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26-05-2003, 02:13
I know that where "Part of Fortune" shows up in a natal chart indicates natural good luck. In my natal chart, I have "Part of Fortune" in 3rd House ruled by Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio which I interpret as being able to use intuition and communication for my benefit and to create "good luck".

For a progressed chart or a solar return, would you interpret the "Part of Fortune" the same way? Do progressions and transits change its influence?

26-05-2003, 02:34
The Part of Fortune traditionally acted as an indicator of good health, a more modern interpretation is as an indicator of prosperity. The house position should indicate the area of life where you can contribute to your health and prosperity and the sign will indicate the way in you will approach the goal. In the third your prosperity can come from communications, siblings, neighbours, education, etc. Scorpio suggests that a transformative, powerful and passionate approach is likely. The conjunction with Neptune suggests as you say that there could be an intuitive and spiritual dimension, though Neptune can be rather negative, representing self deception and dreams and fantasies – so you might make your living out of writing science fantasy novels or find that whatever you try to do to boost your prosperity turns out to be illusory. In other words, tread carefully.

The Part of Fortune changes if you progress a chart or do a return chart, as its based on Ascendant, Sun and Moon positions. Whilst I might look at transits or progressions which aspect the natal Part of Fortuna, I don’t think I would really bother with the progressed Part, certainly not as a major factor in analysis. I don’t recall anyone using the progressed Fortuna in a major way. If anyone has seen work on the progressed Part I think it would be interesting to post and let us know.

26-05-2003, 03:14
thanks for the quick reply, Minderwiz! Astrology continues to amaze me with its complexity and accuracy! Looking at my chart, Neptune and Part of Fortuna do form tight conjunction (at 26º and 27º Scorpio respectively). It is cautionary I might have a tendency to act out of dreams and illusions rather than what is reality. Expressing myself through art (writing, painting, creative endeavors) would be probably positive way to transmute this tendency.