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25-03-2010, 13:45
Hi everybody

Which crystals would you recommend for one who is searching positive, true and lasting companionship??

Besides rose quartz! (Oh, and amber)
I know that Stichtite is meant to be so good for this!
Um... this issue is connected to the heart chakra, am I right? What else? Just there is not much interest in the “heart” crystals... oh, one or two maybe.

Which herbs are useful for this?


M xx

27-03-2010, 23:12
You might try: jade, aventurine, moss agate, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, and pink calcite. Stichtite is often found mixed with serpentine, and is called "atlantisite"; that might be a good one as well.

28-03-2010, 13:13
Kunzite or Chrysoprase are my top two..
I wrote a book called the complete guide to manifesting with crystals, I wrote something like - attend to your relationship corner in your home and in your bedroom
with colours -
Yellow - Pink - Orange
crystals -Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite, Kunzite

(its the right hand furthest corner from the door entrance when looking into the room)

also select and hold a crystal that best suits your relationship goal using your intuition or from the suggestions below:
Friendship-companionship ~ Kunzite or Moonstone
Romance ~ Ruby or Morganite
Marriage ~ Diamond, Sapphire or a Precious Metal.
Soul Mate ~ Clear Crystals for example Quartz, Diamond or Glass.

The best setting for this recipe is sitting near water, be it the ocean, a river or a small water feature in your home, wear some crystal enhanced perfume.
Use a black or red pen on pink tissue paper, write as much as you can about your wants and needs, as if your desires were already manifest. Detail what it is you are looking for in a relationship, what you have to offer and how grateful you are.
I have a fantastic person sharing my life, this person respects and loves me and our life is happy. Our relationship conveys honesty, loyalty and security. Our love deepens daily. Mutually we support each other in our life goals and karmic quest. I am generous, compassionate, understanding and my love and confidence in our relationship grows and grows. I am so very grateful for the support, kindness and hope this person gives me and I show this in the little things I do for this person daily. From today forward I am changing my lifestyle so new people enter and I see my old friends in a new light.

Summarise your desire into one simple manifesting mantra, vocalise this
I am in love
Say your mantra over and over

Place your letter you chose in a visible location in the Feng Shui relationship sector of your home.....
anyway this is just one hint - you see what feels right to you and what you already have at your disposal, see what the universe has put into your life to help you in this area...

feel positive, wishing you well in your quest