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20-10-2010, 03:52
I spent a while searching for a thread about crystals and cancer and couldn't find one, I did however find threads about members suffering from cancer... :( and to that I was saddened... but hopeful towards recovery. With that said maybe this thread could be helpful to more people than just myself!! If there is already a thread about this sorry for the double post and I would love a redirect to that post :)

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with Cancer as of two weeks ago. She is my fifth friend diagnosed within the last 4 years. Pam has breast cancer as of last week her PET scan showed the cancer has not moved and she is on a rigorous chemo treatment. She feels very ill after each treatment and tired as all hell. Pam has the strongest spirit of anyone I've ever met so for the treatment to kick her in the ass like it is tells me it would probably beat me to a pulp. With that said I am trying to put something together for her. I was thinking something that will help her combat the nausea and exhaustion along with a little boost to her already fighting spirit. Here is my combo idea. It has been a long time since I have done any crystal work and I'm looking for some input... the last thing I want is to put stones that end up cancelling each other out.


Red Jasper- for the nausea and I've found it linked to healing cancer (not 100% sure on that last part) I have a piece in the shape of a heart already I got it a few years ago and couldn't find a use for it... now I have one.

Peridot- fatigue and recuperation (not tumbled)

Lepidolite- sleep and anxiety (kinda iffy on this stone... I don't know why but when I think about this stone and this back i get this weird "iffy" feeling... not sure why)

Smokey Quartz- Body healing and I've read that smokey also has some links to people who have used it while fighting cancer so I thought it a good choice.

Rose Quartz- Mainly because I love this stone and I have a little Rose Quartz stone I carried through my entire recovery from really tough stuff and I feel like she needs it more than I do now.

Oh She also lives pretty far away atm and I will have to send them to her. I haven't sent a package like this through the mail and I'm not really sure how the crystals will fair charge wise by the time they get to her... I kind of wanted to her to have a little extra boost before she added her own fighting energy to them... any thoughts?

20-10-2010, 19:18
HUGS I hope your friend has alot of support

I have a friend recovering from Breast Cancer and she beleives the Rose Quartz was the best for her
(she has also had alot of other conventional and unconvential treatment)

but all that you have listed above sound great..

blessings to you and your friend


20-10-2010, 21:46
This is good to know. A dear friend of mine is well into her second year of chemo, and frankly she seems to be giving up. She won't even let her little band of loyal friends come any more even for short visits as of this week. She does have a hubby to do the actual tending.

She had started a new kind of chemo (colon progressed to liver cancer) and it seems to be even worse. Anything for what I suspect is depression and anxiety fatigue to add to a packet like this? sniff.....

20-10-2010, 23:56
Not sure why, but magnesite and a couple of the colors of calcite come to mind.

21-10-2010, 01:56
oh good, thank you both. I think I'll try and make her up a packet, there is a nice crystal store downtown and I have to go on Saturday anyway.

26-10-2010, 01:42
I 100% thought I subscribed to this thread and was all sad no one responded but I didn't and I am now happy to see my questions might even be helpful :)

I think calcite would be a good one to add too maybe a honey calcite?

Alta do you have any jet? Like a jet worry stone? I have some wicked depression and anxiety, and although it is most likely not nearly as bad as your friends (under the circumstances), the jet really helps me.

I think i'll add the calcite to it and send it off :)

30-10-2010, 10:53
Calcite and magnesite are all round great healers - so is water and is often over looked ;)

I also like to look at the energy of the year - IMHO 2010 is tiger eye and honey calcite they help promote health wealth and happiness in this year..
(year of the golden tiger for one)



30-10-2010, 15:23
Hi all,

I'm a two-time cancer survivor, but I had it really young. I've had it explained to me that it's an imbalance of the body, which in some aspects is true because it does cause things to go crazy. Besides helping her keep a positive attitude through the rough patch that she will face, there are some things that might be able to help.

One is jade, but the wearer must keep it on her body at all times because jade becomes part of you and absorbs your aura. For the Chinese, jade is the tears of dragons and have healing powers for physical ailments. There is also the belief that when your jade cracks, it means it took your place (it cushioned the blow of a potentially dangerous situation.)

Another thing you can do is to give her a small bracelet with a mixture of crystals of these colors: black (protection against illnesses), white/clear, yellow, red (this one is important, as it brings good health) and green. Make sure she keeps it with her at all times (bracelet form is better because she can just wear it.)

P.S. I know that your question is about crystals, but if she is overly nervous or anxious, pearl powder will calm her down.

30-10-2010, 21:39
Sadly I cannot get to see my friend. Her last round of scans showed the new regime wasn't working, so they just took her off chemo and have sent her back to her doctor for pain management. She won't see anyone but her husband promised to phone if I could come over. I now have the earlier suggestion ready but just saw these later ones.

SacredVision, I don't mean to hijack your thread, it is just we are dealing with the same issues. :(