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28-02-2010, 23:11
Well, we are exploring much in this series and we are doing well in developing our reasoning for our choices. Now is the time to consider Miss Piggy's likely Sun sign placement.

First, as each of you consider what sign her Sun could, I repeat "could" occupy, I know you'll be mindful of the house it would be in due to the earlier pick of the Ascendant sign. For now, I would just concentrate on the Sun sign first, and then consider the house meaning and how that house position would fit into your overall view of Miss Piggy.

Our next step will be when we RECONSIDER our chosen combinations, but do not do that now. Dave

28-02-2010, 23:48
Can I also stress Dave's point about 'possible' placements. You might see more than one contender and not know how to choose. One way forward is to remember Dave's next stage is to RECONSIDER in the light of your choices, so if you've narrowed it down to two, you could always flip a coin at this stage (bad Astrology but good decision making LOL) and think more about it at the next stage. In such cases please say which signs you've narrowed it down to and why.

You should also try to remember those characteristics of Miss Piggy that YOU think are important. Obviously if someone else reads Miss Piggy's character differently from you, they will come up with different signs. Go for what you think is consistent with your view of her.

28-02-2010, 23:56
i believe her sun sign to be Scorpio, i chose it mostly because of the combination of sun sign-moon sign,
this combination gives intesity, fire, jealousy, determination and passion
she has a quick fuse, however to some extent i also see her as a strong character, and a touch masculine in her attitudes
she is so overbearing it does not even need mentioning!

this put her sun gsin in the 9 house, in this sense she does have strong convictions but the sun being in a fix sign she shows them in a narrow-minded fashion

so sun in scorpio in the 9 house

01-03-2010, 02:33
I see so much Libra is Miss Piggy. I see a Libra/Leo-Sun/Moon combo.

02-03-2010, 02:24

Moon in a Fire sign either Aries or Leo (Ruler is Choleric Mars or Sun)

Ascendant Scorpio (Phlegmatic) with Choleric Ascendant ruler and Ascendant Almuten (both are Mars which is very Choleric).

To meet the temperament profile I set I need to introduce some Sanguine with her Sun. Traditionally it is the SEASON which determines the Sun's input to temperament. Spring births (Aries to Gemini) are Sanguine, Summer births (Cancer to Virgo) are Choleric; Autumn births (Libra to Sagittarius) are Melancholic and Capricorn through to Pisces are Winter and hence phlegmatic. These are of course Northern Hemisphere seasons but Miss Piggy is a Northern Hemisphere creation, so there's not a problem there.

From a Scorpio Ascendant in whole signs. Gemini is eighth House and I don't want an eighth house Sun. Aries is sixth and I don't want Sun in the sixth (both being weak placements) so that leaves Taurus which is seventh house and will please Dave because it is angular!

That leaves one final detail for temperament, which is Moon phase. If I opt for the Moon in Leo (tenth) house it too is angular and is somewhere around the end of the first quarter beginning of the second. If I put the Sun in early Taurus and the Moon in mid to late Leo, the Moon becomes second quarter and by phase it is Choleric (the phases are in the same sequence as the seasons for the Sun, so Spring = first quarter, etc).

I now have 60% Choleric and 20% each of Phlegm and Sanguine. I also have both Sun and Moon in good houses with mutual reception (Taurus is the Moon's exaltation and Leo is the Sun's rulership). I also have the Sun ruled by Venus the lesser benefic.

The next stage will be to consider improvements or alternatives - at that stage I'll evaluate my temperament profile in terms of the impact on other planets such as Mercury and especially Venus as their positions are restricted by the Sun's placement.

02-03-2010, 02:43
I am going to suggest my placements for Miss Piggy:
** Ascendant; LEO
** Sun; PISCES, 8th house
** Moon; ARIES, 9th house

For me, Miss Piggy seems to personify Leo characteristics; her sense of total entitlement, her determination to be center stage, her pushy nature alternating with pauses designed to let others admire her.

The Aries Moon relates to her posing her way through life atop a pedestal, her quickly rising temper and domination over anyone else's responses to her, the need to have you understand and respond to her --- first, completely, and constantly. The 9th house ties her emotions and needs to flights of fancy and (in her mind) far flung scenarios that enlarge her sense of self before others.

The Pisces Sun brings in a heightened sense of drama, great emotionalism and a constant involvement in trying to gauge and control the flow of events around her. Whatever subtle maneuver works to make her #1 in her circle is just what she will adapt to. Being placed in the 8th house, this Sun is all about unequal sharing --- she'll take more than she gives because that is her legacy and the value that you will take from your relationship with her (the 8th house is the 2nd house of the 7th house of partners).

Just some thoughts that might contribute to everyones deliberations. Dave

02-03-2010, 06:29
For followers of Traditional methods, Dave's solution is:

Ascendant sign - Leo (Choleric 20%)
Ascendant Ruler = Sun (Choleric - 10%)
Ascendant Almuten = Sun (Choleric - 10%)

Moon sign - Aries (Choleric 20%)
Moon Ruler - Mars (Choleric 10%)
Moon phase - First quarter (Sanguine 10%)

Sun season - Winter (phlegmatic 20%)

That makes Miss Piggy 70% Choleric, 20% Phlegmatic and 10% Sanguine

So in terms of temperament, Dave and I differ only marginally and only then in emphasis rather than substance.

Remember that both of us have constructed placements based on our own opinion of her character/temperament. As we have no objective measure for that your guess is as good as ours, as long as you have an underlying rationale.

Hopefully we might get one or two more views before we move to the next stage.

02-03-2010, 21:19
I think Leo for the sun...
not too sure just yet - but it would be 11th I think..
but most leo sun people I know have beautiful BIG hair... again a big generalisation hmm

Asc Libra
Moon Scorpio
Sun Leo


03-03-2010, 06:58
I opt for Leo sun because well, she's got Leo characteristics. This places her Sun in the 5th or 6th. Since she's not service-oriented, I am happy to announce that she has Sun in the 5th house.

ASC Pisces (10-15 degrees)
Leo Sun in the 5th
Cancer Moon in the 5th

Sun and Moon in the 5th house place an emphasis on this house and having both planets close together, both Sun and Moon are satisfied pursing areas ruled by the 5th house. Miss Piggy seeks personal pleasure, romantic relationships, the stage, and to express herself dramatically and creatively.

07-03-2010, 09:31
From astro.com:

The Sun tells us of the actual core of a person, the inner self, of that which is of central concern. It also shows us the general vitality and the ability to assert oneself, it describes a general tone of being which colors everything else.

Miss Piggy has tremendous energy and vitality, especially when it comes to asserting herself. She is a survivor, having overcome a not so brilliant childhood/background. She is tenacious and determined.

For me, I've been debating between an earth or fire sun .......... so the following would fit for her assertiveness and determination ........ and since this is her core, not necessarily what is seen (which would be her ascendant):

Capricorn 2nd house - an inner need to acquire material possessions, steely determination and stubbornness

Aries 6th house - energetic, bouncy every day .......... working hard

Leo 10th house - striving to be more, focussed on femininity given history with mother

So I'm going to go with a Capricorn 2nd house as it feels to be the strongest one (surprising myself with that one I have to say) ......... I've yet to meet a capricorn that can be dissuaded from something once they've made their mind up, it's like they have a will of steel! ........ and I know quite a few of them!

So to recap:

Ascendant/1st House - Scorpio
Moon/9th House - Cancer
Sun/2nd House - Capricorn

Double water, double fixed ......... makes for one stubborn and emotional little piggy!