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05-05-2010, 00:58
I've been getting the Hermit Tarot card for long time related to job and career, and money questions as outcome. I posted a thread in Using Tarot and some fellow memebers suggested I looked into my chart for tough Saturn positions (The Hermit - Father Time - Saturn connection) - I know very little of astrology and I'll appreciate if you can comment on these below which I found in my natal chart:

Saturn is in Leo in the 7th house
Sun square Saturn
Moon conjunction Saturn
Saturn square Uranus
Saturn trine Neptune

My question is how should I use these as relevant to my fruitless job search? Do they indicate the time as a factor because it's been two years since I was on paycheck. I'm trying to keep the ball rolling as a freelancer but it's very insecure financially. I'd appreciate any help on how Saturn (as pointed probably related to The Hermit) in these positions may be influencing my job/career trials and if this is the right way to read the chart at all. Thank you!

05-05-2010, 01:41
Saturn, why are you in my chart?

Well, everyone is stuck with him in their chart, so the question is, "how to make best use of him and to minimize any negative impacts?"

** Saturn in Leo, in the 7th house. I've seen so many Saturn in Leo placements relating to heart and back issues, its almost a classic symbol case out of some textbook when it also transits Leo (not for a long time, for you). But, what it might mean for you now, is that others may see you as (Leo) proud, authoritative, overqualified, too quick to lead, etc., and (7th house) as being to formal towards others, cautious, wanting to be overly methodical, etc.

Typical best situations for work might be something like a bank teller, one who works in a service call-center (following given procedures), insurance claims adjuster, medical secretary, etc. These situations reflect responsibility and attention to detail and avoid having to be a happy face type of person.

** Sun (conjunct Uranus) from the MC square Saturn, suggests that your unique personal style doesn't fit well with a stable-responsible image. This, then, points you to places where procedures and skills (Saturn) can be uniquely applied such as hairdressing, clothing or merchandising buyer, catalog designer, researcher for newswriters, etc.

** Moon conjunct Saturn suggests dealing with archives, historical studies or museums or collections, auction houses, working with much older or much younger women/girls, public tour guide, menu planning.

** Saturn trine Neptune is, in itself, not a pattern for vocational aptitude so much as an indicator that you may have to lead a double life, perhaps two jobs that are quite different from each other, or one job that pays the rent and the others that builds for future satisfaction.

Just some comments. Dave

05-05-2010, 02:47
Aha! Thanks, Dave. I found some things there which I truly like to do - menu planning although I would prefer the cooking and food writing. Call centres and banks are a nightmare to me though... Research I absolutely love! History too but more like travelling and travel writing about historical places. And yes, it seems two jobs and two lives will be necessary.