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29-03-2010, 02:08
Well now that i have about 40 crystals i want to change the ones i carry with me at certain times and i'm still very new to this so i don't know if i shouldn't mix some of them or if there are some i really should

here's my list
Banded Agate
Black Agate
Black Obsidian
Blue Agate
Blue Howlite
Blue Lace Agate
Blue Tiger's eye
Chevron Amethyst
Clear Quartz
Crackle Quartz
Green Agate
Mangano Calcite
Olive Jade
Petrified Wood
Pink Agate
Purple Agate
Red Goldstone
Red Jasper
Rock Quartz
Rose Quartz
Ruby in Zoisite
Tiger's eye
Turquoise Agate

I think that's it!
I am missing some in this collection that i think are important like moonstone, lepidolite, ruby, tourmaline..anything else?

now i need help, my main concern is my emotions. I feel down and miserable very often. And i want to feel happy and loved and want to make sure those emotions are felt by the other person and people around me too.
I always have rose quartz with me and it has help me a lot until i stopped feeling its energy, i do clean my crystals but it just isn't enough.
From my new crystals, the ones i felt a connection immediately with were malachite, hematite, black obsidian, blue lace agate, mangano calcite and rhodonite. would this ones help me?
and for work? it's a very stressful and though environment, terrible negative energies that i need protection from so for that i'm not sure but i think black obsidian should be there with me
any suggestions?

29-03-2010, 06:19
I'd take whatever grabs you each day. Jot it down in a little notebook and then add whether the day was better or worse, smooth or more challenging, etc. Later, look up the properties online or in books. You may find some unusual surprises in how your feelings match (or don't) :grin:

Play with arranging the set you selected for the day. What happens when you change positions?

29-03-2010, 07:55
I'm not an expert or anything close to this on crystals, but learning about them.
but, for your emotions, keeping them in balance and attracting good emotions to you as well, carry your Chrysocolla. it's good for this.

citrine is also a good stone to help instill confidence in yourself. perhaps this is also a good stone to keep on you, if you find that you are often feeling low.

your fluorite will help you keep your balance so you think things through rationally and not emotionally--so this also may be good for you to carry when your emotions are all over the place.

garnet-another stone that will help to build confidence and guard against depression.

other gems to help with your emotions and keeping them in check-
malachite, mangano calcite and there are more--but these i've noticed in your list.

you mentioned that you felt an immediate connection with these stones:

hematite, this is a great grounding gemstone. it also will help you to remain calm and is great for students or anyone who needs to study hard. it can also help with getting rid of negativity and change it to a more loving state.

black obsidian will help protect you. it blocks all types of negativity and so is very protective. it is also a great stone for people who are shy or timid naturally-it helps them to find their inner strength.

blue lace agate---this gem will help you to communicate when need be w/o losing your cool. it is an inspiring gem and helps you to remain calm, cool and collected. if you have trouble getting your point across or your ideas--this is the stone to carry with you!

mangano calcite attracts what you desire to you. it is a powerful stone.

rhodonite - promotes love. it will also help you to gain confidence and finding your talents and purpose.

hope this helps.

there are many ways to cleanse gemstones. find one that works for you-tho you may want to check first for some of the stones to make sure it won't damage tehm. some ways that I've heard of are these:

mix 1 Tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic cup of cold water. (DO NOT USE METAL OR PLASTIC). put your stone(s) in this solution and let it sit for 24 hours or more--if you feel it is in need of deep cleaning, leave it a bit longer.

you can also cleanse it in sea salt alone. pour some sea salt into a container that is dep enough to bury your stone in it--and if your stone has a pointy side, put it point side down into the sea salt.

If you live near the ocean--you can gently wash them in ocean water.

you can also place your gemstones in direct moonlight. some people feel you need to do this in a full moon or new moon. others say waning moons to clear the stone and get rid of any negative energies. but, I don't think it really matters.

some also say put them in sunshine, but you need to be careful with this, as the sun can damage some stones--fading them.

you can also bury them into the earth-or have a pot of soil that you bury your stones in for a period of time.

bury them in some dried herbs such as rose petals, sage, myrrh and other herbs.

you can smudge them with burning sage, but this smells awful-smells like pot--so think twice about this! lol!

and, lastly, you can also cleanse them by running them under your own tap water. the water should be cool, not warm or hot, as the heat can also damage your stone(s).

02-04-2010, 10:25
thank you guys for your help.
I usually put the crystals outside with water and salt or just on the full moon.
I'm still trying to connect with my new friends but there are some that i want with me all the time and it does include fluorite, i hadn't mensioned this one
But i don't know that much about crystals so my biggest doubt is if there are some that cancel others

05-04-2010, 04:13
Be careful when using salt and water with some crystals.

Salt, even the fine type, can actually scratch the soft type of crystals (they're not all has hard as they appear).

Water can also dissolve some type of crystals too. I know off the top of my head that selenite is one.