be a cinch, lol!)