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25-05-2003, 08:17
hi guys -- I was wondering if anybody had any info on this upcoming eclispe... what effects might it have, etc., etc.

I'm especially interested because it is happening on my birthday!!! :)

thanks, joya

25-05-2003, 08:27
Not only that, but the same day there's a new moon. Just interesting, I guess. Does it matter that the Sun is in Gemini during the eclipse?

25-05-2003, 08:49
enjoy the eclipse :)

25-05-2003, 08:51
all joking aside, the eclipse will usher in a new era in understanding. a paradigm shift if you will.... seem to be using that word a lot lately ???hmmmmm
happy eclipse joy

25-05-2003, 12:41
Sorry for being so ignorant lol but ....when is this solar eclipse taking place?

25-05-2003, 13:38
haha -- oops, guess I should have posted the date instead of assuming y'all knew!

May 30th 11:09 EST... and it's 9 degrees in Gemini (whatever that means!)

25-05-2003, 15:22
just to add to the astrological mayhem. Saturns extended stay in Gemini (Thanks to a rather difficult Retrograde period that started at 29deg gemini as there are 30 [0-29] degrees in each sign) is coming to an end on June 3.

Those born on that day will feel the effects, but since the recent Scorpio Lunar Eclipse occured just recently, this should balance out some of the more painful transitions involved.

Also Mercury (ruler of both Gemin and Virgo) has recently gone direct in Taurus just before the Sun Tranitied to Gemini. So just to recap: Saturn had been retro and is going direct meeting its original retrograde point (29 deg gemini). Mercury, ruler of Gemini (and virgo) has been retrograde and is going direct in Taurus and will meet its retrograde point (20 some degree in Tau i think). And we have a Solar Eclipse on the Last day of May just shortly before Saturn leaves Gemini for another 20 some years.

Sun=vitalized energy and projection thereof
Mercury=communication and thought
Saturn-Restrictions and limitations
Moon=emotinonal energies

any restrictions of communications will been lifted, Emotions have been through their darkest moment (the lunar eclipse) and will have an effect on how our vitalized energy will be eclipsed in the coming week. Saturns jaunt through Gemini has been trying and difficult, with ups and downs in everywhich direction. Soon Saturn will enter Cancer, and then our emotional side will be tested like it has never been before.

25-05-2003, 19:44
Originally posted by purplefishy
Not only that, but the same day there's a new moon. Just interesting, I guess. Does it matter that the Sun is in Gemini during the eclipse?

Not just interesting - its vital LOL

A New Moon is when the Moon occupies the same degree of Celestial longitude as the Sun - in this case they are both at 9 degrees 26 minutes of Gemini - A Moon/Sun conjunction or to put it in a slightly different way if we look in that direction we will see both of them.

The reason why all New Moons do not produce ecipses is that the Moon's orbit around the Earth is at an angle and therefore it differs in Celestial Latitude from the Sun for most of the occasions where there is a conjunction. Because the Sun is much brighter than the Moon, its light in effect overwhelms the Moon and we don't see the Moon at all at a New Moon.

On the relatively rare occasions when the Moon and the Sun coincide in both latitude and longitude we get an eclipse - the Moon is between us and the Sun and we can see both - or at least the circle of the Moon in front of, or overlapping the Sun.

The sign is which the eclipse occurs will change - its not always Gemini but will cycle through the signs over a length of time - However as there are many eclipse cycles that are underway at the same time (Saros Cycles) the pattern isn't necessarily easy to detect.

26-05-2003, 03:45
Is it safe to look at the solar eclipse? I remember hearing that who ever looks at a solar eclipse becomes blind. Not sure if its true or not. I mean I can understand if you looks straight at the sun youll get hurt but....go blind? Wouldnt a very good pair of sunglasses be enough to see this phenomenon?

26-05-2003, 04:48
If your listed location is correct (Florida), then you won't be able to see the eclipse at all. It will be too late for east coasters to see it. :(

:) Kes

26-05-2003, 05:29
joya250 - well the eclipse on your birthday 31 may is supposed to be very lucky for you. a new beginning in your life. pay close attentian to what is happening around this time. if you can have a look at your natal chart - and see what house gemini / the eclipse will take place in - it will give more clues to what area of your life it may touch.

not even with sunglasses or binoclears - try pin hole camers??

luckily i am in scotland - the east / north east coast is the best place - however as it occurs as the sun is rising - a clear view of the horizon is needed (no hills!!) (and no clouds!!!!)

26-05-2003, 05:47

Good advice there on watching the eclipse - I believe that standing with your back to the eclipse andusing a piece of white card held up to catch the projection is the best method. hope you get a good view and your advice for joya250 was just right too.

29-05-2003, 11:48
Soon Saturn will enter Cancer, and then our emotional side will be tested like it has never been before.

This sounds rather ominous! Surely, it won't be that bad, will it? When will this happen?

29-05-2003, 21:28
Saturn enters Cancer on June 3rd

Saturn is in its Detriment in Cancer - it doesn't function as well as in other signs and this may mean things like finding it difficult to create structures and permanence in your life, being wary of, or even afraid of your unconscious instinctive and intuitive side.

However Saturn also says something about self preservation - in Cancer there is a strong drive to self protection in order to enhance your own safety and security- and those of your family. Family roots are important for your security and self preservation .

The challenge is to accept one's own emotions and to express them in a focused way. Also to overcome any fear of one's own sensitivity and vulnerability.

For those born with Saturn in Cancer all the above may well be issues that they face on a daily basis.

For the rest of us what matters is any Aspects that transiting Saturn makes to our charts - especially to the natal Moon (The Moon rules Cancer). Hard aspects may lead to feelings of depression or desire to withdraw from society - to be alone - physical activity is a good remedy for this - join a gym, go walking, do your home decorating or repair the Car.

There's a good article in the current Mountain Astrologer by Marcia Starck on the health implications of the Saturn transit. She has written quite a few books on Astrology and health and I find her work very interesting - I've drawn on it above for the Saturn/Moon transit.

However don't assume that a Saturn transit must be doom and gloom. Saturn is very good for discipline and Saturn transits to Mercury can provide and extremely fruitful time for work and communication (remember that through Virgo Mercury rules routines and routine work). Any Saturn transit, provides a challenge or an opportunity to be constructive and to get things done. Used wisely they can be some of the best times of your life. Give in to depression and they are awful.

30-05-2003, 02:36
i've been trying to avoid posting my stupid questions here and figure them out for myself *sigh* but this one is worrying me.

with my moon at 5 degrees in cancer and mars at 9 degrees, in my 8th house (could it get worse,lol)... plus being prone to serious depressions.. i may have something to worry about. drats, here i've been feeling so good since the lunar eclipse!

how does saturn opposed at 12 degrees capricorn impact the situation?

isthmus nekoi
30-05-2003, 02:53
Hi zorya,

Nice to see you here again! Please don't worry about newbie questions - we all had them too at some point ^_^

The lunar eclipse was at 24 Scorp... the last time this happened was Nov 18/94, so you may find a variation on themes arising at that time. Looking at your chart, this degree does not 'set off' your moon/saturn opp, so I do not expect this to be triggered... although I'm fairly new to eclipses - Minderwiz?.... 24 Scorp however, does square your Uran (conj MC), so perhaps this will energize your natal Uran.

30-05-2003, 04:03
Well, I take it Zorya was talking about Saturn eventually transiting her Natal Moon and then her Natal Mars. This happens in July and August of this year.

The Saturn/Moon transit is a challenging time - a clash of the need for order and structure and the intuitive, vulnerable side of your character. Don't foreget that as you have Moon in Cancer the Moon rules Saturn and so should come out on top.

Its quite possible that you may go through the process of re-examining who you are and what you want to be and yes, there is a danger that that process simply leads to being depressed, rather than positive plan making.

But Saturn is the planet of positive plan making - so make use of him - even if your plans appear weak, just set about improving them rather than throw your arms in the air and give in. Saturn rewards those who put effort into their activities and is rather unkind to those who fold up and say all is lost.

The eighth house covers joint property of a relationship, or other peoples property and talents and skills. It also has an occult link and it also is the house of transformation. So be positive, you might inherit a lot of money and need to make plans as to how to use it! More likely you may be thinking ahead and making plans for the next part of your life and how you intend to transform yourself.

How you handle the Moon transit may well influence the Mars transit - if you give in to depression then you will find the Mars transit a time of great frustration - your desires to do something will be frustrated. If you have taken a postive response to the Moon transit then the Mars transit offers you the opportunity to harness and focus your drive to get things done - it can be extremely rewarding. The difference clearly is whether you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve or simply are not sure and hence end up achieving nothing.

In a sense you might find your energies being curbed - Mars wants to be active and assertive in all directions, Saturn wants to be focused on a clear plan. However if you recognise this then you will achieve a lot more positive gains than is normal.

OK attitude is the key - be positive and things will go well. There are real opportunities here - use them.

30-05-2003, 06:02
How do I figure out which aspects the transiting saturn makes to my natal chart? Is it hard to do, or should I ask for someone else to do it for me?

30-05-2003, 07:24
No it's not that difficult but you do need a copy of your chart and an Ephemeris. You can get the latter online at


Simply find the month and day and it will tell you the position of all the planets at midnight GMT. Because Saturn moves so slowly you can get away with using the stated position as holding for the entire day.

Then compare that position to the positions of the planets in your chart. Look for Conjunctions (Same position) Squares (90 degrees apart), Oppositions (180 degrees), Trines (120 degrees) and Sextiles (60 degrees) to your natal planets and Ascendant.

Even simply being able to see which natal house Saturn is in can tell you a lot about where you will feel the effects of the planet.

30-05-2003, 07:43
Saturn's in the 11th house in my natal chart.

30-05-2003, 07:55
Sorry I meant to say which natal house Transiting Saturn is in.

Currently Saturn is transiting your eighth House and will still continue to be there after it moves into Cancer, so it still likely to be influencing your shared resources, your own personal transformation, your interest in the occult. The way it influences will change rather subtly - a more intuitive and nurturing way but still concerned with using eighth House activities to provide the structure and selfprotection that you (and we all) need.

30-05-2003, 09:52
Originally posted by Minderwiz
Well, I take it Zorya was talking about Saturn eventually transiting her Natal Moon and then her Natal Mars.

yes i was :) i'm really glad you could understand my gibberish minderwiz, lol.

this does indeed sound like a challenging time ahead for me. i already have a hard time balancing the stuff that needs to be and should be done, with my natural inclination to live in the world of the intuitive. i would much rather read tarot and do journeys all day long, lol.

it's wonderful to be forwarned. if i start to feel down, i will know what is causing it. i can plan to work on my business and web site, and structure my 'have to do's' wisely, rather than allow frustration to take over.

isthmus, thanks for the info. i couldn't figure out why the lunar eclipse would make me feel so upbeat. '94 (in retrospect) was one of the most 'blissful' years of my life.

30-05-2003, 16:58

Paying attention to the business and the website would be just right. It gives you a focus and you can actually harness Saturn to help you. Keep being positive and it could be a good time to get the business moving but don't forget you will need to put a fair amount of effort in.

31-05-2003, 10:23
.sorry - moved this to "Spirituality" - is about the SUMMER SOLSTICE.


DO enjoy (if you're not already) the eclipse