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19-06-2010, 03:52
There are lots of methods for making herbal tinctures but I just wanted to ask those of you who may well have more knowledge about this than me, the following:

When you chop up your herbs, some say put in the whole herb, some say chop roughly but I wonder about putting them briefly in a blender to chop them fine? Is there any reason not to?

Some sources say start on a new moon and drain into amber bottles at the full moon but I was under the impression that making a tincture took 6 - 8 weeks, shaking up the contents every day or so? Is it better the longer you leave it or do you get the necessary essential oils etc out in only a few weeks?

Thanks in advance. :)

19-06-2010, 17:54
but I wonder about putting them briefly in a blender to chop them fine? Is there any reason not to?

It's not unusual to macerate herbs before soaking in alcohol. I don't see that a blender would be any different than grinding the old fashioned way, except that its easier. But I'd do gentle short bursts, in case of bruising or total shredding.

I think the main thing would be to put them into the alcohol immediately after, so they don't start to bruise or degrade :)

20-06-2010, 00:09
Thanks Grigori

Is it better to leave the alchohol/herb mix for a longer, set time (say 4 to 6 weeks) or should it be less? Can you leave it to 'stew' for months or will that cause problems?


20-06-2010, 00:21
I don't know what is best for time to let steep. When I've done it I've followed directions that were different for each plant type. Generally dried plants were left for some weeks, fresh and especially juicy for some days. I think it likely that the plant component would be where any risk of spoilage would be, so imagine you get a longer shelf life if fresh plant parts are taken out once steeped long enough to get the parts you want out.

20-06-2010, 00:24
Ah-ha. That makes sense. Fresh vs dried and different types of plant etc.

Ok, so I need to do a lot more learning I think.

Thanks for that Grigory, It's all becoming clearer now. :)

20-06-2010, 00:47
Glad to help :) I have just remembered I have a listing somewhere with Hahnemann's directions for plant tinctures based on a number of categories of plant types. I'll track that down for you. He gives variations for plan types based on water content.

20-06-2010, 01:16
Another method would be to select the zodiac sign that best corresponds to the work at hand & allow the tincture to set for the entire span of that sign. This will allow for a minimum 4 week submersion.