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jupiter rising
13-09-2010, 10:20
Hi All. I'm new to this forum. I was wondering what you guys thought of the North Node in Synastry. I have 5 nodal contacts with this guy I'm seeing .We have the following aspects

Ascendant conjuct N. Node 0 degree
N. Node conjuct Moon 5 degrees
N. Node conjunct Venus 5 degrees
N. Node conjuct Mercury 4 degrees
N. Node conjunct Neptune 1 degree
Anti Vertex conjunct Sun 1 degree
Vertex Conjunct ascendant 5 degrees

15-09-2010, 01:38
Hello. From your brief message it would appear as if your partner's Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Sun and North Node were all conjunct your North Node. This suggests that the partner's planets are all within a 10 degree span of space, a very tight stellium.

Given that the North Node of the Moon is who and where we associate with others and where we gain opportunities to grow thru that interaction, this would be generally a good thing.

However, the planets are the keys to any chart or to any relationship between two charts. Merely having a nodal contact indicates to me a kind of one-sided aspect to the relationship. To really understand the links between charts as a total package requires more than these few factors.

If you wish to learn more about nodes, in addition to reviewing book material, I would suggest you subscribe to Phillip Sedgwick's weekly news letter at:


Over time he covers nodes as well as deep space, dwarf planets and asteroids, centaurs and other objects. His offered interpretations are based on orbital characteristics including the nodal axis. In time, you can learn much from him. Dave

16-09-2010, 06:46
I was/am unsure of the aspects you are quoting. On first reading I took them as being cross chart aspects, e.g. your Ascendant conjunct your partner's N. Node and your N. Node is conjunct his Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Neptune.

Now that would mean that it's not necessary for his N. Node to be conjunct his stelium as Dave suggests. However if you are simply listing Aspects in your chart and then his, Dave is quite right in his assumption.

Whichever it is, I totally agree with Dave's general conclusion that the nodal contacts themselves are not really a sufficient ground for making judgements about relationships in synastry. It's planetary contacts that matter, especially ones involving Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Remember that people of similar age share outer planet placements quite closely, so don't place any emphasis on mutual outer contacts.

There have been, and still many views about the meaning and interpretation of the nodal axis, however they can be generalised as N. Node 'good', S. Node, not so 'good'. So the N. Node contacts here give some background supporting evidence of compatibility.

jupiter rising
20-09-2010, 10:02
I should have been more specific

My Ascendant conjunct his north node 0 degrees (sagitarius)
My Moon and neptuneconjunct his north node by 4 & 5 degrees (sagitarius)
His Venus and Mercury conjunct my north node 4 & 5 degrees (aquarius)
My Anti Vertex conjuct his sun 1 degree in Capricorn

Here is our birth details I don't know how to post charts just yet

Chicago IL USA