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15-03-2010, 20:13

I am still learning predictive astrology, however because of the state of flux i am in and the changes happening this year i would love a heads up. I am therefore asking for an astrology exchange, someone to have a look at my progressions for some key months, and i will give them a reading in any method i can (mediumship, tarot etc)


15-03-2010, 23:00
Hi Nik,

I don't primarily use progressions in my work. Like Dave, I tend to use Solar Returns, though I use them as support for Primary Directions. If I use Secondaries, it's as a confirmation if I'm in doubt.

However if you get stuck with someone taking you up, then I'll be glad to help you work through your own.

15-03-2010, 23:39
i am happy with SR or solar arcs or directions to be honest methods make no difference to me as i am still going to learn transits and progressions in my own time, just not in time to give me a heads up really

16-03-2010, 06:51
OK then you're on.

I have a couple of things on the go at the moment, so it's going to be later in the weak before I can get round to it. If anyone offers in the meantime please feel free to take them on, I can always just give you second opinion.

16-03-2010, 09:30
never a rush its been going on since jan...lol

24-03-2010, 23:52
Would you mind if I included your chart in my coverage of Primary Directions in the traditional Astrology thread? At least that would get us started and then we can look at Solar Returns and Transits later.

24-03-2010, 23:59
i am happy with that, am flexible:-)

25-04-2010, 06:55
I'll try and apply the material on Traditional Astrology to the predictions for the year beginning July 20 2010. As it's a little time since we looked at 2009 - 1010, I'll begin with a reminder post dealing with the Primary directions for the two years. Then in the next post we'll move on and look at the Profections for 2010-2011.

I'll then move on and look at the 2010 Solar Return using traditional methods, add a couple of comments using precession corrected charts (And perhaps Dave might like to contribute there). That will leave any transits to consider, which will be a subsequent post.

Please ask any questions as I go through the reading, (and of Dave, if he contributes) as that is the way that you (and I) will learn.

Primary Directions 2010 - 2011

08 Dec 2010 Terms of Mars to Ascendant – incites rash actions, has a hand in many idle and wicked matters, a general distemper of the body. As Mars also rules the 7th this might have a negative effect on relationships.

15 April 2011 Trine of Moon to Sun - Good for employment as it brings you to the notice of ‘kings and persons of great quality’ in a favourable way, You may be taking ‘necessary and honourable journeys’ or ‘shall marry a rich wife or be busy in matters of concern to wives and women’ You will also increase your number of friends.’ Now I’m not sure you will marry a ‘ rich wife’ LOL but the involvement in women’s affairs may well be a possibility. Hopefully it will also be good for the job.

09 May 2011 Square of Sun to Lot of Fortune – This isn’t as good as it might first seem because of the square. It might be an expensive period (literally a loss of some of your fortune). That might also (or instead) mean a hard time at work.

As well as directions to the Ptolemaic ‘hylegical places’ (the five places mentioned above) Lilly also takes directions to other planets. During the period in question we have the following:

10 August 2010 - Saturn to square of Mars – This is not so good, unless Saturn is playing it’s role as house ruler. Mars rules your seventh House so that could be restrictions on relationships (remember relationships here are not just those concerned with romance. so it might show up as issues with one or more others that you relate to in your normal life). Mars also rules Aries, intercepted in your twelfth. The issue of hidden enemies, has already been raised in terms of people at work. 'Enemies' here does not have to be read in a dramatic sense - it could be sniping, back biting or simply talking behind your back.

22 December 2010 – Terms of Mars to Venus – This is not so good for matters of Venus and is likely to take over or reduce the effects of the Venus to Venus direction mentioned earlier.

2 Feb 2011 – Saturn to the sextile of Saturn – Saturn is directed for matters relating to ancestors, inheritances, buildings, professions, fears, jealousies and mistrust. That’s a mixed bag and given the sextile is a beneficial aspect. Again Saturn may be acting as a house ruler in which case modest benefits might accrue.

That's a total of six directions, which should begin to be noticed from August 2010 approximately. Please remember that PDs are the 'hour hand' of prediction, they mark the major changes but there is some 'latitude' in terms of when they will come about (perhaps a few weeks or even months, if the birth time is not accurate).

Edited to Add:

There are 4 Primary Directions which I did not treat in the thread on Traditional Approaches, because of Space issues. I'll add them in here as they occur during the year from July 2010.

19th Jan 2011 Trine of Jupiter to Venus. This should be a wholly good Direction, involving both benefics. The only fly in the ointment is that Jupiter rules both 8th and 12th Houses. As Venus rules your Ascendant, and Libra intercepted in the sixth and natal Jupiter is in your first House - Health issues could be to the fore. Hopefully this should be a good time both spiritually and physically but you might confirm that through a health check, if you don't have them regularly already.

31 Jan 2011 - You have the Star Zuben Elgenubi conjunct Mars. The modern name of the Star is Alpha Librae, and it is the second brightest star in the constellation of Libra. However the name comes from the Arabic for 'southern claw' and seems to date back to a time when Libra was not seen as a separate constellation from Scorpio. I need to research this star but it seems to have a Mars type effect simply from that description.

2nd April 2011 - Venus to the square of Mars, - a challenging time, probably involving establishing yourself against others, a need to assert who you are

19th June 2011 - Terms of Saturn to Mercury - the terms in question are those in Virgo and Virgo is on the cusp of the sixth, so I expect some mild restrictions related to health. As this is not an aspect, I expect it to add a very mild overlay rather than being anything significant.

The next post will be on the profections.

26-04-2010, 04:37
thanks minderwiz, i will digest this tomorrow!

26-04-2010, 09:20
No rush, it will take me a couple of days or more to organise my stuff on profections. Please remember that for PDs to have a good chance of working out they need supporting profections/solar returns/transits. So we will have to check at each stage to see that our other measures agree or disagree with the PDs.

28-04-2010, 05:23
When I posted the previous profections for 2009 - 2010, I did so as an illustration of the method, this time we're into a series of predictions for 2010 - 2011, which I hope will be useful. Therefore I think we need to treat this more as a dialogue. I will post the list of profections for the year with some possible interpretations but I think I really needs some feedback from Nik in terms of her preferred focus and maybe developments in her life which she would like to keep to the fore. Where there are several possible interpretations her own views as to what is going on will help us focus. For example, it's no use me saying that a sixth house matter may related to illness, when she has an issue relating to her pets, or her work team or even the person carrying out renovations in her property, all of which are sixth house matters.

I should really have done the same for the PDs but as I'd already posted these I didn't want to muddy things too much. Once we have dealt with profections and got a general feel for the year and her focus, we'll try a Solar Return and as Dave's our resident expert there, he might wish to post something. This is a learning exercise for me because I've not used profections before to this extent and certainly not in this type of dialogue.

Please remember I might be wrong, or might miss an obvious connection so 'Pay Attention!' LOL.

28-04-2010, 05:31
i am a very willing guinea pig, and your doing me a favour so am happy for any heads up on the year ahead as i turn into my 34th year on this funny planet.
prompt me when i need imput, i am happy to provide anything that will help you...help me:-)

28-04-2010, 05:32
We begin this year (20th July 2010) with the following profected places :

Profected Moon (Pisces) in the Eleventh House
Profected Sun (Taurus) in the First House
Profected MC (Scorpio) in the Seventh House
Profected Asc (Pisces) in the Twelfth House
Profected Part of Fortune (Gemini) in the Second House

All House positions relate to the natal houses. All profected planets and places are sextile to their natal positions. This is an indicator that 2010 – 2011 will be a promising year. The overall tenor should be favourable. This should diminish or postpone any unfortunate PDs and will accentuate any favourable PDs

I will use the approach of Lilly in advancing the planets by 30 degrees during the year, a rate of 2.5 degrees a month, or just over 0.4 minutes a day. I will also confine myself to the five hylegical places, listed above, viz Moon, Sun, Asc, MC and Fortuna. It is possible to advance the other five planets too, though traditional Astrologers confined themselves to the above five. Even if the other five are advanced, as I understand it, the key five are taken as the most important indicators.

The five significators represent:
Moon : Journeys, trips, matrimony, kin folk, complexion of the body.
Sun Health and Vital Power – what we would refer to as Life Force
MC : Honours, offices, trade and profession and for the Mother
Asc : Life and manners, body, mind and spirit.
Fortuna : increase or diminution of riches. The dispositor of Fortuna can also be advanced as well (Mercury for the profected Fortuna) However I will not do that – I’ll leave Nik to cogitate on that one.

On 21st August the profected Sun changes sign to Gemini. The Sun was peregrine in Taurus but does not improve its dignity by the sign change. You probably feel your vital powers to vary, during the year, sometimes strong but at other times low and with no clear pattern to it. Natally the Sun rules your fifth, so these changes might show up in fifth house matters, sports, recreation, creative pursuits and romance.

On 23rd August the profected Moon opposes natal Mars, placed in the fifth. Mars rules the natal seventh House of partnerships and other people so there may be strains in relationships with others around this time. The square might alternatively show up as strains in areas of the Moon’s natural signification – stressful trips, arguments with kin or issues with your general complexion. Mars also rules the profected MC so that may involve work and career issues.

19th September profected Sun sextile natal Mercury, as Mercury rules the profected Sun this is a good aspect for Vital Power and will be a high point , when you are full of mental energy and have a strong drive either in Mercury matters, such as communications or using Mercury faculties to achieve other goals. Accidentally Mercury rules your natal second and fifth Houses so Mercury may benefit your Vital Power through changes relating to issues of those houses.

7 October profected MC trine natal Sun. A good time for career, trade, profession, or even your mother. If you are thinking of changing career or increasing your part time activities then this may be a good time for you, in that respect.

3rd November, profected Sun sextile natal Venus. Again a positive aspect. Venus is your natal Ascendant ruler, so this might well signify a period of good health and strong vitality. Venus also rules Libra intercepted in the sixth, so at worst this might mean the diminution of a disorder or illness that you have been suffering and of course it could mean that an existing or new pet gives you that extra vitality.

6th November Ascendant trine natal Sun. Yet another favourable profection for health and well being. As the Sun also rules your fifth benefits to health both physical and spiritual may come from creative activities.

8th November the profected MC moves into Sagittarius and rulership changes from Mars to Jupiter. This should be favourable for the remainder of the year.

12th November, The Moon moves into the twelfth House. This is an unfortunate house, so there may be adverse issues related to hidden enemies or simply difficulties in expressing the things signified by the Moon.

25th November, profected Sun square natal Mars – this is an adverse aspect from an infortunate planet so it perhaps indicates an end, or diminution of the good feelings from the previous Sun aspects. This will mark a turn down in vitality for. Again Mars in the ruler of the natal Seventh, so another person may be the instrument of this downturn.

8th December, the Profected Ascendant moves into Aries, and rulership passes from Jupiter to Mars, and perhaps issues in a period of stress or being accident prone or subject to Martian illnesses. On the same day the profected MC trines natal Mercury. Possibly a raise at work or a bonus.

6th January 2011 Profected Ascendant trines natal Mercury. Another good period for physical, mental or spiritual health either enhanced communications or second or sixth house issues.

22nd January profected MC trines natal Venus. A good period for career or profession. This might have a knock on effect to health, as Venus rules your natal Ascendant.

13th February profected MC square Mars something of a downturn in Career and other tenth house issues.

21st February profected Ascendant trine Venus If anything this boosts your overall health and well being, especially given Venus’ role as the natal Ascendant ruler.

12th March profected Fortuna moves into Cancer and rulership changes from Mercury to Moon. This might indicate a change in the way that you increase (or decrease) your riches. From using your logical rational mind to using your intuitive, non rational faculties. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a change of employment, it might simply indicate that this is a new way of increasing your earnings.

17th April, profected Moon trine natal Sun. Trips or journeys for fifth house reasons, boost in physical body – an improvement in complexion.
9th May Sun moves into second house – money and possessions will become more important.

13th May profected Fortuna trines natal Moon. Natally the Moon rules your third and fourth Houses, this might indicate an increase in riches from working from home or travelling short distances. The Moon naturally signifies your intuition and non-rational mind, so again we have a link between this side of your mind and earnings. Of course the Moon could naturally signify your mother but I don’t really see any strong indication that you will become financially dependent on your mother.

19th May the profected Moon moves into Aries and rulership changes to Mars from Jupiter.

14th June, the profected Fortuna moves into the third House. Perhaps a change in the focus of your earning potential.

16th June, profected Fortuna sextiles Mars. Mars is the natal ruler of your seventh House and is placed in your fifth. This is not really a bad aspect, perhaps more of a risky one. Earnings directly from other people or from your creative expression (possibly involving short distance travel).

17th June, profected Moon trine natal Mercury. This is the last profection for the year and is a favourable one. Given Mercury’s role as the ruler of the natal second and the Moon’s signification of trips and journeys, this is probably another indication of the growing evidence of a new source of income during the latter part of the year.

28-04-2010, 05:50
i am a very willing guinea pig, and your doing me a favour so am happy for any heads up on the year ahead as i turn into my 34th year on this funny planet.
prompt me when i need imput, i am happy to provide anything that will help you...help me:-).
I hate to contradict a lady but it's your 35th year coming up (you will be 35 at the end of it) LOL.

That's actually a serious point as profections are based on the year of life started not the completed number of years. So your second year of life begins on your 1st birthday, etc. Count 30 degrees for each year of life started, so your 35th year brings your planets to 60 degrees from their starting positions (a dexter sextile)

In 2011, your thirty sixth year begins and the profected planets will be one sign behind and the following year your profected planets and natal planets will be at the same positions.

OK your first task is to have a look at the list of profections and see if there's any area of life that you want to know about but I've omitted and secondly if there's any questions on any of the profections How does it fit in to your own perceptions of the coming period.?

01-05-2010, 18:54
lol i still think i am 26...lol

i will look at the post in detail and look through areas of main interest, i know that work wise i am interested as i want to next year combine both my current job, and my other mediumship stuff to make a career out of it, part time with my current job and the other stuff to make up the difference.

i do seem to think that things are not going as smoothly as i expected them to go, the past few weeks i feel a bit stuck direction wise and therefore am questioning things alot more, that seemed to go smoothly before. I now think the year coming up is going to be a year that tests me, tests my strength. I worry alot, so i can become ill due to worry or simply overburdening myself...so the health aspects make sense as my body is rebelling at the moment.

I would be interesting in any aspects that talk about moving house, traveling or moving country. I have a feeling there are big changes in residence coming up, so anything about moving would be great.

i will later give feedback to each thing mentioned as you have gone into detail so i want to respond properly.

I just noticed that you mention making money from home linked to non-rational mind, which is exactly what i wish to do.

04-05-2010, 07:23
And so to the Solar Return for 2010. I’ve cast both a ‘standard’ Solar Return and a Precession Corrected
Solar Return. The interesting characteristic for both is the prominence of Jupiter, the greater benefic. In the normal Solar Return, The Sun rules the Ascendant and Jupiter is on the MC (9th House side) in Aries, trining the Ascendant. In the Precession Corrected one Jupiter rules the Ascendant and is on the IC (also of course in Aries), and also conjunct the Part of Fortune. In both cases Jupiter has high essential dignity and has mutual reception with the Sun through exaltation (which gives the Sun a little more essential dignity than in a normal year). Jupiter is, of course, angular in your natal chart , where it is conjunct the Ascendant. Jupiter does however rule the 8th and 12th natally. Interestingly Jupiter is also the year lord for the profected chart, or at least for the first half of the year.

The two Ascendants fall into angular houses of the Natal Chart, the normal SR Ascendant falls into the natal 4th and the precession corrected one falls into the natal 7th. The ‘normal’ Ascendant is conjunct natal Saturn which is unfortunate but that is mitigated by it also being conjunct natal Venus. For the precessed chart the aspect is a trine respectively, which is a bit better.

The other feature of both return charts is the conjunction of the malefic, Mars and Saturn, in the natal 6th House.

Lilly would want the return Ascendant to agree with the natal Ascendant (by Triplicity or being the same sign). In both cases there’s a Fire Ascendant, so we don’t have agreement with the Earth natal Ascendant. He would also want the SR Ascendant not to be afflicted by Mars or Saturn, either in their Return positions or their natal positions. In the case of the ‘normal’ return natal Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant.

Lilly also looks to see if planets return to their own position or the position of other planets. In this case the only one to do so is Venus which conjuncts natal Mars. Lilly says this shows ‘marriage, or prone to it and to whoredom, dice and sports’. I hasten to add that Lilly prescribes this as a liability for men and I’m sure it can’t be applied to demure young ladies.

So on a Lilly approach, either the Sun (so so) or Jupiter is Lord of the year and the greater benefic will have a significant role. There are some downsides, the Ascendants don’t agree by triplicity and natal Saturn afflicts the normal SR Ascendant. A fair year at best, providing you leave the dice and sports alone.

Lilly did not use Lunar Returns but Morin did. Now I’m not going to go through 12 Lunar Returns all in one go. If pushed I might try them individually a month in advance.

04-05-2010, 07:25
The next main post will be on any notable transits for the year. As no doubt there will be many of them, I'll confine myself to what looks interesting and give some indications as to what you might like to chase up yourself.

04-05-2010, 22:05
yes i think i know its not going to be a great year, testing year it will be , am hoping its leading up to a better year.

thanks Minderwiz