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27-05-2003, 04:37
*Now, I know everything I'm gonna say is probably a repeat and I could find it if I spent some time looking for it. In fact, I probably will look and anwser my own questions before yall get to, but I'm going to ask them anywayz...so here I go.

Ok, I've always been interested in astrology, always been "Hmm..I like a Virgo, would me and him work well together?" type stuff...but only on a Sun Sign level...you know Scorpios+Aquarius's just tend not to work...seen it first hand.

But now I've got my chartish thing from astro.com and I totally dont understand it. So I'll post it.

Planetary positions
planet/ sign/ degree/ house/ motion
Sun/ Libra/ 1355'41/ 09/ direct
Moon/ Aries/ 2121'10/ 04 /direct
Mercury/ Scorpio/ 0909'29/ 10/ direct
Venus/ Libra/ 2606'56/ 10/ direct
Mars/ Virgo/ 2919'01/ 09/ direct
Jupiter/ Aries/ 2607'23/ 04/ retrograde
Saturn/ Sagittarius/ 1626'13/ 12/ direct
Uranus/ Sagittarius/ 2316'07/ 12/direct
Neptune/ Capricorn/ 0520'40/ 01/ direct
Pluto/ Scorpio/ 0852'17/ 10/ direct
True Node/ Aries/ 0223'22/ 03/ retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Sagittarius 2702'21
2nd House Aquarius 0439'25
3rd House Pisces 1542'56
Imum Coeli Aries 1959'46
5th House Taurus 1600'19
6th House Gemini 0710'25
Descendant Gemini 2702'21
8th House Leo 0439'25
9th House Virgo 1542'56
Medium Coeli Libra 1959'46
11th House Scorpio 1600'19
12th House Sagittarius 0710'25

Major aspects
Sun Opposition Moon 725
Sun Sextile Saturn 231
Moon Opposition Venus 446
Moon Conjunction Jupiter 446
Moon Trine Saturn 455
Moon Trine Uranus 155
Moon Trine Ascendant 541
Mercury Sextile Neptune 349
Mercury Conjunction Pluto 017
Venus Opposition Jupiter 000
Venus Sextile Uranus 251
Venus Sextile Ascendant 055
Mars Square Ascendant 217
Jupiter Trine Uranus 251
Jupiter Trine Ascendant 055
Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 346
Neptune Sextile Pluto 332

1) What does the retrograde and direct mean??
2) what do all the houses mean?

If you can help me with any of these...I'd really really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!

isthmus nekoi
27-05-2003, 04:59
hi punkangelgcm437,

direct means the planet is moving forwards, and retrograde backwards - generally, retrograde energy is more inward moving, whilst direct is more... well, direct!

signs are the basic energies of the chart, whilst planets will channel those energies. Houses are the different areas where those energies get channelled into.

Here's a good site to get the generals of each house, and also one that'll help you get started:

You may also want to check out the index thread for the study group:

There are a lot of good books and websites out there, some of which are mentioned in the introduction thread (in the index). Good luck w/studying your chart!

27-05-2003, 05:26
Thank you Isthmus!!

So....my Jupiter and True Node are moving backwards?? Hmm...interesting maybe??

I noticed I have 9 fires, 6 airs (my sun sign is Libra), 4 earths, and 3 waters (meaning im not good at expressing my emotions to others am I correct?)

So I'm an firey-air?? An air sign that has alot of fire in her. I think that describes me well...

That website you gave me looks awesome...Im about to dive in but I wanted to say thanks first.

27-05-2003, 06:10
High PunkAngel,

I make your count 22 there which seems a little high. A good approach is to count as follows:

Sun Sign = 2
Moon Sign = 2
Mercury = 1
Venus = 1
Mars = 1
Jupiter = 1
Saturn = 1
Uranus = 1
Neptune = 1
Pluto = 1

This gives a count of 12. You might also count Ascendant and Midheaven (MC) as one each. Some Astrologers also count 1 for the Chart Ruler, Jupiter in your case and 1 for the Sun's ruler - Venus in your case. Even this only brings the total to 16 and quite a few Astrologers don't count the outer 3 because they are generational planet - repeat in all horoscopes for several years.

So a count of say 13 - 16 should do well.

Even so you are still lacking in Water, with only Mercury in Scorpio (I'm ignoring Pluto - its generational). A lack of Water may mean a distrust of feelings, both own and others and a distrust of intuition - both own and others. Its not a matter of not having feelings and emotions, or even being unable to express them - its a matter of how we react to them. The challenge is to learn to trust and accept intuition and emotion as postive and a genuine source of knowledge and understanding.

Otherwise you are as you said strongly fire/air. This suggests you are idealistic, positive and aspiring with good motives. The problem with this balance can be a lack of realism and practicality (little Earth and you only have Neptune in an Earth sign).

Now without your chart in front of me (its rather difficult to match up planets and Houses from your list without a little bit of effort LOL) - the House placements can balance this analysis - as can the aspects between planets and other principal points. So please take the above as a very rough statement - if you want more, the time of birth, date of birth, place of birth will help - then I can get the computer to do the hard stuff.

Incidentaly on average (Mean) the Nodes are always retrograde - though due to a wobble in the Moon's orbit around the Earth the True Node is sometimes direct. Again most but by no means all Astrologers tend to use the Mean Node - because it is more convenient.

27-05-2003, 06:14

Keep the questions coming - we'll try and help all we can.

27-05-2003, 06:20
You are like seriously so smart. And thanks!!!

I went to astro.com and got mine.

Im female, born October 7th, 1987 @ 12:55 om in Kokomo, Indiana (Howard County)

Here's the link to what I did, and all the planets and houses are like at the very bottom....the top is full of generalized statements and such.


I noticed in my houses...I have a double Gemini and a double Saggitarius...an air and a fire...and I dont have a Cancer or Capricorn in my houses....

I've noticed that i dont get along well with Caps, nor do I really understand many Cancers....could this be why??

Thanks so much,

27-05-2003, 06:54
Ok, Sarah......

How many Fire signs can you have in a chart before you burn up???? :D :P :D

And how many questions are you allowed?


27-05-2003, 07:36
Hmm....how many fires...hmm....I'll prolly be one of those people who just randomly implode (or explode, what's that called...hmm...)

Anywayz...I'll keep asking questions...I promise!!


isthmus nekoi
27-05-2003, 09:16
do you mean spontaneous combustion? b/c I'm another fire/air heavy chart too so I know what you mean! :P

Being low in water (Uran in Scorp), and I almost always err on the side of thinking and rationality! I think b/c of the high fire, I'm very passionate and express this easily... someone once said I 'live by my heart' and at first I thought, what pish posh, I live by my brain! I didn't feel comfortable w/the notion of *not* living by the brain. But I think she's right, I tend to be dramatic, full of energy. Having said that, emotional expression isn't something I am comfortable w/though, esp publicly, I will refuse to cry, or become angry in front of strangers etc. I don't trust any arguments that are feeling based either, I tend to resent them actually, b/c I find them either manipulative or maudlin, although I know this is a strong bias. These are only possible expressions of a low water, high fire/air chart though.

It's interesting you say you don't understand Caps, as your 1st house Neptune is a Cap! But then again, Neptune isn't known for being easily understood lol! I'm not sure what you mean by no Cap/Cancer.... unless you mean they do not cusp (cover the beginning) of a house? In that case, yes, both Cap/Cancer are intercepted. This doesn't mean they do not affect your chart. But um... I'm not very well versed in interceptions... Minderwiz?...

p.s. Since we're talking about retrogrades, I noticed I don't have any retrograde planets (unless you count Chiron). Would this give an introvert a little boost of extroversion?

27-05-2003, 09:42
Oh no, Its not that I dont understand Caps...I just find most of them too stubborn and they tend not to like me. Ive known a few and have had some pretty icky fights with them.

And Cancers to me are way protect of like...everything....they are so inside their shells...and Scorpios are like that too...But I somehow know how to get into a Scorpios shell but cant a Cancers...yuh know what I mean?

I dont have any water in my planets part, and I only have 2 waters in my houses...Pisces in 3rd and Scorpio in 11th. I'm running low on water too. I totally get alot of what you said...not crying in front of people. You know how hard that is to do? I think the only people who've seen me cry are my family..and they dont even get to witness it.And when I do cry in public it's because of physical hurt..like spraining my ankel...definitely not emotional hurt.

Wait...what? I can have more than one sign in a house??

Minderwiz.....help?? Please???

isthmus nekoi
27-05-2003, 10:14
Originally posted by punkangelgcm437
Oh no, Its not that I dont understand Caps...I just find most of them too stubborn and they tend not to like me. Ive known a few and have had some pretty icky fights with them.
Hm.... well signs right beside each other can be very different, often holding opposite qualities, so since you are a Sag ASC, and 9th house sun (9th is ruled by Sag), you may not find it as easy to get along w/Caps as much as the other signs.

Originally posted by punkangelgcm437
And Cancers to me are way protect of like...everything....they are so inside their shells...and Scorpios are like that too...But I somehow know how to get into a Scorpios shell but cant a Cancers...yuh know what I mean?
I find the dif b/w Cancer and Scorp as signs is that crabs will retreat, scorpions will sting! Both signs can create a 'wall', but crabs are more defense focused while scorpions are on the offense. As for Pisces, those fish are so hard to pin down, they don't need shells or stingers ^_~

Originally posted by punkangelgcm437
even get to witness it.And when I do cry in public it's because of physical hurt..like spraining my ankel...definitely not emotional hurt.
And oh dear, I think I'm worse than you - I tend not to cry from physical hurt. I actually *laugh* when I'm in pain!! Ppl think it's crazy, but really, I don't enjoy it or think pain is funny! I don't mind crying in private though. Must be that 12th house sun.

Originally posted by punkangelgcm437
Wait...what? I can have more than one sign in a house??
Yes, you can have more than one sign in your house. See how in your chart Cancer and Cap don't cross over the cusp (edge) of a house? They're sort of sandwiched there in the 1st and 7th house? That means they're intercepted.

p.s. Since you're just a beginner, you may find it helpful to learn the connections b/w signs, houses, planets and their respective elements/qualities. It's a bit of memorization, but it'll help loads!

p.p.s. Wow, the astro forum is jumpin today! Good old Gemini!

27-05-2003, 10:23
Also, I think there's a thread somewhere on here about the best books for beginners. That's not to say that the material here isn't excellent, but a lot of the time, books have had diagrams that really helped me out.

:) Kes

27-05-2003, 10:27

I think it was you or Minderwiz who gave me the link to the one website (Like Bob's Thing or something) and it's really good. Amazing actually.

Im still super confuzzled on the 'more than one sign in a house' thing...and even there more than one how would you be able to tell??

Your cancer/scorp thing I think is true. And Libra can "beat anyone on the offense side" (got that from that website or astro)...but trying to get on defensive is hard...the Cancer's just wont let me in!

Now as for your Pisces...I dont know many of them...actually I only know 1 well enough to comment on...and she's super sensitive and lets me know everything (She's also one of my best friends tho so)...so pinning her down isnt so hard for me. Hmm. That just sounded like mean and manipulative. LOL.

Thanks for your help!!!

27-05-2003, 17:55
hiz...what about no sign in air???? if you are interested i have 6 earth...2 fire..(rising...sun...moon..) 2 water.....(with mercury in pisces and its the only sign in mutable)

27-05-2003, 22:31

On the interceptions - I tend to opeate on the basis that the interecepted sign is a sort of secondary ruler, not as important as the cusp ruler but still needs to be considered in relation to the House. In Punk Angel's case, Capricorn is intercepted in the first, so I would see Saturn playing a role secondary to the Chart ruler Jupiter. This is not an easy association at all and its no wonder that PunkAngel has a thing about Capricorn - there's something of a battle going on about how she should present to the world - Jupiter wants to be expansive, gushing, fun-loving and all the other Jupiterian things, whilst Saturn is as usual rather keen to see things kept under control. Jupiter is likely to keep winning though - Saturn is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

Cancer (and the Moon) will also be important in Seventh House affairs, though Mercury as house ruler is again more doing things than being passive - I find Mercury in many ways the least passive of all the planets - he has to be doing something all the time.

isthmus nekoi
28-05-2003, 01:00

Wow, this is difficult to describe w/o a diagram.... In most charts, all the signs 'cusp' or cover the barrier of a house. For example, you will notice that your chart has lines running up from the center of your chart, and ending in the middle of a sign. However, you will see that you don't have any lines running into Cap/Can. They hit the surrounding signs instead. That's what I meant by Cap/Can being 'sandwiched' by the other signs, does that make sense?

silverting, with no air planets, you may find you are not interested in abstracted, hypothetical kinds of thinking. w/your strong earth placements, you may prefer communicating about concrete things, practical matters.

28-05-2003, 07:59

I forgot to thank you for posting your natal details - I now have a chart so I hope that I can be a bit more use in some of your future questions.

28-05-2003, 08:57
Thanks to everyone for helping me out! Much love to yall!

Minderwiz...my newest best buddy :), OK...so you got's my natal chart (and thats just planets and houses and what signs they're all in basically right....cuz I have something similar I believe from astro.com)....is there any way to determine like....what signs are in the houses and that dont cusp over?? And even if you could, would that take like forever and alot of work and would I need to just pick one or two houses for you to do??? Did any of what I just said make any sense??

~Much Love~
~October 7th, 1987 @ 12:55 PM Kokomo Indiana~

isthmus nekoi
28-05-2003, 10:46
Hi punkangel, hm... I'm not entirely sure we're talking about the same thing anymore. Have you taken a look at your chart, or are you just looking at the numbers? Because it is *loads* easier to look at the chart itself... if you look at the natal chart wheel, it becomes very easy to see intercepted houses - you can pick em out at a glance!

w/a Sag ASC, you have:
Sag cusping 1st and 12th
Cap - intercepted
Aqu - 2nd
Pis - 3rd
Aries - 4th
Taurus - 5th
Gem - 6th and 7th
Cancer - intercepted
Leo - 8th
Libra - 9th
Scorpio - 10th

To *see* your chart, click on the 'free horoscopes' tab on astro.com, scroll down and click on the link that says "chart drawing, Ascendent". Hope this helps!

28-05-2003, 22:47
Originally posted by punkangelgcm437

Did any of what I just said make any sense??

~Much Love~
~October 7th, 1987 @ 12:55 PM Kokomo Indiana~

Hi PunkAngel,

In a word 'No' :) :) :)

Just slow down a bit and ask what you would particularly like to know about -

All of you or

Some part of your life, or

Some particular part of your chart

And I'll try my best to answer you - remember I'm old and doddery LOL

isthmus nekoi
29-05-2003, 01:57
lol Minderwiz....

punkangel, there are sooo many exciting things when you first start out w/astrology, so many new terms and technicalities (many of which I haven't learned yet!).... so don't worry if you don't grasp them right away. I hope my post clarified which signs cusped which houses, please let us know if this didn't help.

29-05-2003, 02:31
Hi Sarah,

Minderwiz is NOT old and doddery, as he says :laugh:. I think he might be around my age, something like that, and as you know (I hope) I'm not old and doddery. Just wise and beautiful......

It's all quite bewildering when you start out, but you already have some of the fundamentals. You know something about the signs, as you showed in the reading for Sobe. Can I make a suggestion? It's worth spending a few hours on this. Take the chart you have from astro.com and go to this thread that Minderwiz and Isthmus set up and read it alongside your chart.

Alternatively, go to the site Isthmus may have mentioned to you run by Bob Marks, He has a set of introductory classes as well. There is another guy called Moses Sinegar , or something like that, who has a site calleed 'Astrology for the Soul' which also has classes.

I found it really hard at first to even ask questions that made sense, as Minderwiz and Isthmus will tell you. I'm sure they remember. A couple of hours spent reading about the fundamentals would be time well used.

Even going to your local library and getting a good book on astrology would be worthwhile. There are some listed in the thread I mentioned.

My best wishes....and don't go away.....just try some of this reading and see what other questions it leads you towards :)

29-05-2003, 06:12

You are DEFINITELY Wise AND Beautiful - and as you say when you first hit Astrology it can be most confusing. That's why I think it's best to start asking simple questions - what is an Ascendant or What is a cusp or even can it tell me who I going to marry.

Then build up from there. If you're learning start with the basics - what's a sign, what's a planet what's a house and individually, what do the signify.

So, PunkAngel my new best buddy - start with one simple question and we'll try and answer it and then come back with another and another - and we'll work our way to the light. :)

Your enthusiasm really makes me want to explain things to you and I love you for it - but I have to have a clear idea of what it is I'm trying to explain. Isthmus is young and vibrant and she will help me try and get it right :) and Moongold's wisdom will keep me on track.

29-05-2003, 06:50
1: Saggitarius
2: Aquarius
3: Pisces
4: Aries
5: Taurus
6: Gemini
7: Gemini
8: Leo
9: Virgo *isthmus you forgot virgo and numbered wrong :), thats okay I'm here to save the day!*
10: Libra
11: Scorpio
12: Saggitarius

Moongold, you are so far from old and doddery that....it shouldnt be used in the same sentence!
Minderwiz, Thanks so much. We'll start slower...I have a thing for wanting to know everything at once...so I'll slow down a bit.
Isthmus..thanks for your help!
Yay..cheers for my new bestest buddies!! Yay! INternet friends are so fun...:)

OKiday, we'll start with lil questions.
*What is an ascendant?* I know it's where all your signs and houses start, but I dont really understand it much beyond that.

*And does every house have a planet in it? Can one house have more than one planet in it?*

~Much Love~
~Punk Angel~

isthmus nekoi
29-05-2003, 08:11
*LOL* Minderwiz, that's too much!! And neither you nor Moongold are doddery! (and Moongold, we know you are beautiful w/that Venus in 1st lol)

whoops, punkangel, thanks for point that out... I totally forgot Virgo, and the 11th house!! Ok then, let me try to answer your qs...

An ascendent isn't actually a body like the planets, it's an angle. It is calculated by the eastern horizon at your time/place of birth. Whichever sign is 'ascending' on the east when you were born will become your rising sign which is in your case, Sag. You can see that the ASC angle demarcates the beginning of your first house. (p.s. don't worry about the technicalities of calculating the ASC - I haven't bothered to learn yet actually!!)

And usually, you will not have planets in *every* house, nor every sign. So you will most likely have more than one planet the same house or sign. Let's take a look at your chart for example:

You have planets in the 1st (Neptune), 4th (moon, jupiter), 9th (sun, mars), 10th (venus, pluto, merc) and 12th (saturn, uran), but the others are empty (unless you count the north node, which is that little upsidedown 'U' w/circles at the ends, and Chiron, which looks like a key). Of course, that doesn't mean the other houses aren't important to your life, only that houses w/planets have a more significance.

29-05-2003, 08:27
Taking things forward from Isthmus' explanation of what the Ascendant is, I'll say something about what it means.

The Ascendant came into the light at the same moment you did- so it indicates how you will project yourself to the world - the mask you wear or the way others tend to see you.

In your case with a Sagittarian Ascendant you will appear a larger than life, expansive person, someone who seems to want to expand who they are, to learn and to travel. You appear confident, good company, someone who liks a challenge.

Whether this outer you is the 'real' you or the 'you' that you identify with depends on the other placements, especially Sun, Moon and then Mercury, Venus and Mars in that order.

29-05-2003, 08:28
So, my 1st, 4th, 9th, and 10th are the most important. Hmm..outer self, home, thinking, and career/public image.

Hmm... I dont care what people think of me!! Career I suppose doesnt apply..and I guess I think alot. At I'm at home alot too. Hmm.

What about my love house! 7th? Hmm...I suppose I'm already a Libra, they decided to save the 7th house for some other people ;)

29-05-2003, 08:35
sun-Libra, Moon-Aries, Mercury-Scorpio, Venus-Libra, Mars-Virgo, Acendent-Saggitarius.

Thats prettymuch my mixture of what signs I feel I am. I'm a Libra/Sag/Scorp/Aries/Virgo. Go me!!

Hmm...I kinda get it. So when I was brought into this world, Sag was coming up too?? Neato.

I think I appear to be confident, firey, wont take crap form anyone, and who wants to expand who I am. And I feel alot of that is true. I am semi-confident, pretty firey, and I wont take crap from people either. And I obviously expanding who I am right now, studing tarot and now astrology...(must be that 9th house higher thinking kicking in right? ;) )

29-05-2003, 21:36

Sounds like we've hit on the right combination.

Also you might not care what people thing of you but you still project an image to them. The first House is important because it gives an insight into your view of yourself on the one hand against everyone else on the other - the first/seventh opposition.

For romance you might try the fifth - the seventh is more established partnerships such as marriage or business. The seventh may give an indication of the type of partner you will eventually settle down with, the fifth gives an indication of how you approach short term romantic relationships - and indeed hobbies pastimes, creative activities, and your children (when and if)

30-05-2003, 11:06
5th House-Taurus...hmm...I dont know a whole lot about Taurus. Hmm. Next mission. :)

31-05-2003, 05:44
Hi PunkAngel,

Taurus is ruled by Venus, comfort, beauty, material wellbeing, use of natural talents and a firm and loyal friend - all these are aspects of the way Taurus acts - if you are into Tarot also think of the Empress - productive, fertile, generous and affectionate.

Just like a bull though Taurus can be stubborn and may be too keen on the material rewards and sensual indulgence. All signs have positive and negative aspects to them.

The fifth House rules romantic attachments, games and hobbies and the way we relate to our children. So we can have a stab at saying that you are generous and affectionate in your romantic relationships, sensual enjoyment is important and you will like comfortable and enjoyabale surroundings - offers to be wined and dined (from someone you are attracted to) are one way to your heart. Its unlikely that you will choose games or hobbies which involve discomfort such as jogging through the mud or bird watching whils standing in a bog.

Venus is in your tenth house which is career and social status so you might end up in a career that started from a hobby or one that also gives you enjoyment and fun.

You also have two oppositions to Venus coming from the fourth House of family and roots. These could add stress to the situation but are to the Moon and Jupiter respectively. Dealing with the latter aspect you might be inclined to 'overdo' romance of fun - going into things in a big way without realing thinking things through. Indeed you might not listen to your instincts which suggest that things are getting a bit blown up.

However the Moon and Jupiter add to the warmth that you will bring to relationships and you might find that if you listen to intuition things work out well. Both are in Aries so they will impart some assertiveness to the whole process.

Venus is also sextile to Uranus so you may be a little unconventiona in the way you express yourself in these areas - though you may well see it as bringing your own individual slant to things - and in that you are probably right.

04-06-2003, 08:08
I was looking at my chart again...and saw the "Virgos" thread in here. At first I was mad cuz there's no "Libras" thread but then I decided to take a look. Learned alil bit about Virgos and wondered where in my chart it lays...and sure enough in my 9th house along with Mars.

Now...9th House=Philosophy, Education, Mental, Mind, stuff like that right. And with Mars in there that means I have a high level of energy in that area right (which is true). And with Virgo being at the cusp...that means I'll be organized about it too? So I'm an organized, aggressive, high energyed thinker??

isthmus nekoi
04-06-2003, 08:17
Hey, now you're starting to put it all together :)

Yes, that is a good interpretation. This is also a good placement for anything to do w/health as Virgo is the best sign at diagnosing. Check out who makes aspects to Mars for more depth.

04-06-2003, 11:17
OK...about the Virgo diagnosing things...

Does that mean I'd be good at diagnosing mind stuff....like a psycologist (spelled wrong?)?? Me..a theripist...I don't think so. I've had a not so great expirence with one...I don't want people hating me.

What's aspecting mars...hmm...Mars Square Ascendant. Meaning...I'll fight with my partner. ::sniffles:: I've already faught with boyfriends...I dont wanna fight again with them...not even ex-boyfriends. You know...it might have been awhile since yall have had an ex-boyfriend, or maybe not I dont know; BUT they are such a pain in the booty. They really are the worst punishment I can think of sometimes.

04-06-2003, 11:25
I found something so cool!

me and John Lennon have something in common. Mercury & Pluto were aspecting at our births. And it says on here that if you're a songwriter (which I try to be LOL) that my words will often be heard long after I die. Neato! I feel special now...

isthmus nekoi
05-06-2003, 01:13
re: psychology.... hm that's interesting. It's certainly a grey area in terms of mind/body, but traditionally, psychology/psychiatry is ruled by Scorpio where body related health falls under Virgo.

05-06-2003, 03:51
So thats more meaning like a doctor/dentist type deal. Actually dealing with sick people??

No offense to doctors cuz they are good people trying to help the world, but I have no desire to be a doctor. I don't think I have enough patience to deal with sick people on a daily basis. Or what about a foot doctor..I couldnt look at feet all day either. Or a butt doctor...ewww...see my point? I dont think I have enough Virgo in me (only 1 planet). But its interesting that that would show up. Hmm...

isthmus nekoi
05-06-2003, 10:21
oh, don't worry! You don't have to be in the health profession if you don't want to, even if you have an aptitude for it! No, that's just one example of Mars in Virgo. In fact.... Mars in Virgo leans more towards surgery... dentistry too I imagine what w/all those drills lol.

05-06-2003, 10:54
Ewwie...have you ever watched those documentery type shows with surgery. There's this one show on MTV called "True Life" and they had an episode with people getting plastic surgery...like boob implants and calf implants and that thing where you get your stomach stappled to lose weight. It had to be the grossest thing. Oh and this girl got a nose job...they actually hammered into her nose...ewww ewww ewww it was so so so gross.

And I'd be scared to work on anyone's teeth...cuz those are like major important...so...yeah.

Back to 'My words will live on like John Lennons' thoughts ::smiles:::

05-06-2003, 11:15
And remembered Minderwiz giving me how much equals what...like sun counting for 2, moon for 2, so on. (I used every example she gave...meaning all 17 she gave)

I determined that I am:
5 Libra (thats with Midheaven)
5 Aries (opposites...ooohhh interesting)
3 Sag's (including antcedent spelled wrong I know Im tired)
2 Scorp (including Pluto altho thats general and probably takes years and years to change signs...so it'll probably never be in Libra (well in my lifetime) considering it's in Scorpio right now and is moving in direct. )
and 1 Cap and 1 Virgo. Everything is at the second half of the chart except Aries which is the first. I find that kinda interesting too. What does that mean? And what does it mean to be made up of mostly 2 opposite signs??

isthmus nekoi
06-06-2003, 02:46
The oppositional axis of Aries/Libra represents a tension b/w a concern w/self and a concern w/others. The planets ruling the signs are Mars/Venus. There's a tension b/w self assertion and balancing one's needs w/others.

13-06-2003, 06:56
How many aspects (trines, sextiles, conjuctions, ect) do people usually have? And the main 5 kinds...Trine, Sextile, Conjuction, Opposition, and Square.

isthmus nekoi
13-06-2003, 07:02
Hi hon! I've never thought of that, I'm afraid I don't have a good answer.
I'm guessing ppl w/major stelliums tend to have less aspects - I have a friend w/6 planets in Libra. Doesn't leave her w/much for her stellium interact w/. Of course, there's tons of conjs w/i the stellium though... Hm.... But w/the 6 planet stellium, the other planets aren't heavily aspected at all. Her sun has no major aspects!

14-06-2003, 08:54
Well..I have 17 major aspects (Trine, Square, Conj, Oppo's and Sextiles)..so...I was wondering if thats alot or a little or in the middle.

Thanks tho!

isthmus nekoi
16-06-2003, 05:18
Had a look at some other charts. I'm no expert, but the range is around 15-23.

18-06-2003, 08:55
OK, I did a chart for my mom. In the bottom part it shows the aspects...you know trines, ect.

Problem: There are 2 that have the word "Quincunx". What does this mean? Is it favorable? How many degrees apart is it.

isthmus nekoi
18-06-2003, 11:02
quincunx is not one of the major aspects (conj, trine, square, sextile, opposition). It generally indicates a frustration b/w planets b/c they have nothing in common either by element or modality. For an interpretation, I'd focus on the major aspects first.

25-07-2003, 15:58
I'm reviving this thread, because there's a particular transit that astro.com selected for this period, and i'm curious to know what it signifies. Actually there are a couple of them: Jupiter trine Neptune, 19 July - 28 July
Saturn trine Sun, 19 July - 5 Aug

I know that trines are in general good aspects to have, but things have been going so wrong that I am thinking there's something else going on there.

25-07-2003, 18:35
At the moment you have an awful lot of close transits virtually all within a degree and a half. So there is a lot of things going on.

Most of the aspects are 'easy' but trines do not nescessarily mean good things - they indicate easy flows of energy. Most times this is just what you want, but not always - sometimes it means that things just get worse more quickly.

I'm just about to leave for the weekend but perhaps Isthmus could take a quick look at your chart and see what she thinks.

26-07-2003, 02:14
Actually, I forgot she already did! I'll just go back and try to find that post.

isthmus nekoi
26-07-2003, 02:40

That'd be great if you can find that thread and link it up here cuz I can't remember a word I've said lol.

I took a look at your transits, and yes, you have the 2 trines, but what pops out to me is Uranus coming up to your natal sun. It's moving away b/c it's retrograde now, but you may have felt him approaching. This transit leaves things very unstable, esp b/c your natal sun is tightly opposing Jupiter/Mars (therefore when Uran touches your sun, it invariably effects Jupiter/Mars as well). This transit may activate issues regarding your home life, family/career or vocation (esp since Jup has just crossed your MC), as well as your financial situation. On top of that, Mars has just passed over, giving you the feeling of wanting to take action - and yet not being able to settle on a concrete plan.
Since you've said you haven't built up a career yet, these transits may have made you focus more on your future vocation and yet Uran and Mars there may indicate that you have been feeling antsy, or uncertain... possibly unwilling to make things concrete and yet, itching to do something!! If you're having trouble w/the job search take heart... I don't know what it's like where you live, but here in Toronto, it is just awful - everyone I know my age is having a lot of difficulty finding work... I can't remember a year this bad ever.

But to end on a better note, Saturn trining sun is a good thing, he's in 8th right now, he'll tone things down a notch, help you find somewhere to funnel the unease.

26-07-2003, 02:58
Thanks! All that is most definitely true. I can't remember a period of my life more horrific than now (and I guess I should consider myself lucky then)- demoralizing, ego shattering, etc. But, i'll try to be optimistic and hopeful that something will come through at some point before my morale dips too low- and with so much water I think I feel it more that say, my brothers or some of my friends. It is good to know things will get slightly better, I just have to hope they don't get worse.

isthmus nekoi
26-07-2003, 06:09
I certainly hope things do get better for you....!!!
just a word of caution though, Uranus will eventually have to turn direct (stop moving backwards), and when he does, he will conjunct your sun. But Mars won't be there anymore, he'll be aways away ^_^ The good thing about this aspect is, Uran will give you the impetus to change things, and I mean really change yourself for the better. Just don't get too impulsive :)

11-08-2003, 01:59
Hi, I looked up some data, and it turns out my Sun is in the 10th house for at least a few weeks. What does this mean?

isthmus nekoi
11-08-2003, 06:11
In short, 10th house matters will be your focus as it transits through, although I wouldn't place too much emphasis on this in terms of prediction. Check out any aspects it makes.

11-08-2003, 06:44
It's in each house for roughly a month - as Isthmus says you may be a little more work oriented than usual, though you probably won't notice much unless transiting Sun aspects your natal planets or angles.