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half jill
14-10-2010, 02:17
I am new to crystals, and i'm really interested in crystal healing.

I'm a recovering agoraphobic, and a huge sticking point for me is feeling comfortable when I am alone, in or out of the house. I am terrified of being left alone for longer than half an hour, and I will not go out alone.

I know there are many crystals that help with anxiety, but I wanted to know if there was anything more specific for a feeling of safety and confidence within yourself. Thank you for any help.

14-10-2010, 02:41
This has a nice chart. I would think about what your specific issues in why you are Agoraphobic in the first place (so am I and getting to the root of the problem is important). Lack of self esteem, self-reliance, independence, physical illness, concentration, anxiety attacks, travel, etc., and read through the list to see what might be helpful. The first stones that come to my mind are any pink or green crystals associated with loving oneself and building your self-esteem. Another would be agate, which is a wonderful cool stone to hold onto for anxiety. Consider a pendant with agate in it, or bracelet, a worry stone made of agate or a piece you love to have in your pocket, and hold. Another would be one of the grounding crystals to prevent hyperventilation anxiety attacks. Create a little crystal altar, if you can. Something you can visit when you are home alone and when you are not alone, that becomes your sacred healing place. A place where you can visually push your anxieties back into Mother Earth, with deep slow belly breaths, and bring back up a clear cleansing healing light. Some people feel better visualizing warmth. I feel better visualizing cool, so I choose blue stones, watery crystals, gentle colours. And always remember to go to a therapist to learn all the coping skills to help you feel safe in your home, as well as taking the baby steps to get out...first your front door, then your driveway, to the mailbox, visiting your yard, walking down the street, etc. Slow steps, positive attitude, no negative self talk, allowing yourself to move backwards at times and forwards again. Knowing you did not choose this, but that you can, in fact, win the battle! :)


14-10-2010, 03:09
calming/security/peace - agate, garnet, hematite, rose quartz, selenite

confidence - citrine, flourite, garnet, hematite, rhodonite

I am sure there are more as i am not as educated as i would like...but i do love "my rocks" :)

14-10-2010, 03:23
Snowflake Obsidian for enjoyment of solitude, Angelite for knowing that although you may seem to be alone, multitudes of angels are always around you.

15-10-2010, 00:37
Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. One of the stones that I've always come back to during lonely times, especially at night, is Mookaite Jasper. I have a purple and white stone. It has a very soft and calming energy, like a soft light that glows. It always makes me feel more calm to have it with me. It can be a good companion for long nights, and can help to deal with losses and separation, even if temporary.

I've heard mookaite's energy described as being able to help you stay in a calm center and ride out any storm. (Judy Hall's Encylopedia of Crystals)

They come in many colors and are not that difficult to find at most metaphysical shops. The colors are very warm and inviting, usually yellow, red, white, purple, or brown, or a mix. They're from Australia.

If you can find one, see how it feels for you. It's worth a shot.

half jill
17-10-2010, 23:49
Thank you all for such quick feedback. I will be having a long search for the suggestions that have been made, I feel greatly comforted already from everyones kind words.