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Le Fanu
10-05-2010, 22:16
.. is that you lose them!

I had a treasured Obsidian palm stone which I always had tucked in my breast pocket, trouser pocket or jacket pocket. I loved this stone, just rubbing its smoothness used to soothe me. Then I lost it.

A few days ago I realised I hadn't seen it for a couple of days. I looked in all the clothes I had been wearing, jacket pockets, trouser pockets etc. All I can think of is that it either fell out or went to the dry cleaners wih some shirts. So annoying. I can ask there but I doubt they'll know what I'm talking about.

I kept thinking this might happen and now it has. This must have happened to most people here too...

I can buy another one but it isn't quite the same.

Dusk Till Dawn
10-05-2010, 22:35
I found that if you are not supposed to have it, you will either loose it, or it cracks. When that happens, you should use another stone. I had a Stone fall from a necklace with no reason twice, I had bought it again, loved the colors, and the same exact thing happened, it falls right of my Neck and cracks on the floor.

11-05-2010, 01:34
I found that if you are not supposed to have it, you will either loose it, or it cracks. When that happens, you should use another stone. I had a Stone fall from a necklace with no reason twice, I had bought it again, loved the colors, and the same exact thing happened, it falls right of my Neck and cracks on the floor.

Well that makes me feel better! It was meant to be!:)

Le Fanu
11-05-2010, 08:55
But I loved it so much! It was like a little scrying stone, which used to bring me such comfort. I find it hard to believe I am meant to be without it now! Maybe I'm not in need of grounding right now...

11-05-2010, 23:49
I hope in time it finds its way back to you.:)

12-05-2010, 00:48
Oh, I'm sorry! I know how I'd feel. Well, how I have felt when I lost one. I have a little onyx palm stone & it's like a little scrying mirror too, oval, convex on both sides, it's lovely. I'm glad I'm not the only one carrying rocks around in my pockets.

Le Fanu
12-05-2010, 01:07
I may end up ordering another one (I think I got it from the Holistic Shop)...

12-05-2010, 01:11
Maybe the faries took it? I'm not kidding! Some of my stones go missing all the time, especially the heliotropes and my alabaster palm stone ... and then they show up in their original place. Haven't found any explanation for the phenomenon yet.

Look again in all the places where you've already looked!

12-05-2010, 05:03
I started a thread that said minor exercise for seers, you may wish to start one too. I lost the first tarot (well, technically a rune bag) and I KNEW it had to be somewhere in the house. I put the question out there, described the bag, and got answers that helped me narrow down my search and consider places that I hadn't considered and even seemed unlikely.

Just maybe our gifted folk here might be able to help you as well?

I hope you find it!


Le Fanu
12-05-2010, 08:40
Look again in all the places where you've already looked!I did this morning. It's funny because there are really only half a dozen places it can be. Checked all shirt pockets, trouser pockets, bag, jacket pockets, even the floor/under cushions of chairs I throw clothes! Even checked inside the washing machine as it could have been in the pocket of something I washed on Saturday! Infuriating!

For the time being I shall have to walk around with my hematite stone until it turns up...

I reckon it is going to just reappear one day when I least expect it.

Le Fanu
14-05-2010, 19:31
OK, gave in. Bought another one. It arrived this morning. I will have obsidian on my person. But as ever with these things, it is never quite the same as the first beloved one.

This one doen't seem quite as black :(

Oh and while I was at it, ordered 3 spreadclothes }). Just to cushion the obsidian's journey. Honestly.

15-05-2010, 04:18
Glad a new one is on it's way to you. May I ask why obsidian is such a favorite for you to carry? I am getting to the know the stones a bit better, but it's always nice to find out why someone personally likes a particular stone. I hope you share pix when you get the stone and your cloths!


Le Fanu
15-05-2010, 20:48
Why obsidian?

I don't know. I have a thing about black stones; obsidian, onyx, tektite, tourmaline. I love them all. There's the grounding thing (which is always good to have) but also at work; for propping up my energies, keeping negative energies at bay. This one is a smooth palmstone for just holding onto... and it is so polished, hardly looks like a stone. From a distance it could be mistaken for a bit of plastic, which means I can idly fondle it and no-one really knows that it is a stone!

The one I bought is this (http://www.holisticshop.co.uk/products/black-obsidian-palmstone) one.

I like to have 4 black stones, onyx, tourmaline, morion and a tektite meteorite, one in each corner of my spreadcloth!

16-05-2010, 01:21
I see why you like it so much. I love the glossy blackness and the smoothness of it. I also love black, well, just about anything, including black stones. I was curious about your fondness for that particular black stone. Now I understand why! I had never seen a tablet palm stone before, only the round ones. Thank you so much for sharing.

May your weekend be superb!


21-09-2010, 08:50
I carry stones around when I go to work - to shield myself from negativity and evil people. I've only lost 2 stones which isn't bad considering how many I carry around sometimes. My mom thinks I'm crazy that I do this but I don't care what she thinks..

My problem is that my pouches always lose their tie because I carry so many crystals...

Le Fanu
22-09-2010, 08:20
That reminds me. I had a wonderful huge onyx on my desk (not one I carried around with me, admittedly) and I noticed last month that it had totally vanished. No sign of it and no sign of who might have taken it.

I'm so annoyed, it was my companion on my desk for grounding against evil work vibes! And now it has vanished, grrrrrrrr!

So you can lose stones without even carrying them around!

05-11-2010, 06:01
Maybe the faries took it? I'm not kidding! Some of my stones go missing all the time, especially the heliotropes and my alabaster palm stone ... and then they show up in their original place. Haven't found any explanation for the phenomenon yet.

Look again in all the places where you've already looked!

I found this to be very true indeed, the fairies on occasions have taken crystals from me, and most of the time it tends to be rose quartz and they always end up in the garden in plain sight. (Mind you my husband is convinced they also take his socks :D ) I also had a similar experience with a lil' angel trinket, hadn't seen it for months and then it ended up in one of my shoes. So you never know where they will turn up.

05-11-2010, 07:40
Perhaps the original stone just needs a rest. We clear icky energy through our stones, and maybe it has been protective of you for a while, and needs a little rest in the earth or something. You might find it again... maybe the Universe just thinks its time for you to work with a gentler energy... and that's why your new one is paler... dark obsidian is very masculine... :)

I use my pendulum to find lost things sometimes, and that can be very successful... :) Glad you have a new friend, anyway. :)

Just a thought, or two, of course :)

19-05-2011, 10:08
If your stone went missing from work, maybe the universe is going to give you an even better crystal as a replacement. One that you really need. Every cloud has a silver lining. Ask the cosmos for a replacement, your wish may come true.

22-05-2011, 08:38
I agree with losing something you aren't meant to have anymore or those things that you are surprised to always find that you constantly lose that are small....you are suppose to have those.
I had a necklace that I bought, it had a special meaning. The charm kept falling off, but I somehow always found it or my attention as drawn to it right when it fell off. I don't know where the charm is now(it is somewhere in the house.... I think) , it got too worn out. But the meaning behind it? It was very symbolic of me to not know where it is now after certain events occurred.

27-06-2011, 04:26
I have carried my quartz around for 13 years. Miss-placed it many times and it turns up. Then a month ago husband and i went for a long drive all over North Highland Scotland. Stopped for walk and then drove to neerest town - 30 miles away for dinner. Realised through dinner my crystal was gone - panic set in, i was devastated as i have had it for so long it was a part of me. As i knew sort of where i dropped it i made husband drive 30 miles back - to the spot - which took us further away from home like 90 miles. It was getting dark and i was upset. I put the thought out to the universe for my crystal to shine bright in the bracken and undergrowth and guide me back to it - if it wanted to be found! As i knew that maybe our time together may be naturally ending, but i needed to look, needed to check and be sure. I felt as though i had lost my puppy in the forest. Anyway - got back to the spot i thought, middle of knowwhere, in the wilderness. Husband used his torch on his phone as was getting really dark. And low and behold about 2 inches benieth the moss was a glint of light. He found it.

I felt that if it was ment to be lost, there would be a reason - ment to go back into the earth, for someone else or i needed to learn a lesson about loss.

But when i found it i felt there was a reason. To be guided to my current path of study. I have always collected crystals and gem stone and regular everyday pebbles, but never knew about their power or the way they work, and can heal. Now i am learning so much more about healing with crystals.

So yes there is a danger of the loss of a precious crystal or stone, but if its ment to be with you it will be found or re-appear. I love carrying my crystal around i just have to be more carefull in future. I slip mine into my bra, it never moves. x

03-07-2011, 23:52
Aw, I really feel for those of you who have lost your crystals! I have not lost one...yet, but I can imagine the sinking feeling. Funny how we bond with our crystals and how they become such friends. They are so soothing, particularly the ones we wear or carry regularly, I've come to view some of my pieces are extensions of myself.

For whatever reason they are meant to move on, leave us, so sad! I hope you find a new favorite Le Fanu! How big was the one you lost?

Le Fanu
04-07-2011, 01:22
It was a palm stone, a gently rounded smallish oblong one. I never did find it. I still have the replacement, but after losing the first one I find that I leave the replacement at home, for fear of losing that one, which rather defeats the object. I like to have obsidian with me at all times. Especially at work.

Magstardustblack, what an amazing story!

04-07-2011, 02:38
Yes... there is a problem with carrying stones around. I have a clear crystal that I have carried around since 1999, that I lost, but it found its way back to me. This crystal is a pointed clear piece, perfect to fit in hand and rub my thumb over a part that is very smooth. If you can say a stone fits..this one fits! Lol....It became special when my father was ill and living in my home...when time came we had hospice come to help with making him comfortable. Anyway, this stone stayed with me all through his illness in my pocket so I could rub and feel its soothing gentleness...When he passed somehow I felt this stone had 'captured' a part of him. (silly, I know). So this stone became my crossing over stone, so to speak.

Six months after my father's passing my stepdad became ill with cancer...same thing brought home to be on hospice...the stone became my constant strength again! So, it 'captured' a part of him too. Then for some reason my stone disappeared, it made me so distressed and worried...as time went on still had not located it.

Then my mother became ill with brain cancer and hopspice came again...I looked and tore up my home to find this stone.....I found it!! So now I had this to help me through another passing...as you can see this stone is so special to me...now I keep it in a medicine bag in my jewelry box...I take it out every now and then just to touch and feel the soothing energies it has. Stones can become a part of one's life, like a member of family.....thought I would share, thanks for listening...

04-07-2011, 05:39
I think you should take your replacement out with you, don'y be affraid :.) I think your new replacement crystal deserves that - to be a part of your life a little companian. I would love for you to have that bond again, that comfort, and connection. Go on be brave.

Love and Light.

enchanted spirit
21-07-2011, 00:40
Oh my . . . I am SO glad that I am not the only one who carries rocks around with me! :D I've thought it was a bit strange, but it makes me feel so good that I can't stop. Usually I carry obsidian as well, I used to carry hematite but I like the obsidian better. I have several pieces, one is my favorite and the rest are for back ups so if one goes missing I still have one. I have lost many of them . . . usually they turn back up but not always. I have a cat who will carry them off she finds them around the house. LOL I usually just go into a rock shop and buy them, they aren't very expensive. I also have a goldstone carved into a bear that I usually keep in my purse. Sometimes I will pick up another stone on a whim, just because it feels right to take it with me that day. It is strange how "off" I feel if I leave the house without a stone or 2 . . . it's like forgetting my cell phone or something. :P

21-07-2011, 01:42
I've lost way too many to keep track of. I'm sure, in part, that my ex had something to do with the loss of most of my crystal rings (including a beautiful amber rind that was open in the back so the stone rested on my skin)- they all went missing after we moved in together. I also managed to lose a natural cross kunzite pendant I had wire wrapped- that made me cry because is was so lovely. I've given many away too so I figure the energy went to where it is needed...

06-09-2011, 16:37
I loveobsidian so much for some reason , its even worse when it breaks , when it falls and you see it and try to grab it but fail and you see it touch the ground and hear it crack and... u.u rest in peace pendulio , rest in peace


06-09-2011, 18:18
maybe someone needed it terribly?

I still have a small lump of haemetite that I found by the road as a child. At the time life was pretty barren - parents constantly warring and being teased at school - and that small rock was something magical to me. How could a stone be so shiny? I thought it was from space. To this day when I look at it I am transported to that place, the red dirt and yellow grass and the glint of sunlight.

Perhaps that lost obsidian, those lost crysals, are bringing a little gleam of peace or magic to someone right now.

(edited to add: Le Fanu, I must have skimmed your post the first time I read this thread... how interesting that it was haematite that you lost! I should read more about the significance of stones. As I've mentioned before, I'm not actually all that superstitious most of the time, I just feel an affection with this stone, I don't know why.)

06-09-2011, 19:35
as i think many have already said, its likely it was lost for a reason, and it might come back to you at a later date, it might be that it was time to break the link and perhaps go to a new home who needed the crystal more:-)
also sometimes rituals need to be broken, ends make way for new beginnings.

I carry various crystals round with me at various times, like tarot decks these all change depending on my mood. the only crystal i seem to have round constantly is my pendulum and even that its likely to change soon