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17-07-2010, 21:33
Strangely we don't seem to have had a thread on the Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico. As a major event (if not a good one), Astrology should be able to give us some insight into what has happened and hopefully why it happened.

The event took place on the Deepwater Horizon platform on 20th April 2010. The timing is variously given between 9:45 pm and 10:00 pm with a time of 9:53 to 9:56 as the time of the explosion (rather than the first venting of oil)

The platform was obviously offshore but a hunt for it's geographical co-ordinates at the time produced some evidence from Geohack

I have seen one or two Astrological websites that look at the event such as:

http://blog.beliefnet.com/astrologicalmusings/2010/04/the-astrology-of-the-horizon-o.html (skip the advert)

All these appear to focus on the conjunction of the dwarf planets, Ceres and Pluto. Ceres is said to 'rule' the environment and Pluto 'mines oil and of course, nasty events.

It got me thinking of how, if at all the Traditional Approach might cope with the even - using the timing of 9:53 and the Geohack location.

A moment's reflection said that we might be better to widen it out to encompass all approaches, rather than just my own wish to see if the traditional approach worked.

I've attached two charts. The first is the 'traditional' chart - that is it only uses the seven classical planets. The second is the same chart but with the addition of the outers, relevant dwarves, and a few other things that may or may not be needed. I've also changed the House system to Placidus, as very few modern Astrologers use Regiomontanus.

I'll post my first thoughts on the traditional chart in the next post.

17-07-2010, 22:32
The traditional approach only uses the seven classical planets, so I need to be able to duplicate the Ceres/Pluto symbolism (and possibly better it) if the traditional approach is to yield useful insights.

On first sight that may be a big problem The chart is mainly trines and sextiles with only one square and The Moon in Cancer, Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Pisces are in their domiciles - it doesn't seem an obvious 'disaster' chart.

The Ascendant ruler is Jupiter - symbolising the explosion, well Jupiter is a planet of expansion, even for moderns and Jupiter is situated in Pisces, the significator of the 'deep ocean', so at least we have a start.

Jupiter is also in and rules the fourth House. Now the fourth rules land and buildings (which is it's connection to the physical home) but it also rules what is under the land. That includes buried treasure (which oil might be seen as) and also mines and minerals. Deb Houlding also links it directly to oil. So we have Jupiter sitting in and ruling the House of oil, sitting in the deep sea - Now that does seem to fit the event.

That doesn't give an explanation of an explosion because Jupiter is only trined by the Moon and sextiled by Venus, both in dignity so it doesn't seem to show disaster.

However the traditional approach also looks at house rulerships and the role of planets through those rulerships. The Moon rules the eighth, the House of death and is placed in the eighth. In traditional Astrology ANY planet can be a malefic, it's placement and condition decide. The Moon is the most dignified planet in the chart - it is in Hayz - a nocturnal planet in a nocturnal sign in a nocturnal chart, it has rulership by sign, by triplicity and by Face - Death is strong in this chart. If we look at the movement of the Moon, we see it has recently conjoined the South Node also in the eighth - the South Node is malefic and we could see that malevolence being added to the Moon's role as Lord 8. The trine aspect to Jupiter actually shows that what will happen will happen quickly and given the involvement of Lord 8 it will not be good. A rapid build up of pressure leading to an explosion and death, is a reasonable interpretation of this aspect. That this aspect is separating shows that the event has already been triggered when the chart was cast - about 90 minutes to 2 hours before.

The Moon's next aspect is to Venus by sextile. Venus is Lord 6. This is an unfortunate association anyway but the sixth rules small animals - so death may be coming to small animals as a result of the explosion - sea birds and fish are perhaps obvious examples. In mundane Astrology the sixth signifies threats to public health. Venus is in a separating sextile to Jupiter, again the separation may indicate that key stages in the event had already been set in train. It's the case that several issues were raised about wellhead safety in the previous month. So we might conclude that those issues were not without foundation.

The Part of Fortune lies conjunct the MC, and the ruler of both is Mercury on the cusp of the sixth. Although it has dignity by Terms, Mercury is retrograde and in the sixth, under the beams and heading towards combustion. The tenth House ruler usually indicates career or status but here we're talking about an object - an oil platform. We could see it as how well it performs it's function (which might be stretching things) we might see it in more mundane terms - authority and control. This is usually seen as 'king and ministers' but we might also see it as authority and control exercised by the relevant 'King' - BP If so, the position and condition of Mercury says that at best control has been adequate but has now moved to a parlous situation, which threatens its wellbeing (Part of Fortune) and functioning (MC). Mercury receives the only square of the chart - from Mars the planet of accidents and violence. Mars is also the ruler of the twelfth, another accidental malefic, as well as having a natural tendency to the malefic. The twelfth represents matters that are hidden, restrained, secret, incapable of action or of being fully understood. BP did not understand or act on the warnings. The twelfth is also the House of sadness and self undoing - BP have undone themselves through this accident.

The tenth House is also afflicted by Saturn (simply by being there) Saturn is peregrine and retrograde - it's condition exaggerates it's natural tendency to being malefic. Saturn is going to further debilitate the authority and control exercised over the Deepwater Horizon platform. Incidentally Saturn is also the natural ruler of rock (being a hard structure) and 'Petroleum' is derived from the Latin 'petra' meaing rock and 'oleum' meaning oil. Oil is also called black gold and black is the colour of Saturn. So we have a further involvement of oil in the event, if only of relatively minor importance.

I've not made any reference to BP's own chart or any chart related to the commissioning of Deepwater Horizon. So there is much more that could be derived from an Astrological approach.

18-07-2010, 02:07
Oh, that's fascinating, Minderwiz.

When I saw the square between Mercury in the 6th and Mars in the 9th, I speculated that the explosion (Mars) was immediately triggered by a failure in communication (Mercury retrograde, under the beams) between employees (6th house) on the platform and a distant authority/expert (also Mars in the 9th? and reinforced by the weak Mercury being Lord of the 10th).

The ruler of the 9th, where Mars is situated, is the Sun - which in this chart is peregrine in the 5th house - possibly someone with responsibility is out and about having fun instead of keeping an eye on the platform.

That Mercury also makes me think that either the science was poor or it was ignored.

18-07-2010, 02:19
One can treat the natal chart (explosion of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig) as a Solar Return chart, and then progress the angles as I do in my MC-Solar Cycle methodology. Doing so, the chart angles for July 15th have moved to"
** MC 1 Capr.
** Asc 1 Aries.

The chart is very interesting due to the planet positions:
** t/Pluto @ 3 Capr., conj. the MC, with event Pluto/Ceres at 4 and 5 Capr.
** the daily chart Ascendant bracketed by t/Uranus at 0 Aries, Jupiter a 3 Aries.
** event/Saturn and t/Saturn at 29 Virgo, close to the Desc. angle.

One doesn't have to have much understanding of astrology to combine Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, MC and Asc. angles to see that this is a momentous day. A transformation of the public's image of the event. A happy surprise being experienced by many. Restrictions and closure being accomplished by others.

So, what might we look forward to?
** On/near July 23, MC will progress to N.Node position. Some form of an alliance or joint program may be announced.
** On/near July 29, MC will progress so that the IC hits event Moon. Public opinion might shift in some way based on unfolding events or announcements.
** On/near Aug. 8th some truth or information concerning the well explosion will come to light as the Asc. progressed to the event Sun.

We should keep an eye on these date which I have eye-balled from the July 15th chart (no calculations, just estimates). Dave

18-07-2010, 03:16

Mars is more cutting, severing or stabbing than explosive - but it might also indicate either a breakdown (or cutting) of communications or even more literally a cut or fracture that imperiled the abiity of the well to perform its function. That need not show up immediately but might have set in train a process which led to or contributed to the explosion. As Lord 12, that might also have been a hidden or 'secret' event (and Mars is also in Scorpio which is it's night rulership wherein it acts in a more indrect manner).

That might well support Dave's view that some information may become public knowledge at a later date.

I agree with Dave that the period he outlines may well be quite significant - I've got dates from around 20th July to 19th August. The 11 days from 20th July to 31 July being the core period and possibly providing not very good news (The profected Sun first squares Mars and then reaches the 6th House cusp and at the same time as the latter the profected Moon squares the radical Sun). Again, like Dave's, these dates are better treated as 'near' as we have to allow for some error in the timing of the original event.

I also did a chart for the well capping carried out last Thursday and I've attached it. I've not done any real analysis but one interesting feature is that it has a Scorpio Ascendant and the Ascendant ruler is tightly besieged (contained) by Saturn and the Moon in the eleventh, the House of the King's servants. (The sixth is the house of my servants, or the servants of the subject of the chart). If we take BP as the 'King' or the authority over the well, this seems a reasonable symbolism of the oil spill being contained.

The issue is of course, will the containment hold?

Edited to add missing chart :(

23-07-2010, 00:32
It has been announced that several of the major oil drilling companies have formed an alliance to develop equipment, procedures and resources for dealing with deep-water oil drilling problems. Collectively, they are funding this with one billion dollars to start.

When we started this thread, I made the following observation based on a visual inspection of the charts (without doing the specific calculations):
** On/near July 23, MC will progress to N.Node position. Some form of an alliance or joint program may be announced.

It will be interesting to see how this whole situation develops. Dave

23-07-2010, 03:06
I agree with Dave that the period he outlines may well be quite significant - I've got dates from around 20th July to 19th August. The 11 days from 20th July to 31 July being the core period and possibly providing not very good news (The profected Sun first squares Mars and then reaches the 6th House cusp and at the same time as the latter the profected Moon squares the radical Sun). Again, like Dave's, these dates are better treated as 'near' as we have to allow for some error in the timing of the original event.

Looks like we were both right : 19th July News:

Fears about the new cap are raised after engineers detect seepage and a possible methane gas leak on the seabed. Admiral Thad Allen, who is in charge of the US government's response, has written to BP demanding answers to "undetermined anomalies at the wellhead". BP has yet to respond.

Shares in BP fall more than 5% on the news.

I did pose the question about the cap holding. The containing planets in the web capping chart were Saturn (rock) and the Moon (Water) and that threatens a seepage. As Dave says we need to watch developments

23-07-2010, 08:47
There is now a storm warning in the Gulf and it may well be that the ships supporting the drilling of relief wells and final sealing of the original may have to be withdrawn, leading to a delay of up to two weeks.

There's a 50% chance that the storm will reach the well area within the next 48 hours (24th-25th July) again highlighting the timings that Dave and I suggested and stressing the importance of the 7-14 days or so afterwards.

Another feature of the original chart that we didn't go into but Dave (in a post in another thread) and Sue Ward made me realise I should have mentioned was the forming Jupiter/Saturn Opposition that has dominated the period of the leak but more importantly reflects an important stage of both the current 20 year cycle and also the more important series of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in Earth signs which started in 1802 (from memory). These greater cycles by element last 200 years before giving way to the next element (not always neatly). The Earth cycle stresses materialism, finacial affairs, and nicely symbolises the economic cycle of boom (Jupiter) and bust (Saturn). The dependence of our economies on the use of fossil fuels is a feature of this greater cycle (starting with the use of coal to generate steam power, and later electricity and leading on to petroleum based products).

24-07-2010, 18:10
Relating to 'hidden events that will come to light' - we are not yet on Dave's date of the 8th August, but the investigating government panel heard this recently:


"At hearings this week here, crew members have described repeated failures in the weeks before the disaster, including power losses, computer crashes and leaking emergency equipment.

The rig’s history of mechanical errors was documented in a confidential audit conducted by BP seven months before the explosion and reviewed by The New York Times. According to the September 2009 document, four BP officials discovered that Transocean, the rig’s owner, had left 390 repairs undone, including many that were “high priority,” and would require a total of more than 3,500 hours of labor. It is unclear how many of the problems remained by the day of the catastrophe.

The 60-page audit found that previously reported errors had been ignored by Transocean. “Consequently, a number of the recommendations that Transocean had indicated as closed out had either deteriorated again or not been suitably addressed in the first place,” investigators wrote."

Transocean is once again emerging as a major cause of the disaster, through its neglect. In the next week or two we'll find out just how much.

26-07-2010, 08:15
The period from 20 July to 31 July was identified as a key period, using profections based on the 'explosion' chart.

This period began with the profected Moon, still in the ninth House moving into the Leo, the sign of the Sun on 20th - shifting focus to the ownership and management and their attempts to remedy the situation. It came the day after news emerged that the capping may well not be 100% successful.

The next profection is the profected Sun squaring Mars. which occurs today the 25th July. That is an apt symbolism for the King falling on his sword - and Tony Hayward has announced his resignation from BP.

The final profections both occur on the 31st July, when the profected Sun reaches the sixth House cusp and the profected Moon squares the radical Sun. Both of these profections. Again these will not be associated with postive events,

Watch out for BPs half yearly results out next Tuesday (27th) and any restructuring that is announced.

27-07-2010, 21:14
Again, the specific nature of the event predicted for a date has occurred. It seems that the chart angles (of the system I use) are off by about two days or 2.5 degrees. This would suggest that the time used for the explosion needs to be reassessed. There has been postings that indicate that structural problems occurred first which led to the explosion that followed.

In any case, we can "adjust" the August 8th prediction back to August 5 or 6, when we might expect news or a written/oral report concerning the investigation into why it happened, who did or did not do something, etc.

The beauty of the MC-Solar Cycle method of using Solar Return and daily charts is that specific planets come to the angles of the daily charts on a given day. Those planets and angles, as symbols, closely define the specific nature of the event. All we have to do is place the symbolic expression within the context of the process we are following. Once we are certain of the cycle that is being tracked here, it is possible to predict the developments from this event and its consequences more clearly. Dave

28-07-2010, 02:56
It's really good to use Astrology to try and monitor the course of events - and this is a prime case for consideration. I just posted a short section of the Profections for the year from 20 April in previous posts so I'll now post the profections till the end of the year. I'm not going to refine my chart times till the end of the year and then test to see whether a slightly earlier or later time for the explosion would fit any better.


Dynamic Chart (1):
Deepwater Horizon - Event Chart
20 Apr 2010, 21:53, CDT +5:00
Louisiana, 28°N44', 088°W22'
Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
Regiomontanus Houses, Mean Node

Mon (8) Cnj Leo (8) (S) Pf-Na 20 Jul 2010 00°Le00' D 00°Le00' D
Sun (5) Sqr Mar (9) (X) Pf-Na 25 Jul 2010 08°Ta43' D 08°Le43' D
Sun (6) Cnj Hs (6) (H) Pf-Na 31 Jul 2010 09°Ta15' D 09°Ta15' D
Mon (8) Sqr Sun (5) (X) Pf-Na 31 Jul 2010 00°Le54' D 00°Ta54' D

MC (10) Sxt Mon (8) (X) Pf-Na 19 Aug 2010 22°Vi32' D 22°Cn32' D
PF (10) Sxt Mon (8) (X) Pf-Na 24 Aug 2010 22°Vi32' D 22°Cn32' D

Sun (6) Cnj Mer (6) (X) Pf-Na 5 Sep 2010 12°Ta12' D 12°Ta12' R
MC (10) Tri Ven (6) (X) Pf-Na 19 Sep 2010 25°Vi00' D 25°Ta00' D
PF (10) Tri Ven (6) (X) Pf-Na 23 Sep 2010 25°Vi00' D 25°Ta00' D

Mon (9) Cnj Hs (9) (H) Pf-Na 4 Oct 2010 06°Le15' D 06°Le15' D

Mon (9) Cnj Mar (9) (X) Pf-Na 4 Nov 2010 08°Le43' D 08°Le43' D
MC (10) Cnj Lib (10) (S) Pf-Na 18 Nov 2010 00°Li00' D 00°Li00' D
PF (10) Cnj Lib (10) (S) Pf-Na 23 Nov 2010 00°Li00' D 00°Li00' D

Mon (9) Sqr Mer (6) (X) Pf-Na 16 Dec 2010 12°Le12' D 12°Ta12' R

Sun (6) Sxt Mon (8) (X) Pf-Na 9 Jan 2011 22°Ta32' D 22°Cn32' D

The first column gives the profected planet. I've only used the 5 hylegical places, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and Part of Fortune. I might try introducing the other planets at a later date but these five should give the important dates.

Column one gives the profected planet or point (house is in brackets) then in column 2 the aspect and in column 3 is the radix planet or point that is aspected, including signs and house cusps. S is sign, X is exact aspect and H is House.
I'll revisit these dates as we go but it's easier to put them in now so I can refer to them in later posts. After July there are two profections in Augusts (19th and 24th) and then three in September, one in October (when Tony Hayward finally leaves his post as CEO three in November and one each in December and January.

If necessary I'll review the 2011 February and March ones at a later date, especially as March 2011 looks to be a very busy month.

Profections are a tool I've only just started using and I'm still not sure it works consistently. This is a chance to find out.

Edited to add:

The 4th October Profection is the movement of the Profected Moon into the ninth House - a shift of focus from the unfortunate eighth House to the much more fortunate ninth. The Profected Moon in Leo is still essentially weak so the improvement will be fragile, in the sense that it could easily be blown off course

03-08-2010, 21:32
This news is a couple of days late according to the Profections but the Oil spill is now the worst accidental spill ever. For BP management this means that even greater potential penalties will befall the company.

I think we are now really in need of a BP 'natal' chart. Unfortunately its history is so complex that it's very difficult to pick out a point at which BP was actually 'born'.

03-08-2010, 21:47
I think we are now really in need of a BP 'natal' chart. Unfortunately its history is so complex that it's very difficult to pick out a point at which BP was actually 'born'.A date when the current managment made their first-ever decision/edict/rule (whatever)? Although, I have to agree that even that wouldn't be very exact.........

Bee :)

04-08-2010, 09:16
hasn't the Amoco name attached to BP?

retrogrades active in August|
Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto

Jupiter opposite to Saturn and Mars, which progressed through intense Virgo analysis and science, and Venus following through the latter of Virgo coinciding with the use of mud to reduce the damage done. Another burst of Venus activity in the traditional signs of Taurus and Libra should be where the resolution to this disaster should be found (weather pending).

Meanwhile the Rocky Mountain dam water retention system in Wyoming is filled to capacity and the (North )Platte water is ready to move eastward into the Missouri and Mississippi endpoint. Canals, creeks, and ditches are filled to their capacity as well, a few spillovers and sensitive points of damage are already cataloged.

04-08-2010, 19:16
The problem is that BP is a global conglomerate and as such has roots that stretch back into different countries at different times. It has also gone through periods of signifcant national ownership and privatisation. So there are many competing moments for it's foundation.

BP's website perhaps gives a date which it considers to be it's earliest moment - the first oil strike in Persia, which led to the formation of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, one of its may forerunners.

The details of this according to BP are 4am (or shortly afterwards) 26 May 1908 at Shardin, Persia (Now Iran). The company was formed within a year to refine and market the oil.

Of course other significant dates are possible, such as BP's establishment in the US, the date it obtained a licence to drill in the Gulf, and the date drilling actually began. Of course these are by no means the only dates possible.

Edited to add

Coordinates for Shardin are:

31° 17' 32" North, 49° 44' 25" East

04-08-2010, 21:04
You have to realise 4 companies were involved in the oil spill, BP were the only ones really blamed,but they outsource alot of the work

05-08-2010, 03:02
That's very true, However what we would want to look at is the effects of the spill on BP, who have taken responsibility for the operation and clean up, as well as the spill. I fully realise that the other companies have done little and may in the event carry more blame but BP are the company in the eye of the storm.

Incidentally one of Dave's posts did draw attention to one of the other companies and hinted at more information to come out about their role.

06-08-2010, 00:49
okay i can understand that, i work in the industry and i know that alot of the liability did sit with the other companies as they were contracted to provide a service. Sadly Obama decided to open his mouth on a subject he didnt understand and BP failed to push the other side of the story, bad PR

06-08-2010, 02:54
One might say that BP did the decent thing and put the clean up, environment and local business first and did not simply engage in a round of mutual blame. I think the role of others will eventually get the publicity it deserves and also that BP will be seen to have behaved in a much better way than the headlines suggest.

That being said it's their share price and standing that have been severely dented and their short term future has been compromised by them publicly taking on the burden of responsibility.

06-08-2010, 02:55
Bad PR is true enough!

I wonder if it's reflected in the charts. That afflicted Mercury?

06-08-2010, 07:49
I've now got a slightly more accurate location for that first Oil strike in 1908,

The strike was at Masjed Soleyman, 31°N58'; 049°E18'

The description has the Oil gushing into the dawn sky, and gives an approximate time of around 4 am - That would give Taurus rising and the Sun in Gemini in the First House. Mercury is also likely to be in the first or second depending on how soon after 4 the strike gushed. Mercury is in Gemini and rules the second house - the strike is clearly associated with the future BP's earning power and that is also clearly strong.

20-08-2010, 06:03
The first profection for August is for 19th , when the profected MC perfects a sextile to the the radix Moon in the eighth. As we have seen the MC represents the public status of the rig and the resulting slick, either through the management of BP, or the clean up operation (also managed by BP).

The Moon has a symbolism relating to the public, which can reinforce the above point, but more particularly, in the explosion chart the Moon was Lord 8, an accidental malefic. So this aspect does not signify particularly good news - indeed quite the reverse.

Today (19th August) there has been a public announcement that a 22 mile plume of oil droplets has been discovered, showing that the claimed dispersal has not been as successful as claimed.

Also today, the Guardian reports:
The administration faces further pushback today in a congressional hearing on the fate of the oil and the safety of seafood from the Gulf.'


20-08-2010, 21:49
Expert testimony to Congress, 19th August


26-08-2010, 06:41
No immediate news yesterday but today we have an announcement that BP will no longer seek for an exploration licence in Greenland as a direct result of the Oil Spill.

The profected Part of Fortune (health and well being) sextiled the Moon (Lord 8 in the explosion chart). Not a very bad aspect, but it shows that the deaths (both human, animal and environmental) are still having an effect on the health of the company.

Further evidence that Astrology does work and can come up with real predictions.

03-09-2010, 05:54
There has been another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, 100 miles south of Vermillion Bay and some 200+ miles west of the Deep Water Horizon site. This happened this afternoon, more details later. Dave

03-09-2010, 06:00
That is very worrying!!

I've found this report on the Guardian website but any more information would be greatly appreciated here.


03-09-2010, 06:59
Yes! Very worrying. Thanks for the Guardian link Minderwiz.

Bee :)

20-09-2010, 19:40
On 19th September the well was declared dead, as the last cement was piped in. This was exactly on the date when the profected MC trined Venus (see profection list on page 3). Venus has two house rulerships in the explosion chart. Firstly it is Lord 6, and amongst other things the 6th represents servants (employees). It also is Lord 11, which signifies the King's servants (the US government team involved). So Venus is a good symbol of the combinef clean up effort.

It now seems that this particular incident is closed

23-09-2010, 04:45
It now seems that this particular incident is closed

Minderwiz, I do not believe this 'incident' is closed.

Maybe the well has been capped, but many people are becoming quite ill because of exposure to the toxins (from dispersant used and oil spill). BP and the EPA I don't feel are being upfront about the real damage/incident (the evidence is on the ocean bed floor) nor the extent of the damage.

23-09-2010, 04:53
Minderwiz, I do not believe this 'incident' is closed.

Maybe the well has been capped, but many people are becoming quite ill because of exposure to the toxins (from dispersant used and oil spill). BP and the EPA I don't feel are being upfront about the real damage/incident (the evidence is on the ocean bed floor) nor the extent of the damage.

You might be right Noelle - I simply quoted the view of the US government. It will be interesting to see if anything more happens over the next few weeks, months and even years.

The various profections are still listed, so we can check on them as we go, and I think Dave is also monitoring events against his precessed solar return progressions. So I'm not closing the thread even if BP/US government are 'closing' the incident.