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01-10-2010, 12:10
A friend of mine makes bespoke copper wands. Usually he uses standard crystals, but I had some I know are excellent for use in healing, and wanted to use them. Well I picked it up today and absolutely love it. It is 20" long crystal tip to crystal tip, but beautifully balanced.

The one end has: labradorite, smokey quartz and kyanite.

The other end has: citrine, a master quartz point (window), and amethyst.

In the centre I have a double terminated quartz point.

Some of the copper is blackened - it had been struck by lightening, and I am privelaged he used a small amount of this special supply on my wand. I do crystal healing, and know this can be used to great effect to open / charge chakras, align chakras, align subtle bodies and clear the auric field of negative or blocked energy. A terrific all rounder.

If anyone is interested in having something made I will pass his details through PM. Mine is rather special though - it took him a week to make as it had really substantially sized crystals as you can see from the pics. The labradorite really does show its colouring beautifully.


01-10-2010, 12:18
Very nice! An interesting piece, beautiful!

01-10-2010, 12:21
Very nice indeed!

01-10-2010, 21:53
What a lovely piece and excellent craftsmanship.

05-10-2010, 13:59
well, the wand is now beside. As there was plenty of room on the base I have placed a few other crystals that are special:
green tormaline, pink tormaline, kunzite, rhodochrosite, fluroite,an enhydro (has a bead of liquid inside the quartz), larimar, dioptase, azurite, turquoise, garnet, celestite, optical calcite and quartz pyramids.

Other wands I have made myself are underneath the base. In one paua seashell I have: master quartz crystals and double terminators.
Another paua has generators and quartz points, and a final paua shell has volcanic lava for grounding. These are in front of the base and wand.

Tucked under one side of the base I have merkabas from the quartz family (smokey, clear, citrine, rose) and two dow master quartz crystals.

Tucked under the other side of the base is a female/cloudy quartz double terminator.

Sounds crowded but it isn't really :-D Still got room for my clock and a cuppa each morning.

I have a larger piece of dioptase arriving through the post. My partner will use this and some selenite to make a small wand for me, using twisted strands of copper, gold and silver wire. Dioptase is an absolutely zinger of a crystal, and the selenite will be great for wanding through energy fields to get them buzzing again.

I think this set up bedside is my ultimate healing set. All the crystals have amazing properties, and those in wands will have amplified energy when used for healing. How wonderful to have all this near me when I am asleep.