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25-05-2010, 07:09
I emailed Minderwiz regarding this topic as it has been brought to my
attention that such a thread has been already been posted.

Being that I hadn't seen these past threads, I thought to post a thread to see
how a tarot practitioner approaches astrology when using the tarot.
I'm soon to be exploring the Thoth deck for the first time using the elements
of astrology.

I've been using astrology more with the tarot in the last 2 years and feel
like it's time to delve into it a bit further.

Here's a link I came across that shows tarot and astrology relations. http://supertarot.co.uk/astrology/attributions.htm

I've come across another similar chart but it shows the relationship with some of the tarot cards and astrology to be different.

any thoughts?? ~A~

25-05-2010, 09:08
"I thought to post a thread to see how a tarot practitioner approaches astrology when using the tarot."

I come at it the other way around, an Astrologer who uses Tarot. While I know of the cross-ties you noted in the linked-chart, I've never used them since the early 1970's when I discovered both Astrology and the Tarot. For me, the two methods are entirely separate in their construction, concepts, components and uses. Both seek to enlighten following different paths, using different methods, and providing similar answers in different ways. On my blog-site I often give combined Astro-Tarot readings, a minimal type of reading involving Sun, Moon, angles, and major transits for the astro chart and a three card reading -- both in response to a specific question. It is always interesting to see how the two methods interact and provide the required answers.

However, in no way do I mix one practice into the other. Two methods, two approaches, two different systems. I see the "similarities" and "tie-ins" that others refer to as cultural overlapping influences. My view. Dave

25-05-2010, 10:50
Hi Atcandela :)

Firstly I will say that I had a quick look at the link you gave and I have to say that to me it makes the attributions seem a lot more complicated than they need to be. In the first post of this thread (http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=36832) rachelcat has attached a table that is much clearer, in my opinion. Anyway, both links effectively use the Golden Dawn associations which underpin the meanings of almost all modern decks and most definitely the Thoth deck.

When I first 'discovered' tarot I already had a working knowledge of astrology. As a result I have always used astrology in my interpretations. Initially it was just with the court cards as by associating them with zodiac signs they then had an instant personality as well as an area of life with which they were associated. It was only later I discovered the Golden Dawn attributions to the Majors (which I have to be honest don't really work for me). When I began working with the Thoth deck then I really explored the Golden Dawn system and incorporated astrology into my interpretations of the minors.

I think Dave is right though. The two are distinct systems. Just because I use Astrology to enrich my understanding of the cards, doesn't mean I'm actually doing anything astrological when I do a tarot reading. Ultimately I think Astrology is more useful than tarot in almost all instances. Just my opinion.

After spending time with the Golden Dawn system I also spent considerable time working with historical decks. Over time I developed my own system of astrological attributions for the cards. For me it just adds another layer of meaning. Personally, I can't use tarot without astrology. Only recently I have come to the realisation that my work with tarot has always been about astrology and mythology. I'm now wondering if perhaps I should just focus my time on both those things.

Anyway, I'm rambling on here. I guess what I'm trying to say is that for over ten years I have effectively used astrology to enrich my understanding of tarot. But ultimately if you want to learn more about astrology then at some point you need to take it on its own terms. I do believe that the Thoth is the best deck to work with if you want to explore the Golden Dawn system. Although it is a frustrating and imperfect system, it's the most rigorous and possibly the most rewarding one to explore. One thing to remember though is that with the minors the GD system uses not only astrology but also Qabalah to derive the meanings.

I'd recommend the book 'The Chicken Qabalah' by DuQuette if you want to get a quick overview of Qabalah that won't put you to sleep. Also 'Mystical Origins of the Tarot' by Paul Huson is a great book for putting together the many layers of meaning.

Best wishes.

26-05-2010, 13:15

First off, Thank you for "rachelcat's" link and your feedback of the Thoth
deck in astrological terms.

I do agree with you about the use of astrology as a means "to enrich my
understanding of the cards". I always felt the draw to merge astrology with
my readings as I felt it could further delve in to more detail into interpretating
readings, etc..

Rachelcat's links are similar to what I had seen on the super tarot
site. But also see that some of the astrological attributes do vary.
I don't want to get TOO overwhelmed with the different perspectives
in this. It's just best to attune to what I feel how all of these attribute work best in my readings.

I know once I get the Thoth deck, this will be a different direction, of sorts,
for me. Instinctually I will self direct myself in this whole process.

In regards to delving more in with Astrology.. this I take with a grain of salt.

I most definitely have my homework cut out for me!
Now to peruse through these links...

in spirit.. ~A~