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20-05-2003, 01:33
I mentioned this to Diana, but i thought i would open it for discussion amongst the grand fellowship here.

How about a forum that covers topics such as Writing, Art, Music? we have touched on such topics in threads and it is very apparent that many of us have multiple gifts in creativity.

The forum would be a place for us to support each other in our creative endeavors. i don't know about you, but I love support. The threads would naturally feed off of our discoveries in our tarot readings and might better help us to understand what the cards are saying to us, specifically in reference to our creativity.

So whud ya think? Would you, my fellow aeclectic pals, like to see such a forum?

20-05-2003, 01:49
Good idea Skytwig, I`d love to see a forum dedicated to creativity, it may give me the kick up the bum I usually need to get me going with creative projects.

Love and light

Crystalmynx xx

21-05-2003, 05:40
crystalmynx, great, hope we can get it going.....

I know this nifty place in the Universe is 'fat' with creative minds....

OK, fellow writers and artists, do you think a forum section on the arts would be helpful to you?

Would you visit the forum?

What topics would you like to discuss?

How can we inspire and help each other?

Writing, art, poetry, music, sculpture, successes, failures, blocks to creativity, experiences, ideas for getting the juices going, how Tarot helps you......

Is this something you want to add to Aeclectic?

21-05-2003, 08:56
Skytwig, is it coincidence your having this idea? or is it an off-shoot from the writer's block discussion we were having? I like the idea of a creativity forum much better than a forum geared particularly to writing.

21-05-2003, 11:53
It's inspiration, firemaiden, from the writer's block thread and the 'dealing with illness' thread that Moongold opened. I have also noticed that many people here have a lot of talents and these two threads really touched on 'creativity' issues.

For me, personally, Tarot and Sprituality are directly tied into my creativity. I thought it might be something others would enjoy as much as i, so i thought I'd ask and find out.

Creativity is such an individual and wondrous form of who we are. It seemed appropriate to have a space for us to dive into chats about it.....

Thanks for responding, firemaiden.... :)

22-05-2003, 02:37
I Love the idea Skytwig, but I fear it would become rather too 'high minded' and scholarly, losing it's appeal quite quickly for me :(
LOL, How about making it like a crossword, with the coffee time version or the cryptic version, LOL


22-05-2003, 22:49
getting a bit 'off topic' isn't it? I mean this is an all things *tarot* site, and there's already a spirituality and general forum.
I just think the focus should not be spread too thinly over many topics.


24-05-2003, 05:54
I must admit that I think allibee and Persha have a point. It seems a very interestsing idea but I'm not quite sure how you identify creativity as separate from the object of creation - which for many of us is Tarot related or related to one of the other forums already up and running.

If you mean off topic writing or other media creation it is likely to become a 'media studies' forum in order to sustain itself. If I'm misunderstanding the idea please set me in the right direction.

24-05-2003, 06:53
Perhaps Creativity and Spirituality can both go under the rubrick of Spirituality, however, or perhaps we could have a heading: Using Tarot to unblock Creativity.

24-05-2003, 11:19
"Creativity" is such a broad term -- it applies to writing, graphic arts, dance, crafts, music, cooking, design, to everything we do that engages our hearts and minds. To me, the term implies an approach to life, rather than the forms that might take; a creativity forum would, itself, have to be splintered into many segments encompassing all of them. It seems to me that Aeclectic already accommodates and fosters the creative expressions of its members.

24-05-2003, 18:57
I don't think it would need to be splintered at all. Creativity is creativity. The issues of creativity are the same for all the art forms. We are not going to be discussing how to paint, but how to get inspired!

Major Tom
24-05-2003, 19:16
Originally posted by Astraea
[BIt seems to me that Aeclectic already accommodates and fosters the creative expressions of its members. [/B]

I could not agree more. :)

Lest we forget: these are the Aeclectic Tarot Forums.

There's plenty of room on the existing boards to discuss how we use tarot to foster our creativity.

24-05-2003, 19:36
Well then, perhaps what we need is a thread devoted to Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way in Spirituality.

25-05-2003, 10:55
It may be that this is not a viable forum here.

I am puzzled, of course, by such Forum Topics as Gemstones and Runes in a Tarot Forum......

To me, creativity seems to be an essential essence of Tarot. Is that not what the Magician implores us to delve into?

I simply thought, since many, many of us seem to have such a strong creative side, it might fit in here.

I shall, therefore, post creativity threads in the Spirituality forum. Thanks, all, for you perspectives.... :)

25-05-2003, 11:46
Hello Skytwig,

I think it was an idea that presented naturally for discussion given the thread in which it originated, and I thought about it quite a lot.

Two thoughts bubbled up. I've heard this theme in the background of many of your posts, I think - I can be creative in everything I do. It is a lovely, very refreshing way way of going about things. It helps when one simply doesn't feel like doing anything :). I know that this doesn't deal with writer's block or anything like that specifically, but it can help.

The other thought is that in Western culture we seem to categorize and analyse everything, even creativity. I am not a professional artist or writer but just as I am, starting to speak about creativity per se immediately objectifies the process and makes it harder for me to be creative.

On a personal level I am trying to stop the splitting, to reach deep within my soul, unfold and listen to what is there. If I analyse too much that becomes impossible and I get caught up in the analytical exercise rather than the spontaneous truth.

These are just very personal thoughts and there are many other views. Thank you for the idea. It helped me sort some of my own thinking out.

Many blessings ~

27-05-2003, 03:42

Please do not be downhearted at what might seem a negative response to your idea. It was something well worth suggesting and discussing. And we know it was a suggestion put forward in the hope of benefitting the community.

Your views and feelings are always most welcome, so please keep plugging away.

27-05-2003, 04:43
Skytwig, seconding Minderwiz....

Apparently it takes about 10 people or something like that to get a forum going. There would be 10 people interested, I think. Why not ask again but perhaps round your idea out a little?

Evn to start with firemaiden' idea re the Julia Cameron book would be interesting. I remember that a couple of times we've had study groups about books. Christine Jette's "Tarot Shadow Work" was one such.

There may be other ideas. Ideas have a life of their own.

27-05-2003, 06:05
i very much would like a creativity forum, too. an idea would be to have an online creativity workshop. perhaps post some of our art or writing with suggestions for improvement from the group.

another thought is to post creativity exercises then post about individual reactions to the exercise. i have lots of books with creativity exercises. for my own reasons, i'm just not a big julia cameron fan but i would be interested in using lots of different resources.

i have already discussed the idea some with solandia. she'll support the idea as long as we have a way of connecting it to tarot. writing and art deal with imagery which is used in art and writing. when we explore our creativity, we are expanding our abilities as tarotists. at least imho.

29-05-2003, 06:33
Well, coool... :laugh: I had given up on the idea, but maybe I should be a little more persistent.

I do very much feel that Creativity is the essence of Tarot, as it is the essence of life itself.

For me, personally, Creativity is the Breath of Spirit. It is so connected to Spirit that Tarot virtually demands it!

Think how life would be without it..... we would have no new ideas, no innovation, no individuality. Creative thinking is how we are so unique as a living form in the Universe. Does Tarot encourage and explore that? Very much so. Will we benefit by exploring that aspect of ourselves? i think so.

I, too, truthsayer, am not too fond of Julia Cameron's books. If i were to chose a book to study, it would be Angeles Arrien's The Tarot Handbook. She really delves into Creativity and the process of opening that up with the tool of Tarot.

she incorporates all the goodies we like here - archetypes, astrological symbols, numerology. She uses the Thoth deck, which is very much centered in the Artisitic element of Tarot.

I also like the idea of setting up exercises for writing and/or art; we could base them on Tarot, much as Khat did with his phenomenal thread exploring Story in Tarot!

I think we would be richer for it; I think the site would be richer for it; and, I think visitors would gravitate to that forum quite quickly, as poetry and art are such an integral part of Tarot.

I shall post some more thoughts on this..... thanks fellow Tarot Lovers for your encouragement. It means alot!!! :) skytwig

29-05-2003, 12:15
definitely don't give up, skytwig. i'm with you on the idea. what you described sounds very much what i had in mind. tarotists tend to be free spirits and don't like being tied down to commitments too much so. it would be important that aeclectians could participate when and if they felt thus moved.

let's discuss more ideas of how this could work and i'll approach solandia again when we have this more nailed down. i think this idea has potential if we just give it some air to breathe.

Major Tom
29-05-2003, 18:53
Originally posted by skytwig
I do very much feel that Creativity is the essence of Tarot, as it is the essence of life itself.

If i were to chose a book to study, it would be Angeles Arrien's The Tarot Handbook. She really delves into Creativity and the process of opening that up with the tool of Tarot.

Skytwig - I apologise if it seemed I did not think your idea of discussing creativity is a good one. It is. :) I'm simply not convinced we need another forum to do it.

Perhaps you'll allow me to make a practical suggestion?

Why not start a thread on the General Study Group board about Angeles Arrien's book? Perhaps start with one of her exercises... That way you'll find out the potential level of interest and participation.

I'm positive many of us could benefit from discussions about using tarot to open up our creativity.

I would certainly welcome threads discussing how to use tarot to foster creativity on Using Tarot Cards, although I've not discussed it with my co-moderators - I don't think it would be a problem. Talking Tarot would likely welcome similar threads as well. I've suggested the General Study Group board because you seem to have interest in sharing your learning from a specific book.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you don't have to wait for a board dedicated to the topic to start posting. Please do start posting on what is sure to be an informative, interesting and entertaining topic! ;)

Once you and others have posted about tarot and creativity, we can all assess the need and desirability of gathering those threads together on a board dedicated to the topic.

22-07-2003, 22:53
I'm so glad I found this thread!!! I entered the contest Solandia had for what new forums would make aeclectic interesting, and having a place for creativity was my suggestion. I disagree with Major Tom, In My Opinion, I think he may have been misunderstanding the potential for the content.

I think it would be so exciting to have a place to go to share tarot inspired poems, creative writing exercises based on a three-card draw... I even do mad libs tarot and write a story using adjectives based on the cards I draw. What if you are surfing the web and you see art that seems so obviously tarot inspired, wouldn't it be nice to have a specific place to share the link?

I have wanted to share this for such a long time, but never knew where to put it... it is not "tarot spirituality" but it inspired by tarot... Perhaps tarot games, but it is not really a game...

Where should I share this with fellow tarot lovers here on aeclectic?

(Inspired by Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot.... cards of Judgment, Sun, and Death)

Do you see that kooky guy with the big head was looking down at all his toys with a sleepy, self-satisfied smile? He's you, right now. He's good, he's bright, he's happy. One eye is bigger than the other. He doesn't need that angel over his right shoulder and he never notices the scythe-wielding skeleton behind him. And there is the problem. Perhaps some caution is in order... perhaps a modicum of concern. Sure it's hard to be concerned when everything seems to be so fine, so good, so sweet. It's hard to think of anything important at all on a lazy, saucy August afternoon when you're resting in the hammock, feeling the taught ropes rub your skin and the sweat pooling in the small of your back. But the skeleton is there. It comes from a cool, dank place, like the earth itself. Just because it is too hot to imagine, doesn't mean it isn't there. It knows the earth, the dirt... The dirt devours big and small alike, covering it over, growing new life. The dirt we all come from, the dirt we all return too. No one can be the sun forever.


I'm with you, skytwig.

Little Baron
22-07-2003, 23:27
Hi everyone

Just fell into this website -


If anything is going to get those inspirational and creative juices flowing, this might be a good option. There are quite a few spiritual artists showing their work on here.

Hope you like it