View Full Version : Not wanting to receive PMs

Le Fanu
15-08-2010, 20:41
is it possible to NOT receive PMs?

I was about to send a PM to a member yesterday and realised that it simply wasn't an option, neither via their profile nor at the bottom of their posts.

Ive never seen that before (not that I was thinking of NOT receiving PMs.. Id just never seen it before)

(Oh and while we're at it, how can I get rid of that thing that comes up every time I send a PM asking me if I want to receive a copy?)

15-08-2010, 20:47
Under EDIT OPTIONS you can untick the box for getting/not getting pm's.

I seem to recall that Solandia might have said last year that the box for receipt of pm cant be disabled... either here or on another forum :)

Le Fanu
15-08-2010, 20:58
Does everyone get it then? It's such a drag having to click twice to get a message sent instead of just once.

15-08-2010, 21:06
I believe this is the case. If you accept pm's then that's part of teh software