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30-04-2003, 12:47
Today while visiting a store I have never been to.. from the glass casings of jewerly and jewls ... this small wand like piece was screaming at me. Not sure why yet, but its sitting here at home with me now. :D
I'm calling it my little chakra wand for now heh. Its a flat (half inch thick) slab of sodalite.. roughly four inches long... squared off on one end, rounded to a point on the other. On one flat side 7 gems have been attached each corresponding to a chakra. It is very lovely and attractive piece. But here is my problem. I have never studied chakras and was wondering what I might use this 'wand' for?

Any suggestions would be very welcomed!


30-04-2003, 13:53
Hi Amaya!

I don't have too much time to get into it now, but i wanted to address this w/the time i have...:)

sodalite is excellent for opening up the third eye...w/a piece like this, i would meditate on this, and possibly bring the rest of the chakras up in alignment w/the third eye when you do so...

i recommended some good books on chakras in this thread:
some may be more helpful than others ;)

i will get back tomorrow w/more...right now, bed calls! :D

many blessings...and that is a WONDERFUL find...


30-04-2003, 16:08
i love sodalite, even more then any other blue stone.
i got a large smooth chunk of it that i used to rub when i was scared of the thunder and amazingly enough - after a summer full of thunderstorms and sessions with my sodalite i am no longer scared of the thunder.
just thought i would share that lil tidbit:)

01-05-2003, 03:32
sodalite can promote healing and wisdom...so, i think this is definitely a piece you should meditate with...
you can either use it for focus during regular meditations, or you can use it during meditations on each individual chakra...one book i mentioned on that list, The Book of Chakras by Wauters, has good meditations as well as affirmations for each of the chakras...:)
hope you enjoy using it...let us know your experiences with it!

many blessings...


01-05-2003, 06:35
Thanks for the replies and I will be sure to check out those books as soon as I can.
As for the meditations.. I have a long week ahead of me at work still.. I won't have time to do those until monday and tuesday of next week. But its on my to-do list! I will be sure to share anything interesting I gain :)

Thanks again

02-05-2003, 04:02
Hey Amaya...

....I love and own and use many wands...so do most of my crystal loving friends...this wand is excellent for meditation as suggested by all others...

but you can do more with this wand...scribe a circle...it as a chakra wand brings these chakras into perfect alighnment for all within the circle if this is your intention...imagine the wonderful ways of joining chakras with another within your circle...physical or imaginary...when so merged you can explore your connections...ex:past lives...or make connections with another...

within the healing circle it resets...alighns and activates the chakras both within the user...the one being healed and even taps into and connects with earths chakras if so intended...as a way of re-establishing the chakras natural balance and perfection...

the wand can be held in your directed hand and your channeling of its force...and adding universal energy/light...focused through the heart...and through your arm and hand and then the wand...it can be run up and down the central chakra column...from the front...about 3'' to a foot from the body...slowly...paying attention to places of blockage...where the wand slows and seems to stick...call in and trust your guidance...remember to ground...if connecting to earth this is enough...but it helps to use grounding stones too...for you and the other...

this technique cleanses and heals the chakras...and works well for me...adding instant rapport with another...necessary for healing...and when calling in/upon earths energy and perfection to ground and materialize this healing at the physical...this makes any healing a more permanant one...

as a tool for your use on self...just lay it upon your body...the heart is a perfect crossroads of energy...or the naval...even the thymus...called the universal/higher heart...and of course the third eye...or anywhere you may feel blocked...it can join chakras it is placed between...connecting their energys...and then just relax...absorb...breath-in...allow its energy to merge with yours...and state your intention...with the chakras from the central column so alighned...and activated you can go on to do most anything...

have fun...enjoy...

02-05-2003, 07:23
Sounds like a beauty..I have never used a wand..Sounds interesting.