View Full Version : My Private message section isn't working well

16-05-2003, 23:25

When I go to private msg. it says I have 64 messages and when I open it only about 10 show..

Next, I set up a 3rd folder and tried to move some of the messages into it..and it's not working.

Is there anyone who knows how to fix this???


16-05-2003, 23:47
Have you checked the Show Messages From option? Maybe it's set to "last 10 days" or something, so you only get to see the messages from the last 10 days. If you set it to "the beginning" you will see all your messages.

As for moving the messages: what exactly did you do and what happened?

17-05-2003, 00:08

I did try to go back to like 75 days, the begining..and still only a small number of posts showed.

I was trying to set up a folder for addresses. I love to trade, tend to trade with a lot of the same people and was hoping to have addresses saved so I wouldnt have to keep asking..

Oh Well, Maybe I should break down and just buy a notebook..lol


17-05-2003, 00:09
The "missing" messages or not in some other folder or in your Outbox?

17-05-2003, 00:51
"The "missing" messages or not in some other folder or in your Outbox?"

Nope..Thanks for trying though...

I think I'll just start a note book. These days I can't remember my own name, a notebook might just do me good here and in my everyday life.