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09-08-2010, 03:42
activation date: June20, 1782 (set for 12:00 EST US National Capital Washington)


Sun 29 Gem|14Aqa
Moon 25 lib|11Pis
Mer 24Can|0pis
Ven 14Tau|22Aua
Mar 20Can|18Sag
Jup 23Sag|18Cap
Sat 27Sag|8Cap
Ura 02Can|3Can
Nep 05lib|10Lib
Plu 08Aqa|08Aqa

the Moon moves quickly in a progressed chart so I am going to ignore it for now.

Sun in Gemini: Damned stubborn and unwilling to listen to anyone else with a halfhearted point of view, a quick reader and a sharp eye for detail. Progressed over 200 years into Aquarius, Intense upgrades into a fair, equalized, and information based nation have become a reality.

Mercury in Cancer: potentially referring to telepathy (all seeing eye and all), unable to relate to its difficulties with a quinciunx to Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Militant minded and constantly in line with rank; the progressed position into Aquarius would be about the agencies and specialist groups available.

Venus in Tuarus: Natural ruler-ship, with the industry of cattle and the associated animal food in mind, the laws that would associate with Taurus would be upheld. No extreme aspects are visible except to the medical minded Chiron. Venus makes an excellent conductive addition to the Aquarius string of progressions, letting us find our niche at home and our representation in the workplace.

Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius: A difficult opposition to the solar degree, but a very athletic minded community of people are always permitted to express their viewpoint. Jupiter retrograde does show a few obstacles with maintaining the stock shareholder performance (a progressed mars nearby alludes to inter-corporate defense positions). Progressed into Capricorn, and not so conjunct to each-other; in defiance to logic and rationality-the progressed Jupiter and Saturn are opposite the Great Seal natal positions for Mars and Neptune, irrational behavior towards(and preferably not from) the Federal Government of America.

Uranus: progressed the Aquarius themes are retrograde, unwelcome and unwavering in their implementation, it would be about a calm day at the lake instead of recent storm warnings. Proper actions on saving the populous (minority populous) would be ignored and education sacrificed.

Neptune: Not the most active of trident propaganda when progressed retrograde, keeping with the status quo and staying in a very anti-integration, anti-military, anti-government mind would be the populous taking command. Trying to keep the information about international relations secret, as well as any type of government overthrow, is a guarantee, albeit a lighting fast one.

Pluto completes the Aquarius arc as the end of tolerance is predicted, unable to move retrograde anymore, the solar progression gives undue recognition to the Confederacy having existed.

10-08-2010, 03:20
Interesting but a couple of questions to satisfy my curiosity;

Firstly, as Washington DC did not exist in 1782, why not set it for the then seat of Congress, Philadelphia? I know that's not going to make a massive difference, but given it's a progressed chart, I would have thought it would be better to keep it to the original location.

Secondly, have you considered doing a series of Solar Returns (Dave would insist on precession correction) or looking at the Aries ingress or eclipses and the Radix - Might yield some further info.