View Full Version : Crystals for communicating with animals

13-04-2010, 15:48

I've started taking my interest in crystals a bit further and bought a mineral guide by H Pough and some crystals, quartz, yellow-tea Tiger Eye and the like, and am studying/identifying them myself.

I've also started a part time at the pet groomers(as a trainee). Place is a bit far from home but it is the only interesting job at the classifieds. I've helped groomed Poodles and Golden Retrievers, the latter of which I've issues controlling, communicating with, to make them make way for people as the shop was small, and dogs jerking away suddenly while I trim their paw furs make it exceedingly dangerous. Might hurt them on accident. Also, some dogs won't stay put, and can seriously hurt themselves if they moved the wrong way out of the shaver on my hand. I understand some dogs are sensitive, but I do want to try telling them to calm down, lol.

So ... anyone got suggestions what stones to put in my pouch in my handbag? I've got a moss agate pebble in there now.

13-04-2010, 22:57
I'm not so sure crystals would help in this situation. Have you thought about trying the Bach Flower treatment, "Rescue Remedy"?