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17-10-2010, 02:05
Crystals that suppress appetite !

Do any exist ?!

I want to loose alittle weight ( say 4kg ) and was wandering if a crystal could
help out . I know what else needs to be done in the way of diet and exercise....but was hoping for something which could give me extra help to overcome cravings that I have so far given in to ! :(

Thanks !

EDIT : Just found a reference (not here ) to Blue Apatite and Green Tourmaline as being good for suppressing hunger pangs. (Agree ? Disagree?) Has anyone here tried these , or others , for this purpose ?!! I'm really interested to know how you got on !

17-10-2010, 05:52
Yes, a stone called Apatite. It comes in several lovely colors. You can combine it (in a medicine bag, perhaps?) with aventurine to give you courage and drive to lose the weight, a protection stone to help you ignore other people's negativity toward your weight, and perhaps a rose quartz to help you love and respect yourself as you lose the weight.

17-10-2010, 07:10
I know that you could also use a quartz, maybe others, purified and cleansed and charged to give you strength and will power. I don't know much about crystals to be honest, all i know is about my crystal, a quartz, iv had it for almost 13 years, and i have used it for strength, confidence, to lift my spirits, consentration, psycic developement and lots more, it's my little friend, and it works every time, i pop it down my bra sometimes and wear it all day. Anytimes i have lost it, it always finds me.

So good luck, whatever crystal you use, and think possitive :.) xMag.

17-10-2010, 16:19
Thankyou both ! :)

I'm thinking the apatite / quartz combination might be best . I know a jewellery store locally who might be able to make a small bracelet up for me .....otherwise I'll try the bra method ! Will let you know how I get on !

18-10-2010, 02:02
i use the bra method :)
I also use the little tiny pocket of my jeans.
I also have a few spriral bead cages and ribbon...honestly i get more compliments on my bead cage jewelry that i throw together than anything else i wear :)

16-02-2011, 23:23
I've been wearing the blue apatite bracelet for 4 months now . It seems to me that this stone is good at stopping you going off the rails completely , and if you slip (overeat -get into bad habits ) will put you back on track pretty smartish . ( I seem to remember that one of the key words for this stone is "success" , so this rings true . It's very foccussed on its job !) I think I have tired it out though ! At one point I ended up 6kg lighter , then put 4 kg back on ,plateaud out for a few weeks and now I've just lost 2 kg again. Hopefully this will continue ......

Overall I think it did a good job . I haven't been exercising as much as I should have (too much to do , and seated at that ) so its perhaps surprising that I have lost any weight at all from just "controlled " intake .

:) :) :) Blue Apatite :) :) :)