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18-05-2010, 08:24
Hi all,

I have a very important interview coming up next week regarding a much sought-after college course. The competition will be fierce, so I really need to be on my best for the interview (there will be about 100 of us competing for 17 places!). Well, I'm incredibly nervous. In general, I tend to get quite nervous over interviews, but this time I'm worse as I really, really want to do well and hopefully be accepted for a place in September.

Anyone have any suggestions of crystals that would be good to calm nerves/help me shine during the interview?

For some reason, I keep thinking 'Tiger's Eye' but I'm not sure. I better go consult my crystal bible :)

Thank you!

28-05-2010, 23:37
Oh am I too late? How did you go?
I think in 2010 the year of the golden tiger - tiger eye is perfect for many big events...

Aventurine promotes self confidence and good fortune and ia good transition crystal into work

If the job is more along the lines of a vocation Magnetite, Shells or Glass can help too.


30-05-2010, 00:56
Amazonite is another good one. Good for communication and public speaking -- in case you need to do any kind of presentation for your interview! . Hope you got on OK!

30-05-2010, 02:26
I literally covered myself in Tiger's Eye and it worked! haha :)

I got in :D

30-05-2010, 15:23
I hope this new endevour is all you hope it will be and more
that you are rewarded financially and spiritually