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15-09-2010, 11:35
Please, I would like a book recommendation about Herbal Teas, an in-depth book; one that would go into the physical, botanical, etc of the herbs and also the healing properties, not only medicine wise but spiritual as well. If it talks about gardenning, the growing of those herbs would be great but not necessary since there are books specifically on that, though it would be an advantadge to relate the healing properties to the growing process, as it is so important with flower essences for instance; and, of course, that talks about all that implies the making of teas and usages.
I've been browsing some books and their reviews but noticed that many great reading have some serious faults, like when an author doesn't know much about a particular herb and comes up with some idea based on the wrong assumptions. Since i'm far from being knowledgeble about herbs, i couldn't tell when something is correct or not, so if someone is well informeded in this subject could you recommend a good book with these much 'demands' :)
Thank you very much, indeed.

Edited to add:
... and to be perfect, i would love that has the correspondent herb lore and tea lore :D

16-09-2010, 07:23
maybe there's no such book? maybe someone would like to suggest a couple of books or so which cover some of the areas, please? Thanking you...

20-09-2010, 00:25
Sophos, I used to grow medicinal herbs (most used in teas); here are several books from my herb "library":

Herbal Home Remedy Book - Joyce Wardwell
The Book of Herbal Teas - Sara Perry
Home Herbal - Penelope Ody
The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal - David Hoffman
Growing 101 Herbs that Heal - Tammi Hartung
Rodales Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs*
Herbal Rituals - Judith Berger
Jude's Herbal home Remedies - Jude Williams
Herbal Remedy Gardens - Dorie Byers
Healing Teas - Marie Antol
Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook - James Duke
Herbal Tea Gardens - Marie Harmarcin
Herbal Remedies - Kathleen Fisher
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs - Scott Cunningham

You might get on Amazon and look some of these up to see if they are what you might be looking for. If they are out of print, check Ebay; I've found many books that way.:)
*If I could only keep one out of my collection, it would probably be the Rodale's book.
Hope this helps!

The crowned one
20-09-2010, 00:33
I have 2 books I refer to:

Chinese system of food cures, prevention & remedies. ( Henry C.Lu )
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine( Andrew Chevallier)

Anam Cara
20-09-2010, 10:31
My favorite, all-around book on herbs is
"Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health."

It covers a little bit of everything ~ Rosemary is amazing!


20-09-2010, 18:38
WOW, thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions. I will investigate all of them and i will let you know which one i'll try first.
Blessings :)