View Full Version : what's your deck's sign, baby? water/earth

03-06-2003, 10:05
WATER-CANCER DECKS: momma to the world, Robin Wood, Healing Earth, and Era of Aquarius. SCORPIO: my department lol these gotta be mysterious and exotic. Casanova-you know why!, Tarot of Prague, Ravenswood Eastern, Merryday. PISCES DECKS: this is like shooting fish in a barrel, Tarot of a Moon Garden, Unicorn, Greenwood, Ancestral Path, Tarot 2000.
EARTH-TAURUS DECKS: Buckland Romani-see the lovers card. Legend Arthurian, Tarot de Gitans, and Golden Dawn Magical and i think i should have put Goddess here maybe instead of where ever i did. oh and Tarot of the Old Path too. VIRGO DECKS: Spiral, Mythic and Nigel Jackson have enough details for you to pour over and heal the world. CAPRICORN DECKS: love the classics and got the cash to buy them. Any Marseilles, Roots of Asia, Margarete Petersen, Quest.

isthmus nekoi
03-06-2003, 11:41
Thoth is such a Scorpio!

03-06-2003, 13:52
I agree that Nigel Jackson Deck is a Virgo but also has some water influence, because of the soft colors and dreamy feel.

03-06-2003, 14:15
i hear ya isthmus nekoi on the intensity of the thoth as scorpio, but i still think of mars as ruling aries and scorpio and the drawing style strikes me as the masculine/mars style while the mood is more feminine/scorpio,ya know what i mean?

03-06-2003, 16:14
I disagree about Robin-Wood, it is a Sagittarius in my opinion.
Morgan-Greer is an earth sign. Taurus?
Hanson-Roberts = Pisces??
Victoria Regina, I get both Capricorn and Aquarius vibes from tis one.
Arthurian (Hallowquest), this deck reminds me of the hermit card. Virgo maybe?
Rider-Waite, not a fire sign and not a water sign.
Osho Zen, Pisces or Sagittarius.
Ibis = Scorpio ?

03-06-2003, 18:15
well it is funny ........... these are the 2 decks i own and use;

buckland romani - i see as taurus (my sun sign!)

Cosmic tarot - i see as pisces (my rising sign!)

isthmus nekoi
04-06-2003, 02:49
Maybe Thoth is a stellium of Venus/Merc/Pluto and Mars in Scorpio ^_~