View Full Version : Crystal help for migraines?

16-08-2010, 18:04
I was wondering if anyone know of stones that would help relieve migraine pain and if so, how to use them. Thank you in advance :)

Muir Aingeal
16-08-2010, 18:17
For me, a clear crystal quartz works the best but I've also had success with Rose quartz. Rose Quartz I've found also works great for stomach pain and that's what I mainly use it for. You could try alternating with a clear crystal and rose quartz. I lay them directly on my head or just hold it there, same with the stomach.

But perhaps someone with more crystal knowledge would have a better suggestion for you. I'm really not much of a crystal person so don't take my word for it as I am just going by what works for me :)

16-08-2010, 18:24
I do have a nice raw chunk of rose quartz. I have tried my clear quarts before with no much of a result. I am more than willing to try the rose as well. I never thought about that. Thank you :)

16-08-2010, 18:40
Only use crystals if you have had a qualified practioner diagnosis the ailment.
That should be done before you try any crystal work.


17-08-2010, 03:59
For migraines, after trying several over-the-counter remedies with limited success, I finally went to the doctor and got a prescription that works consistently. I also worked with the doctor to get a couple of other issues under control that, in some people, can be a migraine-trigger. Thanks to that combination of steps, I rarely have migraines anymore (THANK GOD).

So my first recommendation is for anyone with medical symptoms to have a word with their doctor. The symptom itself might not be the real problem -- things like migraines could be a warning that something else is amiss, such as high blood pressure.

Now, in a case of, "Well, I can't teleport myself instantly into the doctor's office, and I need some short-term relief. What shall I do?", I can say that I've found amethyst to have pain-relief properties.

Migraines are horrid. I hope you feel better.

17-08-2010, 09:50
Thank you for the advice :) Most of my migraines start off as tension headaches and quickly develop into migraine. It comes from my neck being messed up from a car accident. Thank you for the concern and well wishes :)

Miss Divine
17-08-2010, 09:57
Migraines are a nightmare. When I get them, all I can do is suffer in silence in bed. Painkillers don't help me, and I can't keep them down in the first place with a migraine.
I have tried the crystals mentioned above, including Lapis Lazuli but they haven't been able to help me unfortunately.

I'll be watching thread, because I'd love a remedy too.

17-08-2010, 10:52
How about acupressure? Depending on where the migraine is located, there are a few pressure points to try. The hollow at the temples is one that helps temple headaches. And IIRC, massaging the area of soft tissue between the thumb and index finger is helpful for back-of-the-head headaches. It's not hard to find the right pressure point. Start massaging different spots between your opposite thumb and index finger... you'll feel it when you've hit the right location.

Another possibility to try is chiropractor visits, especially if the migraines are coming from a neck injury.

On the medical front, the prescription I got (brand name Imitrex, at least in the USA) is a nasal spray, so there's no need to worry about being unable to keep it down because of nausea. It does have a nasty aftertaste when the med eventually makes its way down the back of the throat, but that's a small price to pay for getting rid of a migraine.

17-08-2010, 20:38
Deva, if most of your migraines start with a stress headache, perhaps carrying stones to alleviate stress might help, such as lepidolite or blue lace agate.
I've had migraines my whole life (though now as I go through the "change" they seem to be better). I can not take prescription meds because they make my throat swell. I do use over-the-counter pain relievers and an ice pack though. If I'm at home and don't have to go anywhere, I'll wrap my eyes and head with an Ace bandage (you know the stretchy kind that you use for a knee injury or such?). Essential oil of lavender on the temples helps too...