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30-06-2010, 13:07
I learnt astrology couple of years ago.
It was a short time course of 3 days as i got confused i decided to learn from another tutor the course was of 5 days.
they taught basic chart making, planetary placements, dasha etc .

After that for a longtime i tried to learn on my own depending on books and internet.

But i got more and more confused and everything went blank.

I read somewhere that to be a astrologer the mercury and jupiter should be well placed in the chart. Since astrology involves lot of mathematical calculations and logic.

In my chart moon is with south node in the sign of pisces 4th house i have good enough combinations to be a tarot reader that is intution is there because of moon's placement in water sign. But my mercury is weak its placed with saturn, mars, venus in the 9th house and 9th house lord is in 8th house.

So basically i do not have combination to master astrology....but i had destiny to learn it.

30-06-2010, 14:12
There are all kinds or types of people. There are many kinds or types of astrologers. Who can really say you can or that you can't study and practice astrology.

I know of people who can calculate any form of chart, compare Right Ascension and Declination values with star positions --- they are whiz's at mathematics. Not all of them can tell you about your chart in a way that will help you solve a problem.

I know of others who can't calculate a chart by hand, and who have a hard time calculating some types of charts when using a computer. Yet, they can read a chart and help people with those readings.

Some specialize in one form of astrology, others in different practices of astrology.

What I do know about you, about me, about everyone is that we should not set limits for ourselves or accept limits suggested by others. I certainly would not interpret a few factors in a chart as meaning that I can't be an astrologer. Especially if I am an early-studies student of astrology. If you want to learn astrology and be an astrologer, then do so. YOU ACHIEVE AND BECOME WHAT YOU INTEND TO BECOME. Thats the best advice I can offer. Dave

30-06-2010, 15:48
I learnt astrology because i had a inner call to learn it. I dont want to be a astrologer.
I am quite happy if i can master tarot.

30-06-2010, 19:29
As Dave says there are many varieties of Astrology, and being good at calculating a chart does not mean that you are good at reading it, or vice versa.

Mercury is indeed the traditional ruler of Astrology, though many of today's Astrologers would opt for Uranus (which is quite appropriate for many branches). Mercury is also the traditional planet of the rational mind but again, as Dave says you should not take one feature in total isolation.

The only information you've given is that Mercury is in the ninth with Mars, Saturn and Venus and Lord 9 is in the eighth. Working backwards, being in the eighth is not the end of the world. Yes, it's an accidental debility - but not a major one - in the scoring system used to help new students learn the art, it scored -2. As there are many other accidental and essential dignities, it might still be highly dignified - the learning system involved scoring every one of them and finding the overall balance.

Taking Mercury, the same applies - the ninth scores +2, not brilliant but not bad. Mercury could be strong, even if it's in the same house as Saturn and Mars, though a conjunction or besiegement (sandwiched between the two) would weaken it. A conjunction with Venus would strengthen it. My point here is that you can't dismiss Mercury on the basis of the information that you provide. A ninth house Mercury could function very well as one of the factors contributing to your Astrological skills.

Whilst I wouldn't go as far as Dave, in saying that you can be anything you want to be (I want to be an astronaut but I'd fail the medical) there's nothing to stop you being a competent Astrologer, even if your chart says that you won't be a great one. Life is not either glorious success or abject failure, much of it lies around the average and the competent.

One final point - being great at Astrology is not a requirement for enjoying it! I love Astrology and practicing it, even though I know that the best I'll be is competent. I loved to play tennis, even though I was awful - doing things for enjoyment makes life better.

01-07-2010, 02:22
i agree with you minderwiz.

I learnt all these subjects because i enjoy it and even i believe its not possible to be anything that you want to be.

I wanted to be a airhostess but could never clear the interview sessions...so what i wanted to be and what i became was finally in hands of destiny.

I was told quite early by a seer that i would have 3 careers and the final career which i will choose would be the one which will survive and last till the end.

And over span of years it turned out to be true circumstances and situations made me change my careers often.

Also i have North Node and Pluto in 10th house of career so I had a roller coaster ride with my career a true nightmare.