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28-05-2010, 13:48
Hi guys, as Uranus entered Aries, I checked my natal chart to see where it was when I was born. It says Uranus in Scorpio, Uranus in 9th house. Yet, where the houses are listed it says Scorpio is my Midheaven, aka 10th house. Is this possible? I'm trying to figure out what my Uranus means and how it affects my life. Thank you. :)

28-05-2010, 16:05
Hi there. I know the answer to your question and my challenge is now going to be to try and explain it so it makes sense. :) If your chart is done using a house system such as Placidus (which most are) then the zodiac signs are not perfectly aligned to each house. So, for example, the MC might be at 15 degrees Scorpio which means that the 10th house begins at 15 degrees Scorpio (half way through the sign) and also includes the beginning of Sagittarius. Therefore, if Uranus was at say 3 degrees Scorpio it would be in the 9th House. Does that make sense? A different system of houses called the 'Whole Sign House' system does match each house with a full sign of the zodiac, but that's a whole different story. As to what Uranus means in Scorpio and in the 9th House, I'll have to leave that to someone else. But definitely it is possilbe to have Uranus in Scorpio, in the 9th House and also have a Scorpio MC. In fact, with the Placius (and similar) house systems it's even possible to have the same sign on two consecutive house cusps. But again, that's another story. I hope that has helped a bit.

28-05-2010, 23:59
Sounds a good explanation to me, sapienza

The usual mode of interpretation for a modern Astrologer is a combination of planet, sign and house meanings. In this case Uranus would present a problem to me, as a traditional Astrologer, because it has no essential dignities, so I could not use the sign placement. Modern Astrologers would try to blend their understanding of Scorpio with their understanding of Uranus and I'll leave that to one of them, though I have read some modern Astrologers who argue that for the outers, sign placement is not important.

The ninth rules a variety of things, including:

long journeys
Foreign countries
Further and higher education, books and learning), students and study
Religion and religious men or clergy, desire to merge with something greater
Dreams and visions
Astrology, divination, mysticism, philosophy,
The law.

Uranus is seen as 'revolutionary', 'eccentric', 'odd', 'original', 'quirky', etc.

So blend planet with house to get its symbolism. And remember, even if you use the outers, it's of secondary importance - it gains in importance if it's in close aspect with one of the traditional planets (better still one from Mars in) or the MC or ASC. It will also gain if it supports traiits or characteristics identified through the traditional planets.

29-05-2010, 00:32
Ah, thanks so much guys! I'm trying to learn a bit astrology and studying my chart when major planets make movements and I hear about them, so I can hopefully relate one to the other and learn. :)

Yes, the chart says it's Placidus. I got it now! It's true the houses are not equally long/short, they are all mixed size and signs rule more than one, it's visible on the chart. Thanks to both of you!

My Uranus is accompanied by my Sun there - in Scorpio in the 9th. They are super close to each other and the chart says conjunct (it actually says I may turn out either a genius or a total freak!) :laugh:. Mercury is right on the borderline 8/9 house, I don't know if this counts. Mars is in Cancer in the 6th house. How do I change the Uranus meanings or rather how do I apply now the conjunct Sun, the neighbor Mercury and does Mars in cancer then make it softer?

Thanks a lot for the help!