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Ana's Song
17-04-2010, 08:50
Hi everyone, just wanted to check and see if anyone has experience with jade and bad/unpleasant sensations and feelings before?

I have a monster piece of New Zealand pounamu (a green jade, either nephrite or bowenite) and it's quite cool as it is in the shape of a human heart, anatomically speaking that is. Anyway I've had this jade for a few years now but only on an ornamental basis.

I'm not a big believer in cleansing crystals after a salt water experiment many years ago gave me salt crystals in fissures of my quartzes lol. So a few nights ago I decided to give a go communicating with my jade, and I felt very pleasant vibes from the get go.

I've been sleeping with my left hand on it for the last couple of nights. I haven't had very good sleep, in fact am mildly sleep deprived at the moment! Last night I was really tired and went to sleep, but in that twilight zone before wakefulness and actually being asleep, I felt like there was a weight on my hand and there was something trying to pin me down, in fact I couldn't move my left hand at all. I struggled trying to wake up but something told me to go to sleep, and I think a little time passed and when I was conscious of rising out of the twilight zone, half of my left arm was weighted down!

I was pretty shocked and I shot fully awake and it was a bit of a struggle to knock the jade down onto the floor. After that I slept like a baby. Now the jade is sitting on the windowsill facing north getting a full day's worth of sun, next to my basil plant! (I'm in NZ so north-facing is super sunny for us, though it is autumn and therefore not very many daylight hours now.)

I think I'm back to being a crystal-cleansing believer, anyone have an explanation for what happened? Overactive imagination, or malignant energies in my jade? Hmm.

p.s. Pounamu is considered to be a taonga - treasure - by Maori. Not sure if that is relevant or not but perhaps there are some energies in this stone? It is a huge one as I mentioned, I can barely curl my fingers around it when it is in my palm and if I decked someone with it, I'm sure I could draw blood!

17-04-2010, 09:52
Hi there. :)
I don't know a hell of a lot about greenstone but I do know traditionally it is supposed to be gifted. Who knows what vibes it has hanging around it since before you acquired it so I would definitely try cleansing it.
I was given some by a Maori friend of mine from Kaikoura and she recommended cleansing it regularly. Any type of crystal or stone will take on negativity and needs to be cleansed periodically.
I usually do this by running under water and mindfully releasing any negativity to run down the drain. You can also cleanse it by leaving in the open air (sunlight and moonlight) for a minimum of 24 hours, or in extreme cases by burying it earth. Try any of these and see if it feels better.
Stones can become clogged with energy whether negative or positive and will amplify these vibes too. You could also try charging it with good intention or with however you would like it to work for you.
Hope this helps. :)

17-04-2010, 14:05
Just a suggestion (not to lessen your experience in any way, just putting this out there..) oftentimes if I'm sleeping in a specific position, or trying to keep my hand on something/away from something while sleeping, it makes for a really terrible night. I tried to cosleep with my daughter for a month, but it was the worst sleep I ever had.. I was terrified to move! So maybe unconsciously you were attempting to keep your hand on the jade throughout the night, and that was why you were sleeping poorly?

20-04-2010, 23:30
This type of Jade energy says : You may find it hard to ask for things that are close to your heart; love yourself as you love others.

So if that is being activated in your sleep - you mentioned its heart shaped - so its sort of pulling you - maybe its better 'utilised' in a meditation or when you are conscious of what it is you want. I also find this stone has a strong ;justice and welfare feeling - you know protecting and standing up for what is right..


Ana's Song
21-04-2010, 23:14
Thanks for all the comments guys. The poor jade has been in (weak-ish) autumn sunlight for three days running - I did monitor it and colour hasn't faded yet so it should be cleansed within an inch of its life!

I've been sleeping with a piece of rough rose quartz since that night and have no problems keeping it in my hand all night, I have a feeling you could be right kittiann, the rose quartz is probably a quarter the size of my jade monster :)

I'll try meditating with the jade this weekend and next time I need a cleanse, I'll use your water method Ambrosia.

Hmm, meditating with the jade and rose quartz together could be interesting - especially since I'm not very good at maintaining concentration on nothingness!

24-04-2010, 02:06
if you find your mind is always jumping no matter how hard you try to de-focus

I read this a while ago and it worked for me.

Quiet the world around you as much as possible, try to clear your mind,
external distractions will bug you, twitches, muscle spasms, thats another training regimen altogether, ask and I'll PM you how to work that out.
once you've cleared your mind, those things that jump back into focus will return, grab the first one, identify it, and see about resolving it within your own head, if resolved, great, if not, dismiss, clear again, grab the next thing that invades your clear again and focus on it, do this until your brain has run out of things to bug you with, you'll get better at it as you go, and don't lose heart, you are making progress to clearing your mind. (like clearing out a mad cluttered closet, it takes time to get to a truly clear state of mind.)
Best quote I can think of for this practice is, as you go through the forest of buggin thoughts. "You can only walk halfway into a forest." -unknown.