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20-02-2010, 18:33
Is it ok to program a crystal and give to someone as a gift? I would like to program a Rainbow Obsidian pendant which I have read helps to cut the cords of old love. Its for a good friend of mine.
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

20-02-2010, 18:57
From my understanding it makes sense for the actual user to program the crystal. I am sure it's fine to give it as a gift and have your friend tune / program it (with your help maybe?).
I might be wrong, so please correct me if that's the case.

20-02-2010, 19:05
I'd be inclined to think that the user must program it themselves, as well. For you to do it might be just ever so slightly "off" in intent from what your friend truly needs, like a radio transmitter sending out a signal one Hertz above the frequency of the receiver, you know?

But to give it as a gift is thoughtful and generous :) Rainbow Obsidian is beautiful stuff, I hope that your friend loves it :)

\m/ Kat

20-02-2010, 19:34
Thank you. I guess you are both right. I thought I had read somewhere that it was ok to give as a gift but may have imagined that I also read you can program them as well. Makes sense. We are very close friends, almost like sisters and she is having a very difficult time letting go of her ex husband. I'm talking years and years. She doesn't know anything about crystals and I highly doubt she would have any faith in their healing properties...unfortunately. Although, I can always bring it to her attention rather than go off of an assumption. My intentions are good and she is very aware of the fact that she needs to let go but doesn't know how to.
Sorry for the long reply. Thank you so much!

21-05-2011, 11:24
As far as I'm aware the user should really program the crystal. As your giving the crystal as a gift, your energy would be the previous owners energy and most books advice on clearing this energy. I love crystal gifts and I'm sure your friend will love their gift.

22-05-2011, 01:44

I am inclined to disagree with the above posters (sorry guys)

When a crystal is programmed with the best intentions as a gift, the affirmation becomes much more powerful due to the purity of intent.

I have worked with crystals my whole life and when gifting a crystal, I cleanse, charge and programme them before giving them to the recipient :)

I hope this helps,

Meghan x