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16-05-2003, 22:58
I would be very grateful if someone would help me in identifying some stones I have collected over the years. I've attached a fairly good picture, however the milky stones appear slightly browner in the picture then they actually are.

I think I have identified #3 as Sodalite, which makes sense since I remember buying a piece a long time ago. :)

#4, 5, and 6 may be the same type of stone. They were a gift from my mom, and may have been collected in Ontario.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

16-05-2003, 23:32
I'll take a guess.

1 & 7 may be diff forms of Jasper
4, 5 , 6 may be moonstone
2 may be rhodonite
8 hmm if it were bluer I might have guessed at Blue Lace Agate

Like I said, just guessing :P ;)

17-05-2003, 00:34
My guesses:
1. no idea
2. Rhodonite - maybe rose quarrtz if more crystalline than photo suggests.
3. Sodalite
4. 5. and 6. Soapstone or Aventurine
7. A banded agate? Botswanan agate maybe
8. Black Moss Agate [of that I'm pretty certain]

17-05-2003, 08:04
hard to say with the photo, there are characteristics I cannot see
1. banded agate
2. rhodochrosite~ simular to rhodonite has grey striping in it.
3. does this stone have white in it? then it is sodalite, but to me it looks like it could be blue tiger's eye.
4,5,6 some sort of agate
7. might be petrified wood
8,9 Moss agate

17-05-2003, 11:23
I'm fairly new to crystals and gems so I am not an expert. I have been identifying my own stones and looking in lots of books. Hope this helps some:

1. definately an agate - it looks exactly like my fire agate
2. definately rhodochrosite
3. could be sodalite if it has white in it, could be blue tiger eye, or it could be lapis lazuli
4. could be moonstone, could be agate
5. could be agate
6. could be agate
7. could be sugilite if it has purple tints in it
8. looks like moss agate to me
9. also looks like moss agate

17-05-2003, 12:18
Thank you very much for all your help. I've done a little more research based on what everyone has suggested, and here are my conclusions:

1) banded agate (I'm pretty sure on this one now)

2) I'm leaning towards rhodonite because my stone has green spots in it.

3) Sodalite (it does have white in it)

4) Could be moonstone, it's much more translucent then 5 and 6, and resembles my known piece of moonstone

5 & 6) probably agate, but there is no real striping in it, just slight changes in colour that shade into each other

7) looks like a banded agate again

8 & 9) most likely black moss agate

I have a larger picture posted here:

17-05-2003, 20:27
if these green spots are olive in color, then this could be Ukinite (sp?).Generally ukinite is 50/50 pink/olive, irregular spotting.
not all agates have banding or color changes, they can be milky white (your moonstone could still be agate) does the stone have a rainbow effect? In the current market, the stone called moonstone is actually Feldspar, also comes in a dark version. True Moonstone (which is in the feldspar family) is a soft translucent white.