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11-08-2010, 22:25
I have a crystal pyramid that I'd love to find some imaginative uses for. My creativity has been at a "low" at the moment, so maybe a few of you out there can help inspire me?

It's a clear quartz crystal, shaped into a pyramid. Fits in the palm of my hand, and is about 3" square.

I'm very much into spirit communication so if there's anything I can use the pyramid for to aid me in that, that would be a bonus!

14-10-2010, 22:52
Bumping this up in case maybe someone out there knows what I can use this pyramid for....

15-10-2010, 19:53
LOVE working with pyramids in all sorts of ways..

In my second book - I hope its OK I name it
The complete guide to manifesting with crystals I say

"All crystal forms natural crystals, tumbled stones, spheres, beads, geodes,
slices and cut crystals can be used in crystal manifesting techniques. However,
there are four shapes that have a special place in manifesting: the Merkaba, the
pyramid, the egg and the sphere.
The Merkaba is the shape of a star tetrahedron two intertwined, three-sided
pyramids that form a three-dimensional Star of David. A powerful manifesting
tool, it unites the mind, heart and body to move light and energy into the soul.
This symbol balances needs with desires. You can find a Merkaba shaped from
metal or crystal. If you are fortunate and a Merkaba makes its way to you, treat it with honour and respect.
Pyramids are another shape the collective unconsciousness recognizes. The
pyramid strengthens your mind and guides your spiritual evolution. The pyramid
helps you focus clear energies from the Divine into your life, fostering expansion
through change. When you find yourself alone, rundown and feeling purposeless,
the pyramid will restructure and restore your energy.."

"...The Merkaba, pyramid, egg and sphere have been known to appear in dreams,
where the image is seen to emblazon the aura or a portion of the body. If you
have this experience, it is an auspicious sign move forward with confidence,
manifesting positive change in your life."

I think there are other strong geometries but these are a couple to start with.

I hope the pyramid energy + the crystal energy helps you get out of your low..


19-10-2010, 09:49
Thank you very much, Marina. :) I got this years ago and I once used it to get a job & attract prosperity. I put money under it. Maybe I will write wishes out on paper and put it under the crystal. Thank you for the inspiration!

30-10-2010, 11:09
:) makes me realise I should get one of my pyramids working with my intentions this week too - you know that feeling 'I need all the help I can get'
hmm crystals are here and they are offering help...
gotta love crystals