View Full Version : What happens when you get back together with someone on the day of the venus rx?

10-10-2010, 15:55
Would that be a very sign? (its not me btw) this was a nasty relationship to begin with, and one of the person was very obsessive/possessive (venus is in scorpio) they got back together on the day of the rx. probably means its over for good right? after this one?

10-10-2010, 16:03
I mean a very bad sign.

10-10-2010, 17:13
If your reference is to the current (recent, last night) alignment/situation, take note of Venus, Mars, and the Moon. Very rare to see these three, as I did on the Western horizon just after dusk.

Mars is immature, a show off, like a teenager.
Venus knows her stuff.
The Moon being so close, yes, something's going on.

Jupiter (for the record) was booming up brightly.

Anyway, keep in mind: Questions about Scorpio males need to consider Mercury.

10-10-2010, 17:21
ok well then what does it mean when you go back to a relationship with these aspects ??

11-10-2010, 18:46
It's almost impossible to give a clear answer without a chart (even a horary chart) as placement and aspects need to be considered.

At it's most simple, the symbolism is one of going back to an old relationship - as testified by your post. Whether this is good or bad must be read from Venus' placement and aspects - the context of the chart. Venus being retrograde and slow does weaken her benefic influence.

Scorpio is not a strong placement for Venus, being her detriment, so she is less benefic. Mars is nearby, also not a good indicator (though at least Mars in Scorpio has high dignity and is much less malefic).

However without a chart going any further is problematical. In the twelfth or eighth the malefic nature would be increased, especially if Mars or Venus ruled one of those houses. In the fifth or seventh the benefic nature would be increased.

24-10-2010, 14:22
ok well then what does it mean when you go back to a relationship with these aspects ??
It means that when Venus goes Direct the relationship is gonna start unraveling again.

Venus Rx and Mars are gonna be passionate... so, they're feeling the urge to recapture what they once had.

The Moon is changeable tho... and, being in close aspect, gives them the urge to give it one more emotional shot. But, again, once it moves on, the relationship will change. The Moon can never be relied upon for any kind of permanency.

Jupiter is good and bad news. While considered the Great Benefic, it also leads to excess that is not healthy... excessively great sex, excessively great romance, excessively great good times. What happens is that 'life' just isn't built that way. A relationship built on excess, especially of stuff that feels great to us, actually weakens us, dissipates our ability to handle the crap that comes along in life and the life of a relationship.

That's why Saturn, well-placed, works for a relationship... it gives the kind of soberness the couple need to get thru the rough times without throwing the baby out with the bathwater... as Jupiter is wont to do, being that he rules Sagittarius... planet of 'the grass is greener on the other side'.

In any case, these aspects are transient... when they move on, the relationship will experience that effect.

p.s. Retrogrades always mean 'try, try again'.