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Golden Moon
26-03-2010, 14:19
Does anyone know how I can find out which planet does my star sign colaborate with? for ex: Pluto in Scorpio.

26-03-2010, 19:26
i am not clear on the question, are you asking how to find out what planets are compatible relationship wise with yous, or what planets are in which signs?

26-03-2010, 22:08
I'm not quite sure of the question either. In my case, apart from your birth positions (you can get a chart at www.astro.com ), whether you were asking a general question about sign rulerships and dignities.

Can you give us a little clarification about your question.

Golden Moon
27-03-2010, 06:50
Excuse me for not making myself clear enough. I've a friend who told me that she's a Venus in Scorpio. So I told her how can I know what planet unites with my star sign, but she is no good at astrology.

27-03-2010, 08:47
I've a friend who told me that she's a Venus in Scorpio. So I told her how can I know what planet unites with my star sign, but she is no good at astrology.

Well I'm not a lot wiser (and I'm a Venus in Scorpio) but I think that you want to know how you can get a list or chart of where the planets are when you were born. There are 7 traditional planets - Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun , Venus, Mercury and Moon plus the two outer gas giants, Uranus and Nepture and a variety of other bodies such as Pluto and Chiron that are used by Astrologers. Added to the planets and other bodies, two point are important, the Ascendant, which is the degree of the sign on the Eastern horizon when you were born and the MC or Midheaven, which is the degree of the sign which was culminating (highest in the sky) when you were born.

If you go to www.astro.com you can find a link that will allow you to enter your birth data and run off a chart.

You need your date of birth, plus the time you were born and where you were born. All three pieces of information are needed for a chart.

Of the traditional planets, each can be in any sign, apart from Venus (no more than a sign and a half from the Sun) and Mercury (either in the same sign as the Sun or one of the two adjacent signs). The planets and bodies move very slowly, so your age limits the where these planets can be.

It's quite possible that one or more of the planets are in the same sign as your Sun and in that sense they are united with it. However despite the popular emphasis on the Sun sign, Astrology really makes use of ALL the signs when considering any one person's chart - each one of them reveals something about you.

Golden Moon
27-03-2010, 10:02
Hello Minderwiz, I did my chart through another webpage and there happens to be a few of those planets in star signs. Oh well, I'll look for the one that best represents me.

Thank you anyways:)

27-03-2010, 17:56
Well all the planets represent you or some aspect of you. Modern Sun sign columns in magazines and on websites over stress the Sun and under play the others. In practice it's the way in which the pkanets combine that matters.

Whwn your friend says she's Venus in Scorpio, she's not saying that that best represents her, merely that that is one of her placements.

The five "personal" planets, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars can seem to have the most impactn though Jupiter and Saturn are never far behind. Astro.com will give you a breakdown of each planet in your chart and a basic character reading.