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19-06-2010, 23:04
I've idly done two charts for the two England matches and surprisingly found them quite accurate in their predictive nature.

Both kick offs were the same time, though with different venues in South Africa, so we have similar charts (and similar outcomes :( )

I used the official FIFA listings, so in both cases England were the 'Home' team, i.e. came first in the listing. So I gave England the first and their opponents the seventh. I have since re-read John Frawley's book on Sports Astrology and he gives the first to the team that the questioner wants to win (same result in these cases but it will produce a difference when we get round to the match against Slovenia.)

My reading went as follows. England are signified by Saturn (Aquarius rising) and their opponents by the Sun. Saturn is in late Virgo, where it is peregrine and in the ninth (overseas or in 'foreign territory). Being peregrine suggests much running hither and thither but with no clear purpose or strategy.

The Sun is in Gemini and only has dignity by Face - not an awful lot better than being peregrine. Their opponents are not in much better condition so the likely outcome will be a draw - as both significators are weak, a low scoring or 0-0 draw. In the event the first match was 1-1, the second 0-0.

I was interested to see what Frawley's interpretation might be. Point number one is that such horary/event charts only seem to work if there are no other matches at that time (or at most one). Second point he makes is that essential dignity isn't that important in such charts.

His 'rules' are:

Look for the house position of the significators. If Lord 1 is just inside the seventh House then the favoured team will win (England) reverse the positioning and have Lord 7 just inside the cusp of the first and the opponents will win. 'Just inside here' means within 5 degrees and in the same sign.

If the planet is just outside the cusp (and in the same sign) then the situation is reversed. Put Lord 1 on the sixth house side of the seventh cusp and within 5 degrees and then England will win.

Neither of these situations occur here. However Frawley's system proceeds by looking at Lords 10 (for England) and 4 (for opponent) same rules apply to them and indeed can be extended to hold for all 4 planets and all 4 angles.

For the USA match Lord 10 is Venus (for England) and is positioned just outside the seventh cusp - so that's looking good but Venus is in Cancer and not Leo - so that doesn't help England.

In the second match Venus is actually just inside the Seventh cusp, in Leo so that suggests a win for Algeria.

Frawley also looks at the speed of the signifcators - if they are moving fast relative to their average speed then they are strong and likely to win. In both charts Saturn is very slow - England will not do well, and may well lose.

Frawley then considers other accidental dignities, the only relevant one here being house placement. Neither planet is strongly placed by house, nor is one weakly placed - indications of a draw.

Frawley's next test is to look at aspects. It's not the type of aspect that matters (unless it's an opposition) but the essential dignity of the planet making it. Planets in fall, detriment and/or peregrine are malefic and work against the significator aspected. Only APPLYING aspects are used (separating ones are in the past and have no effect)

In both matches Sun and Moon are applying to aspects to Saturn (England) the Sun is of course the opponents - if the Sun were very strong here we might take that as an indicator of England losing.

In the USA match the Moon is applying to a square and as it's peregrine we might well take that as a malefic aspect. In the Algeria match it's applying to a conjunction and it has triplicity rulership so that seems to favour England BUT the Moon will first square the Sun - testimony in favour of the opponents.

Frawley's last test relates to the antiscion of the Part of Fortune (always calculated using the 'by day' formula). The test looking at whether that antiscion falls in an angle. In the first or tenth it favours England in the Seventh or fourth the opponents, elsewhere a draw

In the USA match it's in Saggitarius (a draw) but in the Algeria match it falls at 20 degrees Aquarius - it's in the first house!! However it's right at the end of the first, greatly weakening the testimony in favour of England.

For Frawley you make a note of the testimonies for and against each side winning and the balance gives the result (but it needs to be quite a clear balance). Here it looks like we are back to a forecast of a draw for the USA match and a possible surprise win for Algeria in the second match - or at least the best of the play.

What I'm going to do is to see how Frawley's method works for the last England match, next Wednesday. I'll post the forecast (both his and mine) and we'll see if it holds up for the actual match.

20-06-2010, 14:44
THANK YOU Minderwiz intersting insights (as always)!

Im enjoying the soccer... but not so much being Australian - we have something going on with ref decisions not going our way - with one more shot - a LONG shot to get to the next round...

PS I looked at your charts and it still says 0 views..

23-06-2010, 05:30
Or is it England v Slovenia?

The World Cup fixture list puts the fixture as Slovenia v England but Frawley and virtually all other Horary Astrologers would give the first House to the team that the querent/Astrologer supports. For me that would give England the first House.

I'll keep to that convention to avoid too much confusion.

With Sagittarius rising, England are signified by Jupiter in the fifth House. Good Essential dignity, Jupiter is in its own Terms and has a mutual reception with the Sun by Exaltation. The fifth House is not the best position but not the worst either, it's neutrally placed.

Slovenia are signified by Mercury, In Gemini in the Seventh House. Mercury has dignity as sign ruler and is also well placed in the seventh. That gives it better shape. It's also fast, whereas Jupiter is about par for the course. That so far gives the advantage heavily to Slovenia. A factor favouring England is that Mercury is combust (Frawley wouldn't accept that as the Sun is now in Cancer, but I think that sign boundaries don't count for combustion, it's proximity (within 8.5 degrees of the Sun). Even Frawley though would say it was under the beams - still very difficult to catch a glimpse of and therefore outshone by the opposition. Over those factors, we're still slightly in favour of Slovenia - England may flatter to deceive.

So a draw, or possible England narrow win (Slovenia play above themselves but are finally beaten)/

What differences, if any come from Frawley's methods. Well the Sun (Lord 10) is in the Seventh but before we give victory to Slovenia, we should note that it's in Cancer, the sign change takes away the control of the match from Slovenia. Lord 4. Saturn does not threaten England being in the eleventh.

In terms of aspects Lord 4 is in an opposition to Lord 1 but it's a separating opposition so it does not threaten for the match. There are no other applying relevant aspects.

Frawley's other criterion is the antiscion of the Part of Fortune, this is positioned in 19 degrees of Leo. If it were in a greater degree than the MC, it would favour England but as it is, it's well into the ninth.

Overall it looks like a tight game, with neither side the clear dominant. England may win, as they are in better shape than in the previous two matches - but don't expect a major transformation.