View Full Version : Speed & loading problems

16-10-2010, 00:23
Is anyone else experiencing super slow loading of the site? It's also coming up piece by piece. A few thread headers. Then when I click the thread, a few posts at a time. Occasionally stopping at odd points with the graphical elements and areas that display the post number and navigational links.

I use Firefox.

16-10-2010, 00:45
Marina & jcwirish have posted that they are having it too.

16-10-2010, 00:48
Yes ma'am, it's gotta be the site; I'm experiencing it as well, and so is Alta.

16-10-2010, 00:49
Well, now after just posting this to you, things seem to be going along swimmingly and as usual for me.

16-10-2010, 00:52
Keep pouring the magic on, whoever you are! Things are picking up now! :*