View Full Version : birth planets reoccurring around one's birthday

22-05-2010, 16:34
Is this possible that at any point during one's lifetime the planets (some of them) that you were born in would come back around the time of one's birth.

For instance, this past week my birthday 5/16 Sun in Taurus, but in the same week the Moon was in my birth moon of Leo and my Venus moved into Cancer. It proved to be a very *interesting* week.

I'm guessing this is a rare occurrence, but curious to know if birth planets can come around again during the date of birth?

22-05-2010, 22:25
Cycles are what astrology is all about. We can see "cycles" as circular movement or as a spiral or as a sine-wave. What we deal with astrologically is many cycles happening all at once. And, as Mercury and Venus always stay close to the Sun because they are "interior planets" relative to us, it is more likely that they will be at/near their birth position when our birthday comes around. This may happen every few years but is seemingly random.

Since Mars completes its cycle every two years, Mars may also be near its birth position sometimes. Periods like this just emphasize the meaning of those planets in your life in terms of how you express them. Dave

24-05-2010, 17:32
thank you Dave.
your explanation makes sense :)