View Full Version : The crystal that has never left me...

11-09-2010, 03:41
So I bought this black sapphire a couple years ago; I misplaced it in my vehicle last August, and lo and behold, it turned up in a box in a backroom at a metaphysical shop 4 months later - a shop that I actually moved into in December for a month until I could get a new place (yay mold infections). I was packing up and went downstairs, and felt an urge to reach into this little bin and my crystal was there..same spherical markings and shimmer. I misplaced it again after my last move; only to have it literally fly upwards from my OLD jeans from two years ago, onto my new floor. ...I stored it in a bin before I moved (which is now missing somewhere...argh)

I am aware that black sapphire (it has a glowing white tip on top and red spirals...black star sapphire with imperfections or something else?) reduces stress, improves spiritual connection and clears negativity/stress. Does anyone know any other purposes a black sapphire sphere may hold that it keeps following me (short of loving me)?

11-09-2010, 13:35
TractJM I LOVE sapphires I have a lovely deep deep blue sapphire that comes to my attention a bit like yours does ;)

Star Sapphires are powerful talismans, and are both guide and protector.

The Star Sapphire (black sapphire) helps me to remember to look to the heavens for inspiration and beauty like stars on the darkest night...
and all that goes with that image - navigation/astrology....