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01-06-2003, 00:57
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Isthmus, happy to see that you're officially co-moderator! Congrats!

Hi Minderwiz, hope all is going well in your life.

In my humble view, Mars is the most pivitol planet of the year....and it will square (90 degrees) the solar eclipse degree of 9 Gemini three times before the end of the year!

If in fact this eclipse is activating a planet or angle of your chart, these are the dates that Mars will be at 9 degrees of Pisces:

July 16th through the 24th
then it stations retrograde at 10 degress of Pisces on July 29th...

Is again at 9 degress of Pisces on August 3rd through the 11th, then AGAIN at 9 degrees of Pisces (this time in direct motion) on November 6th & 7th.

I use ten degrees of orb for an eclipse (I know some feel this is way too large of an orb, but hey, it works for me). If you have a planet or angle at zero to 19 degress of mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagg or Pisces), you may find you'll have an awakening in that part of your chart.

Over my many years of watching the planets, I can tell you that I've seen major effects of eclipses and I've seen absolutely nothing happen with eclipses...there just isn't any way to tell which way the planetary wind will blow in a chart.

Two more notes: The August 27th new Moon at 4 Virgo will square the eclipse degree and on October 9th through the 14th, transiting Jupiter (which will be in Virgo at that time) will also square the eclipse degree.


01-06-2003, 02:38
thanks for AG for posting about the Solar Eclipse and Mars...I have a stellum of planets in 1st house that are going to be opposed by transit through Pisces. Also Jupiter is going to enter Virgo in August, where it will stay for approx 1 year. My take for those affected by Solar Eclips/ Mars is that Mars is going to give energy for making changes and taking action, and Jupiter is going to back that up with a dose of optimism and a positive outlook.

01-06-2003, 05:17
If you have a planet or angle at zero to 19 degress of mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagg or Pisces), you may find you'll have an awakening in that part of your chart.

Could you maybe explain this w/an example? I have lots of mutable signs in my chart but I don't quite understand.

01-06-2003, 05:57

Great to hear from you again and I hope you are keeping well. Don't leave it so long between posts next time - I miss you!

Looking at the eclipse chart I notice that the eclipse is trined by Netune in Aquarius and sextiled by Jupiter in Leo. A time of growing hopes and aspirations and perhaps a yearning for a more spiritual feeling to the coming period.

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Taurus and are semi-sextile to the eclipse Venus in Taurus always reminds me of the Empress - so this is a highly productive and fertile time, especially for ideas (Mercury). Indeed Venus in Taurus is the sole dispositor of the chart - Venus rules supremen. Certainly the stress of the Pluto/Saturn opposition seems to have passed - though Jupiter and Neptune are still in opposition so there is still that risk of self deceipt in oh so big a way. Also Mercury/Venus are part of a T Square with Neptune and Jupiter - as the apex of the T square they show the way to realising that energy.

isthmus nekoi
02-06-2003, 07:18
Thanks for the forcast, AG ^_^

Actually, last year's lunar eclipse or some sort of eclipse was conj my natal moon and I didn't notice a thing! But that prog moon is great, I'm surprized it isn't mentioned nearly as much as transits...

02-06-2003, 23:04
Oceanpoetry, good account of Mars & Jupiter!

Purplefishy....let's suppose that someone's Venus is at 12 degrees of Virgo, the Gemini eclipse will square (90 degrees) Venus, bringing Venusian matters into the forefront (love, money, etc.)...when Mars squares that eclipse point (and would oppose the natal Venus), it will give a lot of energy to Venus to "act".

Now perhaps Minderwiz & Ithmus can give you a better explanation!!

Isthmus, yes, I find the Prog Moon extremely important and should never be overlooked. This eclipse trined my prog Moon (in Libra 10th to 2nd/3rd) and I'm excited about that!!


03-06-2003, 00:53
thanks AG! I have an intuitive sense of astrology, but I am still learning how to verbalize what the aspects mean. As I get to know the planets and signs better, it is getting easier.